WWE 2K22

released on Mar 11, 2022

WWE 2K returns with all the features you can handle in WWE 2K22, the twenty-sixth professional wrestling game in the WWE game franchise and the ninth game in the WWE 2K series! Get ripped out of the stands and hit with complete control of the WWE Universe. Throw down with the biggest and most realistic-looking WWE Superstars and Legends. Relive pivotal moments in Rey Mysterio's iconic career in 2K Showcase. Hitting this hard has never been so easy!

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Hey look, a wrestling gane that doesn't need to be complex but simple and fun with so many Creation options
A step in the right direction. Just please don't mess up 2K23

I can confidently say WWE 2K22 is a phenomenal game. It's the most fun I've had with a wrestling game since 2013. I have been highly critical of 2K and their WWE games since they got the license in 2014 and at one point I just started to skip them altogether. I am extremely happy I did not skip this one. Well worth the $60 I payed for it. The my GM mode is incredibly fun especially over remote play with a friend. The career mode is well put together with branching stories that really helps you feel like a WWE superstar. This game is exactly what I'm looking for in a pro wrestling game and it's good to see 2K finally get it right.

Honestly though, best WWE game since 2k19, and that's the bottom line, because Smug Noot said so.

Fantastic game that finally puts things back on track, The my-faction isn't for everyone but I enjoy it, Its a shame we have so much locked behind it but its a decently fun mode but would need expanding on.

Yea okay they made a good one
While advanced customization is gone, there's more things to customize, so many different campaign modes, GM mode is back (could be better), and the fighting system is... Actually fun!

Fine enough. Not into WWE enough to really go crazy with it.