Yakuza 3 Remastered

released on Aug 09, 2018

This is the third Yakuza game, remastered for PlayStation 4!

The Yakuza wars are spreading over to the tropical paradise of Okinawa. After leaving his last base in Kamimuro Chou, Kiryuu Kazuma went to Okinawa and opened an orphanage named Asagao with Haruka. Together with the children, they have taken in, the two slowly let go of the violent lives they have led prior to their arrival. However, the happy days are short-lived for the Yakuza are tightly connected with the Japanese government. A shady deal that involves the land which Asagao is built on spurs Kiryuu and Haruka back to their old hometown and fights with oppositional Yakuza groups. Fights and political intrigue comes hand in hand, become the rising dragon and protect the sanctuary you have built.

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the oldest entry i've played and it shows. very different combat but i wouldn't call it bad like other people. i love seeing the father side of Kiryu. Mine is epic.

Evolui bastante em combate e substories, o que o ainda faz ser divertido, mas essa é facilmente a pior história da franquia e eu me senti insultado pelo final.

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kiryu ugly cries in this one

Weakest in the series by far. Playing these games in order this is the one that made the fatigue set in. While the story isn't too interesting and the combat is frustrating the characters made me keep going. Glad I beat it, but I'll never play it again.
Don't play on hard.

Well, this is a weird game, you may love it, you may hate it, there is no in between, the game is unbalanced, thats for sure, but it depends on you if you'll find some enjoyment on it

It feels outdated, but it's definitely not as bad as they say. Enemies do block yes, but that's only if you keep spamming attacks, there's a lot of ways to get around that, so i never really see this "enemies block a lot" thing as a problem in at least most of my playthrough. Combat is rough early on but once you get to a certain point in the story, you will have an arsenal of moves you can use to make combat much easier and smoother, (especially Komaki's moves) Also enemies or bosses that keeps strafing/dodging are 100x more annoying than enemies that keeps blocking. The final bosses of the Hitman side mission are more annoying than the final boss of the game itself.
Another problem is the fact that enemies do attack together, at least when you're fighting a crowd (Which you will A LOT) because the moment you turn your back to attack one guy, 2 or 3 will instantly attack you from behind.
Story is alright, It's pacing is bad and there's a lot of filler but it's still Ok.
Honestly, it's not that bad. It's an alright game which is just dragged down by being outdated in a lot of ways but I could definitely see how this game worked back then. I think if it gets the Kiwami treatment, it could be one of the higher ones in the series.