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been sick as a dog lately and haven't been able to do much other than lay in bed with one of my cats while the other one hollers for me to get up and be fun
sometimes i crawl out to get some fresh air and smoke the worst cigarettes you've never had out by the sidewalk with a cup of coffee in an eeyore mug. most of the times i just eat a bowl of cereal and crawl back instead. sometimes my "friends" try to get me to play dota2, which should be criminal under any circumstances, but especially these ones
eventually i thought, "ahh fuck it, i gotta do something" so I grabbed the steam deck and started scrolling through all the games i definitely own. in my hour of need i realized i needed a hand... but not just any hand
i needed a god hand
an earlier playthrough was already in progress, so within 30 seconds of firing the boy up fat elvis and I were going to town. i graciously provided an ass kicking in the form of numerous sick strings and juggles, a couple roulettes, and some running tackles and stomps; dodging all his E Honda bullshit and sending him packing in style
already i could feel my vigor returning. initially i had intended to finish detangling my death stranding review and take a bit of a break, but the health benefits of god hand are too good to keep to myself. it'd simply be unethical to stay silent about the Mikami Miracle Treatment
imagine someone made a game that's sole purpose was to be the most stylish, bombastic, Fun Ass Game of all time. imagine no longer, it's here. the perfect 3D beat em up and the best stylish action game. no sandbag enemies, no filler, no gimmick characters or anything to get in the way of you, your opponents, and someone getting their shit destroyed. nothing's free in god hand, nothing exists just to pump your ego, you're gonna work hard and the results will be electrifying
have you seen the dodge and what it's capable of? the bliss of weaving back and forth before delivering a haymaker? show me another game like this, please. show me one where I can make my own combos and movelist like the glory days of Fighter Maker or Create A Wrestler bullshit. one where you can run like a freak, dip, dodge, and smoke someone with a Kung Fu Samba. you can't, sorry, it's impossible. i've checked the data
long story short, i've never been better. a few hours of this bad boy was all it took to shake everything off
my grandfather will be 88 years old this december, his doctor told him he's got a good chance of living to 100. one visit from mean gene and we might be talking 1000

