Yakuza 4 Remastered

released on Jan 17, 2019

The game from 2010 has been remastered for the PS4 with one of Yakuza 4's main protagonists, Masayoshi Tanimura, being recast and getting a visual makeover.

Kamuro Chou, the entertainment district is about to be bloodbath again. This time, we have four rising dragons. Each of the protagonists has a different fighting style and each of them has to go through sets of impossible trials to find their destiny. The line between game and reality is further blurred, earlier, in 2009, Sega hosts a beauty pageant, and the seven winners became models of their game avatars. Some of them are bar girls, some are hostesses, visit the "play spots" with them, ask them to date in the spas and sing karaoke with them. The Rising Dragon is looking for a successor, will you be it?

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why can't the cop pick up guns like Kiryu and Saejima when he uses his own gun in that one cutscene and the boat minigame???????

The story is kind of a mess but the gameplay is fun and is a huge improvement over Blockuza 3.

After finishing 3 after holding off on playing it for six months this was a breath of fresh air. Just feels like a more ambitious and better realised version of the games that came before. Combat still feels clunky but I enjoyed my time playing on hard this time.
Also, the music is strangely fantastic. Easily the best part of the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUG3teTNsWI

Good game as always with the Yakuza saga.
This entry expands the previous one with four playable characters and an underground and rooftop area in Kamurocho (also a bit of a graphics upgrade compared to Y3). It doesn't have that pleasant holiday feeling of Y3 in Okinawa and changes that story to one that has more ambition but that is also much more convoluted and with many plottwist moments that sometimes feel a bit cheap.
Akiyama character is a great addition. Saejima is ok, and Tanimura for me a terrible character, without any charm or interest and a bad fight feeling.

This game has 4 protagonists, all of them are awesome, their gameplay doesnt get tiring, you'll enjoy all 4 of them, seriously, play it, its amazing

There's something about this game that feels so empty compared to the rest of the series. The gameplay is fun but the story is so bloated and drags on and worst of all feels like nothing happens for most of it. Yakuza 5 essentially retcons most of this game. Only part I'd say is important is Saejima's part but even then it has one of the silliest plot twists in the series and it ends with him getting his own family which again is completely retcon in 5. I wouldn't blame you skipping this one.