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Eu duvido que com um título como esse, Blasphemous passe a ideia de ser um jogo muito sensível ao tópico religioso e, de fato, ele não o é.

p o r t a l, but number 2. The story and cinematics are epic

Jogado pela Netflix. É muito bonitinho e fofinho, mas achei bem confuso no geral. Um bom jogo idle/clicker tem um objetivo bem claro e aqui você tem uns 10 recursos diferentes pra gerenciar. Dá pra ver demais que era um jogo que forçava anúncios e microtransações e a versão premium ficou só esquisita mesmo.

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Easily the best Sonic game we've had in the longest time. However, it's not without its flaws. Final part of the game was 100% rushed and felt anticlimactic. Sonic's interactions with the other characters was amazing (thank you Ian Flynn). The callbacks to previous titles could not have made me happier as a Sonic fan. Great level design, great story, fun boss fights and an absolute banger of an OST. Really looking forward to that DLC. SEGA have something here, now they just need to perfect it.

I first played this game around its release when I was 10. It was my first time playing an RPG outside of Pokemon, and it drew me into it's world straight away, and I played it nonstop until I finally beat the main boss. However, while I loved the solo content, what really kept my attention (and cemented the game as one of my favourites) was the multiplayer. I spent so many hours with friends grinding liquid metal slimes at Angel Falls, helping those of us newer to the game with boss fights, and taking on legacy bosses. It took us countless attempts to beat Baramos for the first time (using a team of full minstrels), which was a giant achievement for us back then, but I can see now that he was the easiest legacy boss of the bunch.
I still revisit this game every now and then, and It's still talked fondly about between those I played with. I've played plenty of better games since, but none come close to the pure joy I had playing this game when I was young, and I don't think any ever will.

extremely disappointing.
ill give it two stars just because aubrey an basil are cute.

This game is actually pretty good especially the puzzle mode feature which I enjoyed more than I thought. The puzzle mechanics are unique enough to make it standout and I could see myself returning to this. This is actually a "good" pac man spinoff.

The cover art is very nice looking and the only reason 99%% of people bought this game. Its a ugly schmup with slow and bland gameplay. Shocking that Konami let this game get released the way it is. I have never played another Oomedius game, but i'd rather stick with Gradius and Parodious.

A game that looks nice but gameplay-wise is shallow and frustrating. I wish the combat was more fleshed out and the levels were better designed. I will not continue with the series so I hope Prinny 2 isnt much better.

This is a very slow and boring shmup game. Nothing is memorable besides how unmemorable it is. Typical wii shovelware and I love it for that reason.

The standout of the game is the graphics and atmosphere the game develops, as well as the abstract narrative that you collect pieces of. The inventory system really brings the game down for me though - only having six slots made me want to carry barely anything and not pick up anything that wasn't related to a puzzle. Combat was a bit wonky too, but it was a minor annoyance.

A decent little 2D platformer that does what it sets out to do. There is nothing special here but if looks likes something that you would be interested in then check it out.

Stars not indicative of my enjoyment but 3 stars since I know it could use a lot of improvements. Right now it's a game with charm and LOTS of polishing and added content needed.

this is the last campaign of the futuristic era of call of duty, and it is one of the best in the series. the characters are interesting (ethan specially), there's a lot of cool moments (the ones with ethan on them), the mission felt less confusing to me and in general they were pretty good (any mission with ethan on it) and the planets were beautiful (even more if ethan was in the frame).
overall, im really really surprised. i hope the next games keep up with the good campaigns.

Malgré sa physique un peu déroutante et ses quatre tableaux, Sonic Spinball reste un bon spin-off.

A tantalizing, harrowing glimpse inside the sick mind of Mori Calliope if she was pompous depressive videogame arteur.

Game number 3 in my Pokémon randomizer nuzlocke playthroughs, I haven't touched this game since release and playing it again was a great time. Generation 3 is my second favorite in the series and these remakes are a great time, maybe not as good as HGSS but still an overall fun time, the game is a bit easy, though my difficulty this time around varies as my encounters were randomized. The soundtrack is also fantastic and while it doesn't have that toot toot charm of the original GBA games, it still is one of my favorites in the series! Great starting game for any new player and a good time to return to

A surprisingly long and solid DLC chapter. It took me about 8 hours in the end. A nice little story, although it ends with a pretty ridiculous final boss fight.

A game that I enjoyed way more than I thought. The controls are weird but once you get used to them it's all uphill. Trying to get the high-score is addicting as all hell and the different environments shake up the gameplay enough to keep it interesting.

Similar to pac man but you have to open doors and have this green creature help you but often times get you killed becuase its taking your powerups away. I don't see any reason to play this over normal pac-man but the game by itself is not necessarily "bad".

really mad about how much i like this

Not a very good game at all. The map system sucks and the combat is mediocre. This game looks good when viewing it, but sucks actually playing it and traversing through the game. This one is better off left on the shelf. Nothing memorable

Short and simple game with great artwork to go along with the story. Nothing mindblowing, but worth a play if it looks interesting to you.

This is a mini game collection that is pretty good actually. Single player not so much but playing zelda co-op, mario chase with 3 other people and 5 player luigis mansion is a blast. This game is slept on.

A good 2D beat em up that I find rather overatted. It is very basic at its core and does nothing amazing. But if it looks like something you would enjoy they check it out. But there is nothing "special" about this game.

Some new features from the original but still a decent platformer that could use more polish. But the dynamic of switching between the two characters makes the game fun enough for fans of 2D platformers.