I’d call myself the most casual of Pokémon fans; big into it as a kid who was the perfect age to get in on the ground floor of this Whole Thing, but after gen 3 and bar a brief but frenetic romhack phase in my late teens, I’ve settled into the kind of distantly pleasant relationship with the series where I pick up each new game and have a good time playing through to credits but then never touch or think about them again, and repeat every two years. I couldn’t tell you the names of most new guys, but I CAN see a picture of them and go damn, that’s a cute critter. Casual. So no one was more surprised than me when Pokémon Violet turned out to be not only my favorite Pokémon game easily and by far, but one of my favorite games this year?? I play a lot of games man, and mostly bangers too.
A big big part of this accomplishment is that Pokémon has finally cracked the code on writing, like really for real this time. I know Pokémon guys like to talk about gen V and I am even a gen Whatever Sun and Moon Were liker for the stuff those go for at the end but there is simply nothing as consistently and thoroughly well done in this series before now and certainly not on the scale we see here. Every single person pops with huge personality, and for the first time those personalities are supported by like, stories that while not REVOLUTIONARY are certainly a tier above the stock standard baby anime tropes we’ve seen in the past. Hearing that Team Star were like the what, third antagonist group in a row who were a spin on Misunderstood Waylaid Youths had me groaning at first but their stories and motivations land! There is nuance in the laying out of their situation, there is acknowledgment that institutions in power and authority, especially over children, can and do fail to care for them and also are able to accept responsibility. Arven is a great little guy, firmly in the “wanna stick him in a little glass bottle and shake it up” tier. A potent blend of condescending and pathetic with a genuinely deserved chip on his shoulder at the way his life has turned out. And I’ll acknowledge that it’s because I have a chronically (and someday probably sooner than later it will become terminally) ill cat who has been having a really bad month, but his scenes really hit for me and I extremely cried near the resolution of his story.
The idea that a Pokémon game can have that power over me is only possible because Game Freak’s writers have subtley but definitely expanded the scope of maturity in how they treat the world of Paldea compared to previous games. Arven’s story fundamentally cannot work without acknowledgment of violence, real violence outside of the context of Pokémon battles – of death and dying, active dying that is happening now and happening TO us rather than in abstract stories of ancient struggles. This sort of thing is evident everywhere you look in Paldea. The Pokémon League isn’t the centerpiece of your life or anyone else’s, even the people who work for it; and they DO work for it, in an employment capacity. But there’s a distinct feeling that it’s not in its heyday even if it’s still a Big Deal. Almost every single gym leader does this as more of a side gig than their whole thing, and sometimes they’re not around or there’s an implication that these events have to be scheduled around their availability to some degree. Gym tests are based on the local town culture more often that they are on hard battle prowess and those cultures are a much greater and more foregrounded part of the town identities. When you get to the Elite Four finally, the building has two rooms that you get to see, a sort of lobby foyer where you’re interviewed with a classic gray office carpet floor pattern that every American desk drone knows intimately, and the single battle arena that everyone shares. It’s a much more realistic take on the idea than everyone having a giant customized zone within a huge tower or something. Everyone stays to watch after you beat them. It’s more informal but it’s been formalized. Even though you can’t walk into everyone’s houses anymore Paldea feels so much more like a real place where people live than any other region.
In keeping with this new emphasis on storytelling both explicit and implicit, Violet rewards role playing. Sure, you’re a kid in a magical world on a fantasy school assignment with completely free reign to stop about the country at your leisure, but you’re allowed and encouraged to like, go to class also! And if you’re pacing them out you unlock a handful of classes as you hit major milestones in the game’s three concurrent storylines. These vary in usefulness and the degree of information you learn from them is extremely fucked up lmao, like this is the first time I can think of that Pokémon explicitly explains a LOT of the underlying mechanics that are going on beneath the simple surface of the menus but these explanations are meted out mostly in a math class that you won’t see all of for 80% of the game it’s very funny. I don’t know that these are for actually learning anything, they’re all flavor, and I think it was incredibly brave of Game Freak to ferret away like eight or nine completely fleshed out unique NPCs in the school, only two of whom you would ever even see after the tutorial if you weren’t coming back for all this completely optional shit. There’s even a social link system separate from the classroom stuff! The school nurse has a series of social link cutscenes and she doesn’t even TEACH a class! There’s your math teacher, right, and via some hints in dialogue and her character design you can figure out that she is a retired gym leader and she used rock type Pokémon and she is the sister of the current gym type leader before any of this is told to you and you can DO THIS because she has geometric shaped hair, geode-themed jewelry, her name scheme fits her sister’s, and in one of her classes she name drops specific moves in her examples. There is simply a degree of care here that may not be particularly DEEP but is deeply REWARDING to engage with, if you’re willing to engage with it.
I also find Violet to be a quite beautiful game, beyond the way it stylishly makes use of a lot of smart 2D assets and cleverly implemented recycled animations to paper over places where it’s clear development was rushed and there wasn’t time to finish or polish everything (the food eating cutscenes are charming and incredible I don’t make the rules!). If the Galar region felt a little generic in the styles of the environments, Paldea has it beat in two important ways: first by having a more creative set of locales to trudge through, including things like wildflower rich stream beds, misty lakes, spindly cliffs, and bamboo groves among others. These unique little treat areas do a lot to separate out the expected plains and deserts and snowy mountains and make things feel less monotonous. It’s always a treat to wander into somewhere pretty and special, and to see which Pokémon are thoughtfully placed to live in them. The second way Paldea marks itself as the better of Game Freaks 3D environment outings is that the terrain is just generally more varied. I was a little worried to hear about “entire game world wild area” because frankly the wild areas kind of sucked ass??? Like it was cool to run around and catch guys at will but I found the more authored routes in Sword and Shield ultimately more compelling even if I couldn’t just go catch a Flapple or whatever anytime. Here though, even when you are just running up the grassy plains there’s always a LOT going on in terms of mountains and trees and elevation – no two areas feel truly the same even when they’re the same biome. This makes the game world feel more like a place even as it cleverly routes the player roughly along only a few pathways to see most of the leveled content in a more or less proper order without compromising the ultimately nonlinear nature of the game.
I wanna give a special shoutout to Area Zero, the secret fucked up super big crater that occupies the center of the map and is where the last bit of story content in the game takes place after you’ve finished your initial three threads. It ties everything that’s cool about this game together really well. As you descend into this harsh and dangerous zone you may quickly realize that it’s the only place in the game where your minimap isn’t active and why would it be, Area Zero isn’t mapped. The music is sedate and uncanny, and when it breaks for battle it’s weird and anxious. The Pokémon here are weird ones, or rare ones, or fully evolved ones, or, at least on the very top levels, ones that can fly in and out of the crater’s rim. The Pokémon you find will become stranger the deeper you go. There’s an otherworldly shimmer in the air, and the twinkles mimic the ones that outside the crater indicate an item to pick up on the ground; here they trick and disorient you. It’s the only place in the game where your constant companion, the legendary on your box cover, won’t come out of their ball, which leaves you without a mount, so no bike, no jump, no glide, no easy way out of the crater. The distance feels huge when you have to hoof it. You bring the protagonists of each of the other three stories in the game with you on the trip and while it’s delightful to see them all interact with each other (it would have been TRAGIC for this to have not happened) it also reveals more about them even this late in the game; Nemona, my favorite character in the game for being a fucking freak ass weirdo who loves blood more than anything, in unimpeachably cheerful and energetic but when you see her out of her element in the Pokémon League circuit she’s revealed to have a hard time relating to other people outside of her one interest, and kind of generally rude and thoughtless with their feelings. Penny gets to show herself to be deeply empathetic towards and protective of others in a more proactive way than in her own story but she’s also harsh and quick to anger in doing so. Arven is the true protagonist of the game and its emotional burden rests with him, and his mask cracks the most. So ultimately you get a small sad story about the ways families can fail each other and these three awkward kids who bond through one pretty fuckin bad day and it’s like, y’know it’s good! There is a lot of cool stuff here.
Nobody is more surprised than me! Truly! I have always basically liked Pokémon but I’ve never been ENTHUSIASTIC. It’s just that this one did a lot of inacore stuff, gave me a bone with a lot of meat to chew on just to my tastes, and when you slap that on top of Pokémon's general play which is rock solid as ever, and what I feel is a real nailing down of the open world side of things this time? I dunno man, I think they really knocked this one out of the park.

