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this game pissed me off at times but its lovely so i dont care

she pica on my yune til i dream
very cool style and alright gameplay, in standard roguelite fashion it's less about your ability to fight enemies and more "am I picking the right thing out of this set of 3 abilities"

Que juego más tierno y cucki. Es súper corto y divertidisimo, el detective se lleva todo mi cariño y amor.
Ojalá algún día puedan seguir con estás historias <3

i definitely would have given this a 10 if i connected more to the characters cause even with doing pretty much every character event, i didn't think any were more than like good besides maybe marie herself she was funny. anyways game is still quite great and definitely worth a shot if u wanna see where the series began.

Para mi, el mejor Halo hasta la fecha rozando con Halo 2 y Reach. La historia fue un cierre perfecto a lo establecido en los dos anteriores, las mejoras al gameplay como los potenciadores o armas nuevas entre otras cosas lo volvieron algo muy divertido, tiene un multijugador extremadamente entretenido con amigos o contra ellos con una variedad de mapas personalizables (hasta cierto punto con el modo forge).

This game is not held in high regards which I am well aware of. But I grew up on this game during middle school and it helped catapult me into gaming.
There is a lackluster offline single player experience, the content could have and should have been more rich and full. Only the original trilogy is represented here and it gets a little grindy to get that shore trooper skin in the end.
Aside from these things, me and my close friend were gravitated toward a star wars FPS experience. An experience that had stunning visuals in the frostbite engine and different locations we could be immersed in.
I believe Star Wars Battlefront was the first FPS I played before any battlefields, CODs, or DOOM games. It allowed me and my friend to play such a game devoid of violence or offensive material. It ain't the greatest, but I feel I did not waste time playing it.
The online is terrible though last I checked on it, everyone was only playing the maps on the final DLC. So if you wanted to play anything else you were sheer out of luck. Also, I should mention the game had a good movie tie in with Rogue One. You do not to go out of your way to place this, heck many people speak fondly of the PS2 battlefront games but I found it clunky and poor in the visual department. I will just believe both games to be good relics of their respective times.
May the force be with you!

Increíblemente entretenido y divertido, la historia es simple y palomera que depende de ti si añade o resta puntos, pero como juego yo diría que roza la perfección.

Es Minecraft, no hace falta decir más.

Voy a romper una lanza en favor de Dark Souls II. Es un juego extremadamente bueno a mi parecer, tiene sus fallos, pero no por eso deja de ser bueno. ESPECIFICAMENTE hablando de la versión de xbox 360 y ps3, pues la siguiente versión Scholar Of The First Sin volvería al juego mucho peor. En esta versión original, el juego es divertido, mucho de hecho, la adición del sistema de armas en ambas manos marcó una gran diferencia y mejora respecto a la variedad de builds usadas en el primer juego. los jefes no son la gran cosa y buena parte de las zonas del juego son bastante olvidables salvo algunas localizaciones especificas, esto juega muy en contra de Dark Souls II, por suerte los DLCs añaden exactamente lo que le faltaba al juego, batallas de jefes y zonas memorables y nuevas armas y equipamiento. Tristemente esto no arregla las carencias del juego como la estadística de Adaptabilidad (que si bien al subir rápido de nivel no tardas demasiado en subirla a nivel 20, no deja de ser una molestia) o su extraña y a veces irrazonable cantidad o posicionamiento de enemigos. Aún con eso, si aún cuentas con una consola de las nombradas, recomiendo darle una oportunidad.

They fucking Lego's die of hypothermia natural causes and heatstroke and then make some horrific thingamajig with a dozen thrusters which will then violently explode and kill everyone

I bought Superhot on switch and PC, AND I would purchase it again on Vr!
This game sets out to be the (and I quote) "The most innovative shooter I've played in years." It is a nice package with a short and sweet campaign that grants you access to different challenges/modes after completing it.
Super hot started as a CS GO mod and will age well with its slick style and tight controls. I have to wonder if there are people modding this game. It may be a 5 star game with mods, but I leave it as 4 with high hopes for the sequel.

A very fun game concept like that last one, however it is more difficult and requires some more forethought than the last game which made is quite a difficult experience only a few levels in.
Edit: Not really played this much and certainly no where as much as the first one, but they add a interesting twist to this game where the once villain is now one of the playable characters as this horde of Orcs are more than willing to kill either of you, so you join forces in the effort to survive!

This review contains spoilers

Like for the first game, I adore the bonkers art style typical of Amanita Design.
My favourite funny scene was in Mount Seal, where you have to fill up the fuel tank of the space taxi with the flying seals' gases.
The smoking man with the realistic face is pretty funny too.

Absolutely bonkers art style & level design (typical of Amanita) that I love.

100% play-o-pedia. Fun enough but is creatively robbed.

All gold crowns, all toys, all mixes beaten. Amazing experience whole way through, absolutely creative and lovely.

I love how they implemented the slide to make attacks more annoying to dodge

Insanely flawed 7/10 game carried constantly by its story.
I promise I'll play the ps2 version someday.

hard havnt finished normal or hard yet

cool mais un peu comme phasmo avec des moments creux et vides

It was okay, story didn't grab me that much and combat was kinda fun, I didn't really like it too much though. Best part was the apple with a tie tho. 5/10

bwah nah nah nahhh nahhhh nahhhhhhhhhhhh

Fran Bow is a wonderfully well-made horror game that uses the point-and-click adventure genre to the absolute fullest to bring a terrifyingly gory and haunting experience.
From start to finish, Fran Bow managed to keep me invested in the world and its story with each chapter bringing you closer to finding out the truth behind Fran and her family. Even though the story took on the idea of multiple realities, it managed to explain every detail in a clear and concise way without holding back the overall experience like most games that tackle this idea.
Figuring out puzzles in Fran Bow is a rewarding experience to unlock more of the story and obtain different achievements by thinking outside the box or simply finding some fun in the depressive landscape that Fran finds herself in. Nothing is useless, everything is within reach, and it's all well-thought out that even the worst at puzzles could figure it out, while still managing to make it fun.
Overall, Fran Bow is one of the best horror games I've ever played, even going back into each chapter to gain every extra achievement that I missed was a delightful experience.

What’s that they say about the highest form of flattery?

pretty chill!! it devolves into just constantly blowing up your opponents, which feels a little bad because they can't do that to you. it did make the two hours waiting in port authority better, but not much better.