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There was a bit of whiplash I experienced playing Bloodborne closely after Elden Ring. The whole time I was thinking, "Man, these bosses are a lot more fun, and tailor-made for the combat system". Then I got to the Big Shark Boys in the DLC. I have come to the conclusion that the Big Shark Boys are, essentially all of Elden Ring's boss design in one stroke-inducing enemy. And everyone hates the Big Shark Boys.

Back on topic: Bloodborne. It's bloody. It has an elegantly and masterfully crafted rally system, which allows you to regain health by attacking the enemy quickly after you've been hit yourself. It has names such as LADY MARIA, LUDWIG THE HOLY BLADE, and FATHER GASCOIGNE. It "also" has trick weapons.

Quick note about trick weapons: they're incredible. Much like Kratos' Leviathan Axe in 2018's God of War, tricking your weapon between modes by pressing L1 never gets old. I would press it over and over again while running to boss arenas like a batter doing their compulsive shirt-adjusting ritual before squaring up at the plate.

The art design is divine (although the Nightmare Frontier is one of the most hideous levels in a From Software game). The score is exquisite. The combat is fast, fierce, and visceral (LITERALLY).

The only issues I have with Bloodborne are three:
1) Traveling from a lantern -> Hunter's Dream -> another location... is really dumb and a waste of everyone's time.
2) Farming for Blood Vials is admittedly not very fun. I would prefer to keep throwing myself at a boss rather than having to take a quick commercial break to Central Yharnam.
3) The Chalice Dungeons are "kind of bad".

All in all, Bloodborne is kind of a big deal in terms of game, level, audio, visual, and enemy design. There aren't many games that do it better. As a good friend friend of mine said, "I'm going to be honest, I bought this PlayStation 4 just so I could play Bloodborne.

Tetris Attack is a wonderful game. Fast, thrilling and challenging. Crossing it with Pokémon is a weird thing to do.
But it worked pretty well!
I love this game. Played it to death during summer time long ago. Still a great experience to replay nowadays.

Can't believe how much hate this game gets from some people. Yes, the collectibles are everywhere and it takes a lot of backtracking to get them all, but you don't need to get'em all. Not if you are not enjoying it...


...Want a bannana?

Help I am suffocating and need a gas mask filter immediately

While it lacks in the plot and the graphics department (who cares about graphics am I right?), it has easily one the best worlds in video games, it's very reactive, alive, atmospheric and immersive. It might not have the best controls, but nothing that you won't get used to, the lack of an intrusive UI and map markers plays into its strength, characters are solid, the factions are great, a very enjoyable western RPG experience overall.

Had a fun time playing through this game for about 90% of it until the final chapter which becomes a bit of a comedy that could have rippling effects for the future of Part 2, and I don't know how to feel about that. Aside from that, production value is absolutely stunning. Square went all out making sure this game sounded and looked it's absolute best. The characters still feel like themselves instead of their undercooked or flanderized versions seen in Advent Children, and the areas and characters chosen to extend the game and more to for the most part are pretty welcome not counting some questionable decisions made near the end. There's a lot riding on this 2nd part and all I can hope is that Square can deliver and pull themselves out of a potentially messy situation they could find themselves in.

This game (and its predecessor) feels like a real adventure from start to finish. Exploring deep, forgotten underground ruins, fighting pirates, flying trough the skies on your ship, helping and defending the townspeople, scavenging and equipping weapons that really feels like you have them equipped on your body, changing your gameplay a lot. Great presentation and pretty good graphics. A fantastic game, overall.

Feels like 5 steps forward and 6 steps back from The Complete Saga. I can't condense this down too much but I'll try to bullet point:

-Massive hubs add fun sandboxes to collect items, but disrupt and disorientate those who just want to play levels.

-Tech tree for upgrades in theory gives more value to collectables, but are entirely redundant by how easy the base game is.

-I understand most lego games do this now, but the addition of dialogue hardly helps make sense of the storyline, and it never works in unison with visual humor.

-There are many bugs, a few of them game breaking. I quit out of the final level in Episode III and simply can't find it anymore. As of typing, still not patched.

-There are so many interesting characters to buy which always has me collecting studs. However, not having a hub world where all the characters you collect are walking/bar fighting gives nowhere near as much satisfaction of building your collection.

-The best parts of this game are the elements that The Complete Saga already did if not better. The only exception is that when I was treating the hub world sandboxes as the main game, it was actually pretty fun to collect all the bricks and surprisingly wasn't repetitive. This as a standalone title without so much emphasis on storytelling could be very fun game, but is too intrusive with the episodic formula here.

