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Rejoguei esse jogo pela vigésima sétima vez e... é, definitivamente continua sendo o meu jogo 2D favorito de todos os tempos.
A arte é do CARALHO, a música é do CARALHO, o Level design é do CARALHO.
"É do CARALHO" é assim que eu me refiro a esse jogo.

Great game and a return to form for the series, it’s only flaw is that it’s not at the level of Eternal.

fun puzzle with some nice story elements albeit rather a simple one it's still charming and holds up pretty well

A shooter that's as fun as it is lightning quick.

uhhh it was cool for a good week and actually got me excited for the future only for the game to stop getting content and every collectively stopped caring. The gameplay was fun but was always janky as hell. Also the amount of tryhards online stopped me from even caring. This game is now a ghost town and will be shut down for a re-launch next year. I just don't care at all anymore. Another failed "Smash-killer" without the great refined gameplay and post-launch content rollout. I'm pretty certain I'll never play this again.

The game got the Bonus Level Music. Nuff said.

echo vr has always been one of my favorite multiplayer vr games by far, i’ve made many memories playing this game and it’s a damn shame to see that meta is shutting it down. so long old friend o7

This game is really great the only problem is I'm horrible at it. Highly recommend this

Beautiful game, with jaw dropping graphics and music. The presentation is just gorgeous. Story is a little too kiddy, I get they were going for a younger audience, but I wanted it to get a bit darker and more complex. Its also a very easy game with not too much challenge. The voice acting is good too but can get annoying after a while.

really addicting and fun arcade shmup. I like this more than Ultra tbh. I hope Housemarque revisits this series because they're awesome.

A perfect game. If only modern games could give me the same feeling as playing this masterpiece. I actually prefer it over the sequel.

played this a ton and just did treasure battles with only Akuma. The story was actually pretty cool. Great music and hope to fully get myself into the series when 8 comes out. But I liked this enough.

o melhor remake já feito, obrigado capcom. Era uma cartinha de amor pra mim e seu objetivo foi concluído, estou apaixonado!

Good ideas, awful execution.
Although playing as Darcy slaps.

QUE JOGO DIFICIL, acho que esse foi meu 1º jogo nesse estilo, soulike ? Morre volta tuuuuuudo do zero, mts momentos de raiva, o jogo é bom e tem um otimo toque de comedia, oque me fez joga lo ate final, a historia é bem engraçada, a interação do jogo com jogador e numero de derrotas é bacana demais, quanto mais vezes perder, mais os chefes fazem piadas haha, joguinho maneiro !

RIP. One of the better gachas with a cute, colorful cast of characters and a pleasant lively energy that helps set it apart from all the needlessly serious gachas out there. Gameplay strikes a good balance of attention required for an idle game and the presentation is pretty nice. Didn't really care about the writing because it does that annoying thing where the characters repeat what your character says back to you since your self-insert isn't allowed to talk and it drives me up the wall. Who actually enjoys going through a whole conversation of "huh? you wanna go shopping with me? and you're saying you want to pay for everything too? that's so nice I love you" like I'm playing chewbacca and having han translate everything to a nonexistant audience. Yui best.

Portal é memorável, dizer isso logo após finaliza-lo soa estranho, mas acho que isso define bem como me sinto em relação a ele.
O estilo diferente de gameplay pra puzzle, o carisma da Gladus que cria um clima de humor ácido com toques assustadores, a estética vazia do laboratório, e a música final, são todas coisas que, mesmo que eu ache o jogo mediano no geral, tornam Portal uma experiência que imagino que vá ficar comigo.

Review #100 goes to yet another proclaimed "Smash-killer", but ends up royally failing just like Multiversus. It was fun for a few days, the stale and janky gameplay become more and more prevalent, and dismal post-launch support made everyone stop caring.

Very polished but boring kart racer. Huge disappointment.

Just lacks that magic that made the original a masterpiece. Combat is slightly less focused, story and characters are more forgettable. Never beat it, got about half way through before losing interest.

Played and loved it on xbox, also bought it on ps3, the changes are slight but pretty good, and it goes even harder than the original too.

I think this was the first game I actually got up and cheered at when I beat it.
It’s been over 10 years since then and I still like to come back and replay this every now and then.

