XCOM: Chimera Squad

released on Apr 24, 2020

XCOM: Chimera Squad delivers an all-new story and turn-based tactical combat experience in the XCOM universe.

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An interesting attempt at a spinoff, hindered by bad map designs, a very strange difficulty curve, and some ludonarrative dissonance when it comes to the political message of the plot vs how you interact with the city through gameplay.

Xcom for twitter. Although the gameplay is fun (and I want to fuck torque), the characters are SO BAD that I can't recommend this "game" that occasionally throws in social commentary that aged as well as eugenics.

In principle, you get an Xcom 2 in a slimmed-down version: shorter story events, more focus on the missions, less meta-game (base building). I think that "Chimera Squad" is the significantly worse version of "Xcom 2". But as an introduction to the series or for a quick session, it is still recommended.
Im Prinzip erhält man ein Xcom 2 in einer abgespeckten Variante: kürzere Storyevents, mehr Fokus auf den Missionen, weniger Meta-Game (Basenbau). Ich finde, dass "Chimera Squad" die deutlich schlechtere Variante zu "Xcom 2" ist. Aber als Einstieg in die Serie oder für eine kurze Runde, ist es dennoch zu empfehlen.

É xcom ainda, então ainda é divertido, e teve umas mudanças e tentativas novas legais, mas no geral é inferior ao xcom 2 por faltar a profundidade das mecânicas, que faz com que o fimal do jogo fique bem repetitivo e cansativo, algo que já acontecoa no 2, mas que piorou bastante nesse

Eta weno pa unos cuantos dias
PD: Una vez te descargas este mod "https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2099690143" el juego es bastante divertido.

There's some nice changes to the established formula, but the game drags on way too long for what it's worth, while the ending is rushed and boring.
A lot of the dialogue is cringe inducing, trying too hard to be witty or funny for the sake of it. Ironically, I felt a lot more attached to my XCOM soldiers than any of the set characters.
The setting's premise is interesting, but it ends up being quite shallow, I kind of hope this won't be regarded as canon for a regular XCOM sequel.