-My favorite part of lego games is playing through a movie in a fascinating and humorous way. But there's so much slowdown to reaching it and most of the levels don't feel as complete as the original variants.

If someone were to describe the surface of this game on paper, it'd sound like there couldn't be anything wrong with it. Sadly, their scopes were set too vast for what a lego game needs and many glaring hinderances harm an otherwise classic lego title.

Real fun platformer, some gameplay a little dated now

I don't understand the accolades this game gets. I played up through the Midgar section and then life got in the way. The storyline is...mildly interesting. The combat is the most brain-dead nonsense I've encountered in a JRPG. I got through every battle by spamming the basic attack until I got to a limit break, using my limit break, and then going back to spamming the basic attack. Maybe if I had played this game as a kid I would have loved it, but this one just did not hold up.

Imagine if someone crossed the 3d Sonic games with Banjo Kazooie (or something) and then made them suck. A dreadfully dull game that I bought because Sonic Team was behind it. I had the sinking feeling when I bought it that I was getting a stupid kids game, but I thought to myself "Sonic Team made it, it must be good." What a fool I was.

Talk about a game with a lot to talk about in it. I basically spent the last couple hours after beating it collecting my thoughts and talking to a friend about it. I don't really play too many visual novels, let alone eroge, at least not yet to say I'd be versed, but I did this out of curiosity and with its reputation and overall, I'm very pleased with it. This game isn't without its baggage, and I do not fault anyone who would take issue with a number of aspects of this game. I myself have my own critiques, but at its core, its a very well presented and executed story about trauma, and it is not afraid to showcase it in the most extreme ways. It can be a lot to stomach, but what it does with it to present a story in how despite these traumas, life can still be wonderful, and worth living despite how difficult it can be to heal.

I'm not sure I'd call this a master class of handling all its sensitive subjects, it is still an eroge and it is clear some parts of it are still made with the intent of making people horny. More power to them I guess, though its not really my bag, and sometimes it can really feel like its stepping too far and it can definitely detract from my reading experience (especially the Wonderful Everyday ending H scene, what the fuck). But even in spite of that, I totally get it, and I think it takes advantage of being an eroge visual novel to enhance its themes. It can be extreme, especially in routes like It's My Own Invention or Looking Glass Insects, where I genuinely felt a pit in my stomach at just what was happening. The characters all definitely help as well, some very memorable ones in here, and it definitely made the read all the more interesting as they all slowly opened up.

Overall, yeah, I really enjoyed my month's time slowly reading this thing. It is a lot, and it is something I more respect and appreciate more than just adore it, but I still did love my time with it. Reading this super late at night for a month or so was a great time. I'm not sure its something I can easily recommend, especially if you're not comfortable with the idea of even getting near an eroge, this stuff is barely in my wheelhouse myself. But if its something that interests you like it did for me, it might be worth giving a look down the rabbit hole.

Five stars with nostalgia goggles firmly in place. Played through it four times in my youth; I refuse to go back and play it again, as I would likely find it much more of a boring slog as a grown man. Still, I remember the combat being fun and the writing being quite witty and amusing.

A rather mediocre raising sim. You make up a shelude, events happen, repeat until the end, and what kinda ending you get depends on the stats of the girl you've raised. It was kinda fun the first time because I haven't really played these raising sims, and making up sheludes and shaping the character's stats and seeing them grow was decently enjoyable. However, the game has quite a lot of different endings, which should encourage replayability, right? Well, unfortunately it's a very slow game to get to the ending due to the amount of cutscenes and battle scenes. The battles even reuse clips from the anime, which is kinda neat, but you can't skip all of it, you have to mash the buttons to skip the text, which is still slow as, like I said, there are a lot of cutscenes to burn through, and as far as I can tell there's no fast forward feature, which is a huge problem. Also, some of the dialogue and events are pretty awkward.

Another problem that isn't actually the game's fault, but the translation for the DS version is pretty bad. It uses a lot of shortcuts and reductions to make the text actually fit, sometimes resulting in something awkward. Like the characters say "Yea" a lot, which doesn't feel right. Even then, there's still a lot of untranslated text, I had to make a diagram to remember what stat is what. Even then, it's not always clear what is what. I think I can tell that Kn is knowledge and Fg is fatigue. But what Itn supposed to mean? Intelligence? If that's the case, why is it not Int? Is Phermones for Pheromones? Why can't it be Pheromon? I'm sure that can fit. Cases like these are baffling.

