Set off on a journey to a tropical island where an array of fun activities await. In Wii Sports Resort, the sequel to the engaging Wii Sports, you'll discover a wide range of new sports and activities you can play anytime. Go head-to-head with your friends and family in the ultimate sports showdown set in a tropical paradise.

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My only entertainment for a week in Ireland

I'm not so knowledgeable about sports games to call this the best of them all, but I think it would come real fucking close.
Island Flyover, Swordsplay Showdown and so many other addicting minigames, all under the wonderful immersion of Wuhu Island.

HOLY PEAK BRO. Better than the original in every way. So much to do, and such a great game with friends. This game is my childhood.
The best three sports:
1. Air Sports
2. Basketball
3. Bowling
This game is so fire AND it still holds up today.

clears the og imo
swordfighting >>>>

addicted to throwing people off a tall arena off to the water