Game #9
Not very good, honestly. The gameplay is very rote and boring. The enemies are all the same and have nothing to do with Spider-Man, except for the bosses, but even they are repeated. Level environments are super boring as well.

honestly, i'd probably have a better opinion on 3d sonic if they were all more like this. the story is so silly and campy, they take it so seriously and then there's some genuinely really cool moments to compliment that tone, it's awesome. tails/eggman have terrible gameplay but otherwise it's fun to play if a bit inconsistent. shadow probably had my favorite level design, his stages had a much better sense of speed than sonic i felt. i ended up playing with the jp voices because the english performances aren't really my thing, but i have to admit that i love david humphrey's voice for shadow. the final episode is really good, i love the final boss and the ending. not a perfect game by any means, and i'd say it's honestly pretty bad at some points but it's fun enough that i can't even say i cared.

The Callisto Protocol is the most atmospheric game this year and the sounddesign is something else. Especially with Playstation's Pulse 3D Headset. This game is really immersive with a good headset. So I highly recommend to use one. There are so many different environmental sounds like biophage crawling through the vents, security units patroling the corridors. I was so damn paranoid and on the edge the whole time. You never know where the next danger lurks.
What was that noise that I just heard? Was that a biophage who could jump out of the vent right next to me at any second, maybe just a noise from facility or my imagination after all? I like the variety of the environments/levels. The visuals are also really great and the game looks absolutely stunning. The combat is okay I guess, at the beginning it's a little bit repetetive but when you get a few weapons it gets better. But it gets really difficult when you encouter more than two enemies. The Callisto Protocol does not invent much new, but it doesnt have to. It takes established pieces of game design, puts its own spin on things and creates a really great game out of it. The story is interesting enough to keep me interested and the characters Jacob Lee and Dani Nakamura are well written. Voice acting and the motion capturing are both really great and the performance by Karen Fukuhara in particular stood out to me. She cute and is such a talent actress. She was the only positive thing in Suicide Squad (2016), is one of my favorite characters of The Boys and now probably my favorite character in this game.
The only thing I noticed negatively are the 2
bosses. You encounter one boss I think 3 times without a change so it's the same bossfight over and over again. The other one 2 times. The second time it has a second form. But both of them look really basic. The creature design in general isn't really special.
The other thing is the save mechanic, it's the worst save mechanic which I have ever encountered in a video game and it's one of the biggest lies in the history of video games. All the way up there along side Todd Howard saying " sixteen times the detail". It only saves at checkpoints even when you save manually. So if you level up your weapons before a bossfight and then get your ass kicked you have to level up everything again. This wouldn't be a big problem normally but there are a few really tough sections and it gets really annoying after a while. The performance is great and I never had any problems on my PS5.
Overall a great game and I'm excited for the story DLC because of the Cliffhanger and I'm hoping for a potential sequel.