Overall I don't really recommend this game, unless you're a hardcore fan of the anime. Even if the translation was better, ultimately the game has fundamental game design problems that sour multiple playthroughs, which for a game that seemingly encourages multiple playthroughs is pretty bad.

While I felt that the first game was more personal, this was still a very enjoyable and expansive sequel that left me with many surprises throughout the story

sinceramente, eu esperava mais desse jogo
a historia foi legal mas não me surpreendeu tanto, talvez por que eu já soubesse do desfecho
a jogabilidade legal com dos anteriores e é isso.
to com um gosto forte de "esperava mais" mas ta tudo certo.
algo que tenho que dizer é que as boss fight desse jogo são incriveis, ta de parabéns.

I got sucked into watching way too many “real lawyers analyze PW cases” on YouTube. Turns out these games have next to nothing to do with any even passing semblance to a court of law. I get that it’s a game and liberties have to be taken but… nothing at all. In the very first case PW gives “opening statements” for a case he knows nothing about, allows the prosecutor to call his client to the stand to testify against himself, just being like whatever man, hope he doesn’t say anything incriminating! 🤷‍♂️ and lets the burden of proof fall on himself to acquit his client rather than disprove the prosecutor’s case. And all he had to do was get the police to testify that Larry’s prints weren’t on the murder weapon!

It’s kids dressing up in their dads’ suits twelve sizes too big to play lawyers and judges, but anime. And because it’s anime there’s anime-ass humor, where the tone veers from one extreme to the other within the same scene. There are only two characters in any given PW case: PW himself, and someone QUIRKY! Everyone besides the main character is either annoying or incompetent or both.

All this could be forgiven if the game wasn’t so loooooooooooooooooooooong. I gave up around the middle of the third case after feeling like I’ve plunked down twenty hours or so, and that’s with a walkthrough. I can’t imagine playing this and losing a case and having to do any of those over again. There but for the grace of God

It's not just a party.
It's a costume party!
My favorite game in the series, as it also has some of the best mini-games: Bombs Away, Shy Guy Says, Slot Car Derby, Filet Relay, Hexagon Heat, Hot Rope Jump, Bowser's Big Blast and FREAKING Bumper Balls! No wonder a lot of them are back in Mario party Superstars. Not to mention that the boards are also great.
Really fun to play even today.

Might be my favorite game of all time.
Haven't played Morrowind or Oblivion, so I can't compare it to those.

This game sits in my pantheon of truly great gaming experiences, alongside Ocarina of Time, Doom, Huntdown, Divinity: OS 2, Resident Evil 4, and Metroid Prime.

A great turn-based strategy game.

Too much grind for my taste. The sandbox and the combat system are nice, but I wish the battles were bigger, plus I hate the fact that lords keep escaping when imprisoned.

This game was hyped to death in my younger years, but I only got a chance to play it in the post-Gamecube era. It did not live up to the hype. Combat is cool in theory, but feels slow and unresponsive (especially to my smooth brain that is conditioned to Super Smash Bros. Melee levels of speed). The storyline and writing is a mash-up of every bad anime and JRPG cliche in the book. Graphics during the battles look kind of cool, but the game has the ugliest overworld that I have ever seen. My little brother played using my save file, got my party lost in the middle of nowhere, I had no idea where I was in the story or where to go, I quit, good decision.

Segmentarity --gameplay-- opens spaces when the corridors don't let you see from behind.
In RE4's spiral you can't aim or move, everything passes in front of you with nothing on the sides (because it never focuses). Only what travels with you you can touch. Likewise, you can throw bullets forward without ever knowing where you hit, and to the margins you can locate, but they won't throw anything at you, because it's impossible.
Like the shoulder sight, you can only sense the laser sight by its jingling.
In a labyrinth, no one dies without cause.
Shadows deployed in the blind spots.

Apparently this game was supposed to be super hard, but I beat it fairly quickly and without much effort. Perhaps I used a guide? I can't remember. Anyway, a fun game that I have absolutely no interest in revisiting. Four stars with nostalgia goggles on.

Five stars with nostalgia goggles firmly on. I'm sure if I played it now I would find it lacking, but younger me loved this game. I found it so immersive that at one point as I was riding by a character on my horse I waved at them in real life.

I like this one as much or more than Ocarina of Time. My main issue is that it is much shorter than Ocarina (only four dungeons).

A game I disliked so much that I sold it after I beat it (a rare thing for me back in my younger years). With benefit of hindsight, it's not that bad--OK, it's not great. Cool, but braindead easy running sections interspersed with some of the most dreadful combat I've ever encountered in a game. Two stars because the soundtrack is awesome.