Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

released on Sep 27, 2003

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Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

released on Sep 27, 2003

Adventurer Adol Christin has washed ashore in yet another mysterious, isolated new land, inhabited by a people who sport long ears and bushy tails...and are none too fond of humans. Experience the very first 3D Ys game as never before, with a whole new gameplay mode unique to this release!

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Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim is another solid game in the Ys series that boasts my favorite engine of the three available in the Ys series.

The music, world, and characters are not on par with Origin or Oath and neither is the gameplay but it's somewhat expected considering this was the first game in the "Ark" engine. The story however, is very good and has a lot of good development especially towards the end of the game. Don't skip on this one if you enjoy the Ys series!

It does feel kinda "prototypey", when you play it after Felghana and Origin, but it's still a damn fun game. Loved all the worldbuilding in here and Isha and Olha are great characters.

A HUGE improvement over the old Ys formula. Pretty fun to play, with simple but gorgeous graphics and (as always) with a terrific soundtrack.
The story is somewhat underwhelming at the end, but manages to keep your attention through all the journey, and brings a lot of details about the mysterious winged ones. An ancient and long forgotten race, present in the lore of all Ys games.
A very solid and fun experience.

This is how you evolve a franchise. Fun to play, nice story and characters, DOGI THE WALLCRUSHER, and overall pretty good. A dungeon in particular is somewhat frustrating because of the stupid dash jump mechanic, but occasional platforming aside, this is a very solid game.

This was definitely the game that came before OiF and was a return to the franchise after a decade. It has some game play design problems that just made it off putting to play. Every time something is added to the lore around the winged ones, it just feels like its adding another metal or another nation the winged ones came from. It works well enough, but it isn't as impactful when that race is gone and only various artifacts remain. Unlike Metroid: Fusion, there isn't some change to possible threats from knowing about the past of this extinct race. For the most part, everything around them has been solved and all that's left is knowing a magic resource exists.