This is one the most "sikko and intersting" game i've ever played.
Idk how many people remember Hyun's dojo animations or oxob stick man animations, it feels like controlling those animation characters and it'd be epic if the game was good :D
also every character has its own story and it has an deep lore maybe i'd starting to cover it...
also there is no option, no control tutorial even no exit button in the game, idk why i wrote this review.
edit: change my mind this game is interestingly epic .

When I was first getting into playing PC Engine games. One game I wanted to try badly was Lords of Thunder. When I went to go play it, I realize I had the wrong game downloaded. I saw it said Gate of Thunder and went "I don't want that one" and proceeded to ignore it. Looking back I honestly wish I didn't neglect it till now because it's also pretty great.
This is a pretty good shmup that reminds me somewhat of Thunder Force. It's got that speed changing I really like letting me feel comfortable with what I want. It's also got three different weapons that all feel great to use in any situations that are needed. You even have these helper bots that you can change the direction for their shots which is helpful for enemies behind you.
Stages feel very well designed in fact if that's one thing this game does better than TF 3 and 4 is the difficulty. It's not easy once you're powered up but its also not insanely hard. Which is what I prefer the most in shmups like these. Bosses aren't too challenging either and they even let you see when it's getting close to death which I appreciate.
I do have one issue with Gate of Thunder and that has to be the music. Now hold your torches people, I'm not saying it's bad. It's actually really good but I can barely even hear it in game. I heard this might be an emulation issue so if anyone has played this on real hardware, let me know.
The game looks pretty good and like I said the game itself has really good music. I really like the color choice and aesthetic brought to this game. It really makes it stick out from a lot of the library. They did a great job.
Honestly this and Lords of Thunder so far have entertained me the most on the console. I'm sure someday something will beat these two for me knowing my odd opinions but this is a big must play for anyone into shmups or curious about the PC Engine.
Also I might remove this part if it changes but why is the cover for this game on this site so terrible? Like why that yellow rectangle under it? Sorry it just always bothered me.

It was a bit mind-blowing to come across this motley Smash Bros knock-off in the mid-2000s, with its nutty roster ranging from Beyblade and Transformers to Gradius and Bloody Roar. But once all characters are unlocked the novelty rapidly wears off.

One of my favourite Ys games, definitely the most underrated game in the franchise, absolute top tier soundtrack, boss design, iconic moments, good writing, best villains in the series by far, overall an amazing start for the party system games (this was the FIRST game they made with that system, on an underpowered portable console, and it manages to be so good!!!)
It manages to capture the exact feeling of an Ys game in ways that the other party system games don't exactly do, such as having a limited item usage that keeps the challenging nature of the series pretty much intact, even if this game is not as hardcore as Origin or Felghana (it kinda is on hard mode, which is the mode i played on)
Having Dogi and Geis as party members is extremely cool to fans of the rest of the series, especially if you played VI before this one
There are some things that are not perfect, like the McGuffin hunting for 50% of the game with barely any interesting plot in between but I couldn't care less, the gameplay, the dungeons, the insane bosses and the music easily makes up for that and the payoff is too good.
About the graphics... It's a PSP game. But, there's a texture pack for the PC version that makes the game look pretty good! I was very surprised about the difference in quality, but without it, I'll admit it looks pretty average to bad.
Never understood at all why this game is among the lowest rated in the series.

