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Un juego que me flipo en su día y me sigue flipando.
Una historia que cambia según nuestras decisiones y actos y con más de 5 finales, algunos buenos y otros terribles.
El juego, su historia, es un entramado de logias, sectas y crímenes sin resolver, que te atrapa desde el minuto 1.

CSI La Conspiración, vuelve a los orígenes con una trama oscura y adulta dentro del mismo laboratorio.
Donde si nos dejamos pruebas o fallamos se acaba la partida.
Ser minucioso es la clave en este último juego de la franquicia.
El trabajo en el laboratorio y la sala de autopsias es de lo mejorcito de la saga, con pruebas de audio video que ponen a prueba nuestro pulso.

Oscuras Intenciones es de lo mejorcito de la saga, tanto la edición de PC como la de NDS.
Los 5 casos que nos plantean son duros y reales, acercándose más a la serie (no apto para niños)
Las frases de Gil, referenciando al cine, son TOP.

"Una noche en Las Vegas es como estar en una película de Fellini"

En este la historia flojea en sus casos y son muuuy sencillos de resolver, sin llegar a ser un desafío.
Como juego basado en la serie no está mal, pero como juego de investigación, deja que desear.

El primero de una franquicia que duraría años. La historia no es original para el videojuego, no es nada que hayamos visto en la serie.
Los casos se van entrelazando hasta llegar a un final en que tendremos que unir todas las piezas.

Nomura nın hikâyeyi gereksiz ilerletme çabası sayesinde bu oyun çıkmış. 2. Oyun ile hikâye tamamlansa da hikâyeyi devam ettirecek bir prequel yazılma kararı alınmış. Önceden bu prequel diye kh yr bununla gireyim demiştim siz de böyle düşünüyorsanız hata yaparsınız. Kh nin oynayış sırası remixlerdeki sıra bunu bozmanız zaten saçma olan hikâyeyi hiç anlamamanıza neden oluyor. Oyunda oynanabilir 3 karakter var ben Terra yı bitirip zamanında da Ventus un yarısına kadar gelmiştim. Kesinlikle Terra dan başlamanız gerekir oyun bu noktada neden seçim sunuyor anlamasam da diğer karakterler ile başlamanız what did it happen in here ? Demenize neden oluyor. Oynanış diğer kh lerden daha akıcı felan olsa da aşırı tekrar ediyor. Diğerleri de öyleydi ama bosslar ile çeşitlilik sağlıyordu bu oyunda çok az boss var ve asıl sorun her karaktere başladığınızda yeteneklerinizin gitmesi. Oyunda belli abilityler var ve bu abilityleri kasmak için belli skilleri belli itemlerle sekronize etmeniz gerekiyor. (Direk internete bakın ve uygun şekilde o skilleri kasın.) Sorun bunların her karakterde sıfırlanması. Terra da e saat verip kastıysanız oyun size afferin artık buna gerek yok demiyor. Al tekrar kas bakalım diyor. Japonların bu oyun uzatma çabalarına uyuz oluyorum. Abi zaten oyununuz uzun. 30 saat olmasın 20 saat olsun ne olur sanki. Üstelik bu bir el konsolu oyunu 40 dolarlık bir oyun bi salın bizi. Diğer karakterleri ile bitirdikten sonra son boss mu ne geliyormuş da onu belki psp den hile yaparak açarım. Herkese tek atma açıp ilerlerim belki düz oynarım şu anlık emin değilim.

When you’re a young kid in the 00s who hasn’t quite figured out that you’re trans yet, there’s certain pieces of media you fixate on. Things that give you Feelings that you don’t fully understand or know how to explain. This is particularly weird with media that is created by people that are absolutely not trying to create a trans message and would probably spit on in your face if you implied they were. Polyjuice potions in Harry Potter, the entirety of Ranma, and, of course, the "Boy Who Would Be Queen" episode of Fairly OddParents.

There's a bizarre nature to these kinds of projects. The creators are so single minded in their idea of how things are "supposed" to be and so consistent in using things they consider "wrong" as a cheap gag, it kind of swerves back around to give some kids (or least me) some young gender euphoria. A lot of FOP falls under this umbrella, but The Boy Who Would Be Queen episode toys with some interesting attempts at examining the idea of gender. Timmy is magically transformed to become "Timantha" to understand his crush, and discovers how his tastes haven't really changed as a girl. He still likes soap operas and comics, but now he's supposed to be ashamed of the latter rather than the former. He discovers his crush falls into the same problem. Trixie likes comics and video games but feels the pressure of society forcing her to fill the traditional gender roles. The prison of gender hurts all parties involved. What's particularly easy to read as queer in the episode is how both Timmy and Trixie are presenting themselves. Timmy's obviously dressed as Timantha, but Trixie is also trying to pass as a boy. In these disguises, these two can express genuine, vulnerable feelings to each other that they will never express in the rest of the show. Trixie tells Timantha, a girl she's known for just a few hours, like a normal straight girl would, "If only you were a boy, then I'd date you for sure." The gag is obviously supposed to be that Timmy's crush is still out of reach, but its so on the nose its hard not to read into it. To a young 10 year old who was just lectured and ostracized for agreeing with the girls that "girls are better than boys", this episode sent a chill up my spine. And I wasn't the only one. If you dive into fanfiction communities, you'll find more than a few stories that center around Timmy choosing to permanently stay as Timantha so that Trixie can have a real "friend."

