Zeno Clash

released on Apr 21, 2009

The innovative close combat mechanics are also a deviation from traditional action in the first-person genre that will feel fresh for new and veteran players alike.

Zeno Clash is set in the punk fantasy world of Zenozoik, a land of exotic places and bizarre creatures. Players take on the role of Ghat, a man banished by his own family and forced to begin a desperate journey for survival through the forbidden desert and to the end of the world.

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painfully linear with an unwelcome focus on the very incredibly small arsenal of firearms as opposed to melee combat. the saving grace of zeno clash is that it is short, and is kept interesting through seeing what new fucked up character designs the artists were able to graft onto a biped. not a particularily worthwhile experience though

I remember this being more solid but it turns out that was because I played the 360 port with the improvements.
It's very funny that the main aspect of the game is so jank. Melee combat at the forefront and it feels a bit like trying to fight in water. You could understand the guns being the dodgy part, but they feel equally just as loose as throwing hands.
The setting and mad character designs do the heavy lifting. It's an interesting world, and it certainly helps that the big "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, GADGET" voiced motherfucker do be cubin'.

A short 3-hour art-house adventure, consisting of several arenas, it turns out that the Source engine is very "fit" in the fighting game genre, although according to the moveset it is more like a bit`em up, one hit button and dodging is enough to complete it, but firearms scattered around the map adds some action, it has good designs and impact, which you need to have time to reload in the heat of a dynamic massacre. The final fight with the boss spoils the impression a little, it is very simple, it seems unnecessary, it repeats the fight with the same character half an hour ago.
But the game will definitely be on my list of diamonds of the game industry, deprived of mass attention.
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Коротенькое 3-часовое арт-хаусное приключение, состоящее из нескольких арен, оказывается, что движку Сурс очень "к лицу" и жанр файтинга, хотя по мувсету это, скорее, битемап, тыканья одной кнопки и уворота достаточно, но добавляют движухи, раскиданные по карте огнестрельные оружия с хорошими дизайнами и импактом, которые надо успевать перезаряжать в пылу динамичного мордобоя. Немножко ещё смазывает впечатления финальный файт с боссом, он очень простой, кажется уже вымученным, сильно повторяет бой с тем же персонажем пол часа хронометража назад.
Но игра явно войдёт в копилку моих, обделённых массовым вниманием, бриллиантов индустрии.

Who the hell put guns in my first-person brawler?

What i liked :
- what a bealtiful world, lively and full of creativity, even the guns are designed to be this scraped things.
- my guy ghat sounds like he didn't ask for this, as in, he sounds veeeery similar to adam from deus ex.
- i like how short it is, sure it took me 8 hours but thats because i replayed it about 3 times, its a small indie game.
- the story was entertaining, not the next best and most immersive thing ever, but it was interesting and fun to watch, makes me intrigued to know more about this world
- please support the devs, there are very few people in the industry these days putting such creative titles, Support ACE Studio.
what i didn't like :
combat might sound chunky but its very clunky, some attacks with certain weapons follow the kingdom hearts rule that you can only combo if it hits the enemy.