For a game about playing as world renowned dumbasses it sure is needlessly and frustratingly obtuse. My favorite part is how Beavis never seems to have pupils in any of his sprites

FYI still the best og GoW game, the best combat with the best weapon variety and upgrade system. The most well-designed bosses, the best scope and pure spectacle and the most entertaining characters across the entire franchise.
If I feel a bit more cynical I would criticize the story for lacking any and all subtetly and for being dumb as a rock generally speaking but fuck it, Hermes singing to Kratos about his family being dead is the most hysterical shit I've ever seen. This game is all balls-to-the-walls style, low subtance but subtance is overrated anyways.

The roots of our communities are an intricate system, too large for any one of us to imagine. In every discovery of fresh soil, we find a long history of its breaking and in our investigation find those same roots again. They connect us all, they teach us lessons. They wrap around our necks, crawl around old bones. We perform dramas about escaping their hold or burning the whole tree but these roots remain. Sooner or later, someone's bound to find our choices in the soil.

The Callisto Protocol
Vaya desinflada de juego. Del principio a la mitad, el juego está de puta madre, a partir de ahí, se vuelve un shooter, bugeado, con niveles de mierda y un boss reciclado e irritante.
No lo suspendo porque me gustaría que hicieran otro bien.

i can't believe i love this game as much as i do but i do

Being on this website means I’m likely in proximity to the densest population of Silent Hill 4 fans per internet-mileage. It really cannot be overstated just how steep the dropoff in numbers is from the average SH fan to one that’s played, let alone likes SH4. And it’s not hard to see why, frankly. It’s a challenging experience even within its series’ context, which says a lot considering the comparison points. Honestly, outside of plot, previous experience with the series HARDLY prepares you - it’d be a lesson in frustration to approach this game with the same lens or expectations as SH1-3. Credit where it’s due though, that knotted, at times appalling temperament SH4 carries is attractive in its own way. While I’d hesitate to call it a wholly innocent victim of its reception, I still think it’s plenty deserving of this simmering enthusiasm which has cropped up on the outskirts of Silent Hill fandom.
Everyone who plays it can speak to the all-out bonkers audiovisuals - however, I do think that the malaise encircling this game like a cloud extends beyond its surface. Despite being the most standoffish of the games, it’s still just as interested in character work as the others. After showing up and then some with the characters in their previous two games, it’s clear they were after something different here. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but there’s a muted, uncanny veil over the game which hadn’t been there previously. And these things in tandem lead to some odd bits, like Henry’s VA’s brand of anti-charisma choking the life out of every sentence from his mouth (he doesn't even speak that much to begin with), or the brief, cursory nature of the to-be sacrament encounters.
Does it fail itself in this regard? No, not necessarily, though the experience is undeniably colored by these things, and I’d be lying if I said it was batting .1000. It’s hard not to feel like this game’s pacing and presentation is a little more matted and coarse than the ones before it, and I’m sorry, but this pairs with the languid and sometimes even grating first half a little unpleasantly (and yes, I do acknowledge the irony of complaining about the first half of a game with a notoriously hellish second half, stick with me). I’ll put it this way: if there was ever an accomplice alongside the heavy emphasis on its half-baked combat that tanked this game’s reception, I’d point fingers in that direction. I’m trying to avoid outright comparisons to the previous games, but we are an ocean’s distance from Angela’s mirror scene or Heather’s gutting car ride speech as far as sauce goes.
And yet, it’s still not that easy to cast off, is it? I truly cannot stand the term “polish” (pah-lish, not poe-lish. I just rated The Witcher 3’s DLC highly, I’ll have you know) with regards to game quality, but in SH1-3’s case, I think you’d be hard-pressed to think of better examples for great parts being uninhibited for those experiencing them, and said clarity only helping the end result. SH4 is... simply a different beast.
There’s this omnipresent, dangerous intention behind the machinations of the game, infamously and most importantly with the apartment itself, that end up making a hell of a case for the rest of it. Its entire being is one of pure malevolence, and you aren’t really expected to handle any of it well. SH4 is the video game equivalent of that brief physiological meltdown you have realizing you’re covered in skin that’s sensitive and prone to injury with one wrong move, timestreched to 7 or 8-ish hours depending on how many extras you collect. It ain’t pretty, but does it really need to be?
The second half, particularly the final quarter, is exhausting and confusing and straight up BRILLIANT. People have spoken plenty to the room hauntings and whatnot, but I think my favorite bit of this half is the sacrament ghosts returning and even PERSISTING should you fail to pin them down. And that’s just one little detail - in execution, there’s several more vital bits caving in on you while you descend to the finish line (which is also insane). I was honestly a little shocked to discover that not only did I think this halftime switch-up was effective, I thought it was great; then again, I have a perfect run of Dead Rising 1 under my belt (360 btw, no big deal), so perhaps I’m just built different.
(side note: speaking of Dead Rising, Eileen’s AI is actually pretty good? Sure, the pathfinding’s imperfect, but she’s capable offensively, so long as you unequip her weapon when you don’t want to fight (which, considering she’s otherwise completely uncontrollable by the player, is lowkey impressive). I can’t help but feel like the general parroted hatred of escort missions tainted the consensus of this part of the game, which is ridiculous to me. A core theme of this game is altruism and you’re complaining that she gets stuck sometimes? L. Simply put.)
I could talk about this game more, but this is getting long and I’m clearly rambling. But in a way, that’s kind of the best part about SH4? It’s more hushed reception and far weirder take on Silent Hill as a concept means there’s still quite a bit of cud to chew on here. I dissed him earlier a lil bit, but Henry’s distant protagonisms end up meaning that a lot of this game’s more complicated ideas are mere suggestions from the environment or memos. Considering how depressed I should be that after years of procrastinating, I’ve finally finished what might be the greatest quadrilogy of games ever developed, I have a feeling that there’s still something to be gained here. And, selfishly, as a fan of these games, I’m pretty fuckin’ pumped about that.