Much of Breakin' Da Rules rehashes various plots from the early FOP canon. Timmy becomes a dog. Timmy becomes microscopic. Timmy fights aliens. Timmy and friends trapped in a video game. And, of course, Timmy becomes Timantha.

There was a time in my life where I would focus in on that ten minute segment where you're Timantha, trying to ignore the "could this GET any more silly?" quips. Begging for something more, I would spin elaborate narratives in my mind where this segment could go on forever. I never finished the game proper, that segment was all I needed.

Now I'm an adult and I can do two things:

1. Mod the game to add the Timantha face onto Timmy full time, which I sat down and learned how to do.

2. Understand how deeply bad this game is past that ten minute segment.

There's certainly ambition here. When you crack into a game's files, you get a greater understanding of just how much work went into the game. There's dozens of different models that Timmy plays as throughout the game. Timantha, Dog Timmy, Superhero Timmy, Robin Hood Timmy, Greek Toga Timmy, and so on and so forth. Modding the game required me to manually change the eyes of every single one of these models. The levels themselves clearly built a lot of assets. Each level has a different gimmick, sometimes multiple gimmicks. The time travel level required a bunch of different textures and assets built for all three of the time periods you travel to. I can certainly respect how much effort went into that.

But its hard not to compare this to its successor Shadow Showdown. The other FOP focuses in on the fantastical and allows the developers to build huge, elaborate levels with bizarre mechanics and designs. Breakin' Da Rules sticks with the human world and the established FOP episodes, to its detriment. The level centered around Timmy's neighborhood is empty and miserable, its almost haunting. It doesn't feel lonely in Shadow Showdown when you're journeying through someone's dream or investigating a spooky mansion. It would be easy to call this a beta for Shadow Showdown until you look at all the same files I did. If they centered in on developing Timmy's central model and mechanics, even if it meant losing my girl Timantha, the game might at least feel alright to play. But they had to program all the ways these different models had to move and it clearly bogged the game down. The actual art decision and level design are messy, but at least that can be something I know they learned from moving forward. The mechanics themselves are similarly flawed. Each level requires collecting five stars for a wish, which typically involves "press this button to progress" with no change to the actual gameplay. The game operates on the life system, which most platformers had moved past already. Losing all your lives get punted past to the last save point, which forces you to repeat tedious and dull levels just to reach whatever stupid thing trapped you for so long. You just get the sense this game suffered from poor direction even beyond being an underfunded licensed game in the 00s. Its a real shame but its tempered with the face that the sequel is so much better.

And also, I learned to mod shit in the pursuit of fulfilling some childhood dreams, so I gotta give that to it.

Emulated it on phone and it still worked pretty well but the game itself wasn't outstanding and didn't have something interesting/worth of playing to present to the table.

Classic game that I don't love anymore but the 4/5 is for giving me joy for a few years

perfect game for Christmas time id say

Its a pretty good time pit. If you want something to kill some time when you feel really overwhelmed and dont feel like watching a show you would have to focus on, or a game that you really have to think and exert effort to play, this game is perfect.

I enjoyed this game a lot. Its a very cool atmospheric game which gives a really unique experience. Its very short, and pretty open to your own interpretation. If you like games which act more as an art piece, but also let you go around and do things, this is a really good game ot check out.

the box art for this game makes it seem like chris turns into a werewolf which is a huge missed opportunity

El peor juego de toda la franquicia: los gráficos son una risa y un horror (el estilo de comic no le pega nada)
El guion es un chiste sin sentido, y la forma de resolver los casos demasiado infantil. Es un juego de buscar objetos, (Hidden Objects) muy infantil y que nada tiene que ver con la franquicia.

haha playerunknown’s battlegrounds: battlegrounds amirite

jokes aside though if I had 1 Philippine peso for every time some indian kid called me a maderchod (hindi for motherfucker) on this game I’d be richer than Elon Musk

Flojo muy flojo este juego de CSI. Ya sin Grissom, nos encontramos otra vez con unos casos sencillos, y una historia muy pobre y sin sentido.
Una gran pena.

En Hard Evidence, se volvieron a poner las pilas y los casos mejoraron considerablemente, volviendo a casos que se entrelazan y pistas difíciles de encontrar e interrogatorios en los que si fallábamos estaríamos perdidos.

Decidedly not as funny as Stick of Truth in my opinion, and a South Park game isn't worth anything to me if it's not making me laugh consistently. It's kind of like my relationship with the show itself. At some point I just stopped finding it as funny and experienced diminishing returns. Either the show's writing fell off or I grew out of it. Probably a combination of both. It doesn't help also that I feel like some more recent references went over my head because I largely stopped watching the show around 2012 or so.

The combat has more depth to it but it's kind of boring to me. I'm not a fan of turn-based strategy grid systems anyways, even if this one is as simple as it comes. I also feel like the general design of the game is kind of aimless? Like the story and gameplay has you wandering around the town and none of it feels all that fun or like you're progressing anything. I also generally preferred the fantasy motif over the super hero theme.

