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ME3 Omega, much like Javik, was something being planned out during the initial draft. Unlike the latter however, Omega was never available in the game in the form of Day One DLC, it was absent entirely. Most you were getting is Aria T'Loak loathing Cerberus for taking her joint and a not-so-subtle lineread hinting about a potential expansion. Which happened near the end of November 2012, the same year the game released. Even then though. a lot of the original idea, such as returning as a hub status, never came into fruition - unless you use a mod for OG ME3 to get that hub treatment - instead serving as a somewhat compressed state of the narrative. Granted it's possible I got some of the details wrong, been a while since I looked into the development of the game, but I digress.
Like with LOTSB, this add-on's showcases how discrepancy between budgets between those and the base game were shortening a fair bit, albeit not to the same degree. The amount of events to do during and after the story isn't quite to the same degree, but even then Omega still shakes things up a fair bit in terms of how firefights are done with a few new enemies and arena spaces, the detail of the setting's sprawling landscape whereas before you were strictly limited to the top layer, as well as the delving into Aria herself with how she acts and is in this position in the first place, even either lowering the edge to be more soft you play a majority of it as a Paragon, or hardening even more and being in a more ruthless state if it was as a Renegade. It's all Pretty Dang Neat.
It also sports two standout moments: Firstly, it finally introduced a female Turian with Nyreen Kandros, which to me has always been odd considering how often the opposite gender gets brought up prior to this. She's interesting and cool, but it's also pretty bothersome that she doesn't get much development outside of the implied and semi-elaborated relationship fling she had with Aria years ago, especially considering the push-pull dynamic going on with the aforementioned delving. The second is the first, and only, class-exclusive choice in the whole trilogy. I forgot if the people with Dragon Age helped out (which wouldn't surprise me since that franchise utilizes this aspect way more), but I do know that a common belief fans have on why Engineer was chosen was cause it's consistently the least-picked class of the whole series, even 'winning' that again in the LE remaster. Speaking as someone that played as one on my fourth run, I actually do recommend it, surprisingly not as support-reliant as you'd think and it has some fun tools, especially once you hit the third game. Although you can uh, just use this mod for Legendary Edition to bypass it, either as one of the two other classes using tech - Infiltrator and Sentinel - or have it be available at all times if you feel like it. I won't judge, I'm guilty of doing this myself!
As a whole, Omega is, again, Neat. It won't knock your socks off, and is my least favorite of 3's add-ons, but considering the state of the others, as well as what the package itself offers, it's still fun enough. As for the timing of it... that's tricky to answer. Following a story-related mission as well as Aria's own sidequest on the Citadel, you have free reign as to when to start it... but it's also impractical to do it as early as possible since it doesn't "mesh" well narratively speaking, if you catch my drift. I'd say a little after the second act starts - i.e., finishing Citadel II but before completing Rannoch as a whole - is fine.

I remember in school we would sometimes fool around and actually listen to the teacher instead of playing this game. Good times.

Enjoyable but has an unsatisfying, abrupt ending.

Mostly good. The levels are mostly well done, but for a few of them needed a guide. I enjoyed some of the puzzles. I felt like the difficulty was all over the place. The final boss was also nothing special. It was fun, but I will probably not go back to it.

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After playing this game for (undisclosed amount of time) I thought I would just make a pros and cons list of what I thought of it instead of a normal review cause that just feels more appropriate to me.
- Lots of good new Pokémon
- Character Customisation
- GREAT Character design(pls keep making gender confused characters they are amazing)
- Very fun, maybe the most fun Pokémon game on the switch as of right now?
- The game runs pretty bad, I don’t think I had as bad of a time with performance issues or bugs as everyone else but I still found it pretty unforgivable for a billion dollar company. Please Gamefreak give your developers more than a year to make their games.
- Team Star is the official worse team in all of Pokémon, I didn’t enjoy a single mission. I left all the missions to the end of the game cause I thought you didn’t even have to do them, they were so bad that I thought they were optional.
- Area Zero looks so ugly, sorry not sorry.

Eu estou genuinamente impressionado em quem pensou que lançar essa porra em 2013 seria uma boa ideia, se fosse um jogo de PS2 acho que seria menos pior. Burrada suprema do Josef Fares essa aqui.

this game is great because it has leos in it.

If Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil were a good game, it would be called Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

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Nacido como precuela de Fatal Fury ambientada en los años 70, Art of Fighting trata de introducir una historia en la que todos los personajes están implicados, pues, a excepción de los protagonistas, que son claramente clones de Ryu y Ken, el resto está tratando de encubrir el secuestro de la hermana de Ryo.
Jugablemente, aunque sea similar a Street Fighter II, el título es terriblemente tosco y con controles muy irresponsivos. Presenta conceptos novedosos para los títulos de lucha, pero no están del todo bien implementados: Una barra de poder que se agota al ejecutar movimientos especiales y que podemos recargar manteniendo presionado un botón (acción que es terriblemente lenta y nos deja expuestos), super movimientos como el Haoh-Shoko Ken que podemos aprender en uno de los minijuegos de entrenamiento, y movimientos de desesperación, que únicamente se pueden ejecutar si al jugador le queda un 25% o menos de salud. También se introduce la mecánica de la burla, y esta misma supone uno de los mayores problemas del juego, pues al final nos daremos cuenta de que solo basta con tirar al rival al suelo una vez y usarla repetidas veces para agotar su barra de poder, quedándose muy en desventaja.
Otro apartado a comentar es el visual, pues el juego trata de presentar unos sprites enormes, detallados y llamativos, además que tienen el detalle de que durante los combates a medida que damos y recibimos golpes, los personajes van sufriendo cambios, pues se les hinchan la cara, les salen moratones y sangran. Lo doloroso de ver es que, cuando los dos personajes se alejan bastante entre sí, la cámara se aleja y los sprites cambian de tamaño, pero estos se deforman tanto con el escalado que es duro mirarlos.
¿De qué sirve presumir de apartado visual cuando jugablemente es un despropósito?

I played this game in co-op first, and now singleplayer feels naked.

Pretty solid graphics and you get to pick your character. It's basketball with power ups ans you can punch dudes.

Absolutely insane video game. Be a ninja and play golf and fight off other ninjas and various creatures as you run to your next shot. Fight a dragon on the green to beat each hole. Amazing concept and plays pretty well.

Play. Ghost. Trick.
Do it. This fucking game is a gem.

Not one complaint. From the beginning of the final fight to the very end of the game was insanely good. Unmatched final act of any game.

fun but clunky, difficulty spike at the end made me drop the game before finishing

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inscryption's first act is amazing, and after reading some reviews, it's clear that many people have this opinion. however i don't think act 2 and 3 are that bad... i honestly think they're very interesting. I was starting to tire of leshy's game when the switch came around.
the narrative is kind of stupid but kind of fascinating. if i write more later i want to explore -- what the four dungeon masters and their game design beliefs are really saying, and what is the purpose of the Old Data reveal when it tells us nothing of the mystery... i love the YouTube bits personally

Tower Defense but a third-person shooter. Weapons are extremely limited and feature intentionally long reload times, VA's do their job and get out. Still passes the smell test by having a tutorial, single player option, and logical progression. Not all worth MSRP but perhaps a play.

cool expansion. lore and story wise it moves a little too fast for my taste and does some things with vega and ol' sam that feel a little strange I liked the simplicity of sam and vega in doom 2016, and the music isn't as memorable without mick gordon but it's still a great expansion and I had a lot of fun with it. super duper cool set pieces and some awesome areas

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not familiar with any of the creators other works such as re:kinder, but I played this because I thought the protag looked cute. I found the story difficult and hard to follow and I'm not sure I fully understand everything that was conveyed here, but I can 100% tell this game was made with heart behind it, I shudder to think if the events portrayed in this game are relevant to the creators own life experiences.

this game is very silly and funny and fun. i love peggle and pegging and goblins and roguelikes so this is a good one for a Guy like me.
its a bit short right now and i feel like i got the hang of it and beat it super quickly, which feels weird for this genre but isn't necessarily bad, but i have confidence that the game will continue to improve even more throughout (and after?) early access. the recent addition of Moneys and stuff changed everything!
despite that, the core gameplay loop is pretty great and i just really like this game Man. its chill and fun and scratches that Peggle Itch but it definitely feels like it ends too soon right now and that a Thing or two is missing. i don't regret my purchase one bit and am looking forward to this being my go-to laptop game for ignoring lectures in my last semester of college.