now THIS is the game I wanted 2018 to be.
improves SO much of what 2018 laid out but it wasn't afraid to call back to the original series. combat is satisfyingly similar to God of War 3 in its animation, down to the executions. animation itself isn't afraid to let loose, no longer stiff in combat and in transforms and allowed to actually flow nicely.
the story blows 2018 and even arguably most of the 'prestige' Sony games out of the water. They did not hesitate to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you feel a satisfy end to Kratos's story (and the beginning to Atreus's). This game has what 2018 didn't have - personality. Hell, at time I felt like I was watching an actual play!
nearly every problem I have in the new series has been addressed and fixed in this entry. i'm glad i had the privilege to actually play it right to the end, and it's post credits content

Absolutely phenomenal atmosphere and surrealism weaved into gameplay that begins as tense and suspenseful, yet ends as tedious due to inventory limits and an over abundance of enemies that pose no threat other than to siphon playing time into their PS1 era vortex - with all the good and bad it brings.

animal crossing is great. i love many many animal crossings, the idea of it, the escapism, the writing, the characters, the fun of it all really. this provided none of that for me. with the dumb crafting, graphics not my thing, boring slate villagers, being the entire overlord of an island instead of actually being apart of a community... i just hate this entry. it is the opposite of what i want from animal crossing.

Fuck it, I don't care, I don't have reasons, nor do I want them. I am capable of emotion, believe it or not, despite my scrawls of pontification. And I get feelings from these games. The first came out in 2017 (age of political awakening and steady decline) and this came out in 2022 (deep in the age of "it") and I needed it both times. Romance is dangerous for me; I avoid it because I get all up in my lonely feelings. This is my rare chance to curl up in it. I can dissect it or make a nuanced pitch, but it's a waste of words. This is not a recommendation or a review. I'm just saying things. I'm not going to compare one entry to the other; I don't much remember the first one other than adoring it deeply. Sure, maybe some of it is hamfisted, and sure, there are anachronistic memes, but I literally don't care. I just like it. It makes me smile and I get warm fuzzies and I like it. It is so rare that I can just smile authentically and earnestly at art. Vulnerability can be embarrassing but it's liberating. Earnestness will set me free. And if you think it's cringe to find joy in something so vulnerable, then leave me the fuck alone

