Zoo Tycoon

released on Aug 27, 2001

Zoo Tycoon is a business simulation developed by Blue Fang Games and released by Microsoft Game Studios. It is a tycoon game in which the player must run a zoo and try to make a profit. Although first released for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh in 2001, it was ported to the Nintendo DS in 2005. It was followed by two expansion packs, Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs and Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania, which were released in 2002, as well as a sequel, Zoo Tycoon 2, released in 2004.

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Uno de los mejores Tycoon que he probado jamás. El emulador perfecto de un zoológico. Campañas variadas y entretenidas. El modo en versión libre también es muy divertido y te atrapará por muchas horas.

make humans happy by building rollercoasters: I sleep
make animals happy by building entire biomes for them: real shit