tactics Ogre is one of those games that I’d kinda resigned myself to never playing, almost purely on the basis that I’d heard it was a hard SRPG, and the only SRPGs I’ve ever gotten through are the newer fire emblem games, with the more lenient death mechanics. I did want it though. I’m a huge fan of Yasumi Matsuno’s work, and this (along with FF Tactics) are usually considered his best works, his most complete works. So, when a new remaster of tactics ogre came out, I picked it up and decided to give it an earnest try. This year was already a banner year for me getting into genres I never thought I’d be into (souls and fighting games), and I was quietly hoping there would even be an easy mode added (there was not, but nonetheless!!).
50ish hours and about a month later and yeah, it’s fantastic, and this is also a fantastic remaster. Tactics ogre kinda rides the line between RPG and SRPG perfectly, and Reborn only solidifies that balancing act. Gone are random battles and grinding, replaced with a level cap that rises as the story progresses and training at any of the cities that are friendly to you. There’s more focus on smaller skirmishes with more importance on individual units than fire emblem, but this is still a tactics game first, and an RPG second.
But that’s not really what I love about the game. Sure, the battle system has near infinite depth, but this is a matsuno game! Not only that, it’s a really large scale matsuno game, taking a massive conflict and putting you in the shoes of its leader. It’s huge! And yet often very intimate, really zeroing in on the most effective characters and letting them shine. All of this is couched in matsuno’s usual almost shakespearean writing style, and gorgeously soundtracked by Hitoshi Sakimoto.
The remaster has been a bit divisive though. The visuals were redone, there’s this weird skill card system, and there’s voice acting now. Well, the voice acting is superb, really bringing the characters to life. The visuals I ended up liking, as they really do get the look of the original down, but with added sharpness and clarity. Seriously, when it’s blown up big on a tv it looks great, nowhere near as blurry as the trailer made it seem. The skill card system is really my only gripe with the remaster, and really only because it doesn’t really feel necessary? It’s just kinda simple, in a game that takes great pains to be full of depth. Also they’re very “video gamey”, kinda breaking the medieval war diorama look of the game. Honestly that’s a minor complaint in the grand scheme tho, I promise.
Bottom line is this is a great way to play a classic. If you don’t like the looks and the cards, play the PSP version, but otherwise, bask in the glory of full voice acting for one of the best JRPG stories.

Ulan ölünce niye yarım saat önceki yerde spawn oluyorum, data save yapınca da aynısı; neyse şu videodan öğrendim hikayesini

It's genuinely impressive how I pretty much like everything about this game EXCEPT for Level Design and Gameplay Physics, the most important aspects of a Sonic Game
Renderware Sonic is one of my favorite Sonic styles and I really appreciate the environments and the enemy designs. But the janky physics, unbalanced gameplay, and the fact you basically play the same game 4 times with minor differences prevent me from actually enjoying it. The key system is pretty stupid too with how you have not to get hit through the stage to get the special levels.

I fuck with the visuals, the aesthetics, the vibes, the twisted horror of this world that feels impossible to truly engage or interact with. Vague in presentation, other beings feeling so alien and disconnected, doing your best to stay focused on whatcha need to get done. I liked how the intrusive thoughts were interspersed with the nicer options, not blocked off to show you how the MC is doing her best to hold on with these meds that just aren't working that well for her. Working just well enough to function and get things done but not enough to stop the pain of the awful shitty thoughts at least being there. You have to see them even if you don't want to/don't pick them. Empty vacant holes within the self you constantly are stepping over to keep functioning.
Simplistic tasks made seemingly herculean by anxieties driven via trauma and continued loops driven by conditions both within and outside of yourself. Agoraphobia transforming others into insurmountable obstacles with nonsensical rules.
I don't think it's necessarily perfect in everything it tries to do. But I dig it and its structure. I dig the separation between the thoughts and you yourself as the reader. I dig the way it tackles disassociation especially. I dig the end and the dread instilled by it. Exhausting and continuous, seemingly never ending in its cruelty. Gotta get that milk.

the giraffe is literally getting its dick sugged off and none of you care...?