Anyone who has followed my reviews knows that I've been willing to endure and finish some real crap, but I could feel myself physically rejecting Gungrave G.O.R.E. from the second I started the game. Maybe it's because I just got done playing Shenmue II, Sonic Frontiers, and Mario Party 2. I'm bloated from bad games, a fetid swollen mass of flesh crying in the gutter, "No more... No more...!"
I heard it described once that games don't age, we do. Our standards change, and we choose to apply them to old games that were never meant to abide by them in the first place. Gungrave G.O.R.E. is the most 2003-era budget bin video game I've seen since the early aughts, and if I try to take myself back to that headspace, I'm pretty confident I would've thought it was bad at the time.
Grave is miserable to control. You have to rapidly tap the trigger to fire your gun, which the game wants you to be doing at all times, and on that point alone I have little patience for this tendonitis simulator. Grave's dodge roll is so heavy that it feels more like he's throwing his entire body weight straight to the ground, and his missile-reflecting counter has timing that I was never quite able to get a grasp on despite missiles moving at what I would describe as a "casual stroll." Enemies are spongy, there's a lot of them, and the additional moves Grave is given to manage crowds just feel flaccid.
Also, what's up with this game stuttering like crazy at medium settings on a 3060ti? Jesus Christ.
I was so sure Sonic Frontiers would be the worst game I played this year, and in terms of games I finished it still is, but Gungrave really blew me away.

I'm a big Mega Man Fan (megafan, in the common parlance) so the GB titles have represented a pretty big gap in my resume so to speak. I am setting out to rectify this.
The game was outsourced and came out in the same year as MM4 so this falls nicely into the zone of 'console experience crammed into your portable with mixed results.' I think this is one of the better games in that vein I've played, even if we're talking about a really low bar here. I've previously said that Castlevania the Adventure felt like a Klik N Play game and I think that's also true here, but more complimentary. The gameboy was our home for KnPcore games. It's just the feel of the movement, the very screen-based nature of the play, and the way the little bullets come out.
What really works here are the visuals. Meggin' Man is all about big, expressive characters and in order to translate that to the small screen they had to give up a lot of screen real estate but they DID and while the game is full of hateful bullshit, especially in the lategame, it didn't usually feel like I was fighting the camera or anything. Some enemies, like the torch guys who throw fire, are definitely made to feel a bit more artificially tough with the zoom-in but they are the minority. The weapon acquired screen is the coolest one I've seen in the entire series with a sick cross-section of your boy himself too and that's gotta be worth something.
There's only four robot master levels, featuring masters from MM1 but featuring some stage hazards and enemies from MM2 as well. The weapons work the same as you'd be used to from the NES but they're really super useful against normal enemies now, which is really nice! The weapons felt like a big deal and since the bosses all die extremely quickly to their weaknesses you should be using them liberally. There are only two Wily levels but INEXPLICABLY the first one has you fight four guys from MM2 and a new dude named Enker and ALL OF THEM drop weapons that you get to use for just ONE LEVEL. This feels like the game was intended to be longer but instead just gives the finale a real manic energy to make up for the plethora of bullshit, both insta-kill and regular variety, thrown at you.
I'm definitely not likely to replay this any time soon but I had a good time and am looking forward to seeing what the rest of these bring to the table.

if it ain't broke don't fix it : the game

why did they make another one
who's playing this

Não é possível que existe 5 filmes baseados nessa porra de jogo.

Gente terminally online adicta al porno cuando ve a Jetstream Sam, Vergil y la payasa de ace attorney en una imagen: 🤓🤯🤣🤣🤓💯

Devil May Cry 3 is a game with something to say: don't trust bald people with scars on their faces lest you are betrayed by them

Still fucks me up that this game technically released before Sonic Adventure 1 and still somehow managed to be a more consistently entertaining experience.
I haven't played it in a long time. It's had many updates since my last fair go. But, man.... mastering the stage layout and rocketing through as Sonic without the game EVER taking control away from me is something I wish the official entries offered.
I had my issues with it, but I really can't blame the devteam if they had so few games to take as a reference point. It's lovely. That's all I really have to say, but on top of already being a solid base experience, the modding community is thriving- adding more to this game even to this day. It's so nice!
Fuck Egg Rock though.

É melhor que primeiro jogo, mas não deixa de ser ruim. Fui tentar dar uma segunda chance, mas realmente não dá! Os mesmo problemas do primeiro jogo se repetem aqui, só aqui é um pouco mais intuitivo e visualmente bem bonito, tirando isso é a mesma merda.

This chapters is great, the battle pass looks good, but the coming MHA Collab makes me wanna off myself tbh. Will update this review if something big happens apart from Mr. Beast