Overall I had a few chuckles so I don't completely regret my seven-ish hours with it. It's definitely a good game.

De los mejores de la saga de CSI. En él aprendí qué era la tetrodotoxina y aprobé un examen jeje.
Mega recomendado si sois fans de la serie y los juegos de investigación.
Los casos se van entrelazando, llegando aun gran caso final en el que se resuelven todas las incógnitas.

What a wonderful game. There is no other word to describe what this adventure has meant to me. But well, I'll start this review by telling a bit of my experiences and opinions.

Dragon Quest VIII is about an adventurer (you, better known as the hero) who is accompanied by an ex-bandit, a mini troll and a horse to find a guy named Dhoulmagus, it turns out that this troll and the horse are actually a king and a princess who were cursed by Dhoulmagus, and we have the job of finding a way to cure the curse. During the journey we will visit several towns and kingdoms, meeting characters and exploring some caves, plus two other characters will join our party. This being DQ, the combat is turn-based and the characters and monsters are designed by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), so the character designs will be familiar to you.

I've currently played the Dragon Quest games from the first to the eighth (this one), in order of release, not to mention that it has been one of my favorite franchises for some time now, so before I start this game I was very excited to play this Dragon Quest, because it is one of the best loved among fans and was also the first to offer such an immersive 3D world, yes, before DQ7 and DQ4 for PS1 already had 3D graphics and environments, but never on this scale, and wow, the result was simply magnificent, everything in this game oozes personality, and the scenarios are beautiful, there are landscapes that really are apotheosic. Really, the graphics and artistic style were very good, one of the best I've seen in a PS2 game, although there were places where the FPS dropped due to the detailed environments.

However, with such a large map comes a small inconvenience, as the random battles somehow now I found them a bit annoying at first, because the world is now too big and I always like to explore every corner.... but I got used to it, and it also helped me not to have to grind, and I still liked exploring very much.

And speaking of the battles, now they are more spectacular, because for the first time we are able to see our characters perform the actions in combat instead of the classic first-person view, and although this makes the fights a little more durable, the animations and monsters look great that it's worth it. There are also some changes, as we can now choose which monster we want to attack specifically, and also now there is a new command called "Psyche Up" that allows us to prepare a stronger attack, either physical or magical, and the best thing is that it can be performed several times to prepare an even stronger attack.

Another new feature is the alchemy pot, in which we can combine some items to create new ones. Sometimes the recipes to create items can be found on bookshelves, other times we can discover them with a little ingenuity. It was a nice addition, although sometimes some combinations were difficult to figure out, so I had to resort to looking them up on the internet. There is also the monster arena. This is a secondary quest that is quite reminiscent of DQ Monsters, but simplified, as we capture monsters to fight in an arena, but these monsters can not be leveled up. It is worth completing this arena, because the prizes can help us to make the adventure easier.

The music, simply splendid. I've always loved the music that every game has had, this time was no different, but what I want to get to is that the orchestrated soundtrack, and that although at first I didn't believe it, made the game and many of the scenes even better, somehow it feels more majestic, just listen to this. Although with this I'm not belittling the MIDI version, because when I listened to it I also liked it quite a lot. Either way, whether it's the MIDI or the orchestrated version, it's something you have to hear for yourself.

Speaking of the main characters and the story, I liked them quite a lot actually, as always, the story is simple, but that doesn't stop it from being a good story, plus it's filled with many touching and memorable moments. Having played all the previous DQs, there are things that I could already see coming, but I guess those things are there because it's what you expect in any Dragon Quest game. Back on topic, Yangus, Jessica and Angelo were good companions for this adventure, each with their own motivations and personalities. Something I really liked is that the party chat is back, which we can access by pressing the start button to see what our friends have to say about some situations. And well, the truth is that I would like to talk a LOT about the story, but since I don't want to go into spoilers... I won't. I'll just mention that I loved the ending, I got a little emotional to see this game end and it even made me shed a few tears.

A great game and one that I will remember forever. At first it felt different from what a Dragon Quest is to me, but playing it for a few hours I easily noticed that it keeps the pure essence of a classic Dragon Quest intact.

I recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs, or anyone who wants to play a game from this franchise for the first time.


played like half of it with the new visuals which are mostly fine until the flood bits where it completely kills all atmosphere the og was going for lmao otherwise it’s okay 👍

Kinda like Xenoblade Chronicles X, but with good Napon

if you rank the game higher than 0.5 you're definitely a psycho

This review contains spoilers

As someone who's good at browsing the internet to find things quickly, this game was a REALLY beautiful trip. absolutely loved this from start to finish. Even though it's short and the ending can be kinda sudden (you get two pieces of evidence against the TRUE culprit of the story's events and they kinda just cave and admit to everything immediately), just getting to watch characters develop through their webpages is so smart and enjoyable. Fantastic little experience, and even better with friends to share it with :)

Was good for maybe a year, would've gotten a 4.5, but by the time it ended it left most people with a bad taste in their mouth