Forbidden West does so many things exceptionally well that its almost impossible to imagine mock reviews at PlayStation not scoring astronomically high. It feels like the most expensive games that I have ever played, which certainly has a novelty to it. Horizon's world is breathtaking. It's diverse cast and main narrative thread is likeable and entertaining for the lengthy run. And yet, it still rings hollow.
For every fiery story beat, there is one that makes you roll your eyes. The third act completely crumbles under the vast amount of plot threads and vaguely referenced themes of climate change and dangers of AI. While Zero Dawn's narrative felt more like a harrowing warning, Forbidden West plays out more like a single run Marvel comic book about fighting alien invaders. The absence of John Gonzalez this time around cannot be understated.
So much of Forbidden West just feels like its the game that PlayStation (not Guerilla) wants right now. Mascot protagonist. Cinematic. Sets up sequel. As excited as the production value of this game should make me, I'm left only with the fear that my dear PS has lost what made the past special.

i like the part where you shoot the zombie with cool music

I genuinely don't get the massive hate for this. Like yeah it's not as good as 2 but that doesn't mean its an abomination lol. I played and beat this at least like 7 times trying to learn how to speedrun it because it's really short. Definitely the worst of the remakes but still a damn good game.

Some of my favorite action combat in any game, takes the greatness of the previous 2 games, add in the chips and air movement from TSA and it's perfection. Had so much fun with any battle and pulling off those wrestling moves and motion control finisher slices again felt so damn good.
The story and narrative of the bosses of the 1st NMH will likely never be topped by any game in the series and I'm OK with that. It was a simple enough but effective story and the bosses were the same. Funny moments splashed throughout and the development of Travis from TSA really shows here but of course still retains all those lovable punk rock qualities that made him a gaming icon from his debut.
Could definitely feel the budget constrains (and likely cut content?) in the open world as especially the later areas are very empty and small. I'm mixed on the open world, while it was nice in NHM2 to just be able to go right into the next stage and boss, the open world had a point to be how it was in NMH1 (even if it was empty and not exactly fun to play all the time). Getting rid of levels before the stages and using the open world as the "stages" before to earn the money like in the 1st game I think was a decent compromise but maybe the it is better using the NMH2 formula? I'm not sure.
After discovering and playing Suda51 and Grasshopper games last year and still playing into this year and finally catching up was a bittersweet feeling. Grasshopper has become one of my favorite studios and Suda one of my favorite creators. Their games have such an unmistakable style, and NMH3 is OOZING with it, and I loved it for that. While it is sad that I have caught up, I'm very excited for the future whether its No More Heroes or not. (FSR REMASTER AND KILLER7 COMPLETE PLS)

An excellent game somewhat lost between trying to be incredibly faithful while also wanting the heavier tone of RE2.
Oh, and f*** Capcom's difficulty descriptions, play this on Standard first, then on harder difficulties.

Even better than I ever could have hoped for. I had suspicions they would tone down the comedy and the crudeness for the video game, but nah man, this game just goes all out. Its also just a rock solid RPG, with super addictive gameplay and story too.

An actual honest to god spiritual successor to System Shock that doesn't feel dumbed down to appeal to a wider audience.
Prey does have a bit of a rough start, but once you explore more and find more weapons and abilities, it really starts to shine. When I found out how certain abilities worked and how many different options I had to solve certain problems, it made me want to try out all kinds of builds. What if I invested purely into Typhon abilities? What if I wanted to try turning the game into a pure shootbang and invested entirely into the security skill tree? What if I went full unga bunga and tried a wrench build? There's a lot a potential here to make individual playthroughs feel like entirely different games if you want to. It's been a while since I played a game like this that made me want to dive right back in just to see what I can do.
The story is decent overall, if a bit rushed towards the end. Wasn't a big fan of the Half-Life-esque "military goes in to kill everyone" part. Felt a bit out of left field compared to the rest of the game. I did enjoy reading all the emails people sent to each other. Felt a lot more realistic and immersive compared to Bioshock's audio logs that often made me think "why the hell did this person record this?" This game does have audio logs too, but I felt like they had much more of a purpose other than just world building.
Overall just a fantastic game. Arkane, please make more stuff like this and less like Deathpoop.

was kind of alright until it wasn't and left my brain forever.