Wik & the Fable of Souls

released on Sep 14, 2004

Join a frog-boy on an adventure to use his tongue to save his family.

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Love the character Wik, he is such a good character design. And the game is pretty neat (UNVEILING A TERM HERE) Pop Cop-like. I enjoy the faery tale aesthetic. This game gets pretty mind boggingly fast however and I cannot handle it. You have to grab grubs with your tongue and spit them at Slotham (your mule). Bugs will try to grab the grubs, ranging from normal speeds to fast speeds and mixtures of both. Some levels will just have a shit ton of grubs AND bugs on screen so you have to haul ass to grab them and also try to focus on the whole damn screen at once. Thats not it however, Slotham also moves across the bottom acting as a timer, you can pause him by spitting Delicious Yellow Goo™ that can spawn. The dev's however, love to put this shit super out of the way so its impossible to grab that shit AND focus on grubs unless you are a master at the movement in this game.
I had to quit because the level I lost my lifes on had you HEAVILY rely on a moving platform to get to places. Slotham starts halfway across the screen, so you basically have no time, and the Delicious Yellow Goo™ is (of course) at the furthest point possible. There are also death pits, good luck! I died and found out you have to replay levels in packs of 5, meaning I would have had to play the 4 levels previous. I just said "nah" and stopped.
So yeah, Wik himself is a God Tier character, the dev;'s are just fucked up.

I wish i got to spend more time with this little freak but I cant find a version that isnt a demo