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Best looter shooter of all time

When people ask me, "what's your favorite game?" I will usually rattle off a list, because I hate picking favorites. Different games do different things well, and I'm the kind of person who can't play the same game for too terribly long. Even so, I wouldn't think to list Borderlands 2 as a favorite - but the hours don't lie. I've played this game all the way through multiple times, and even revisiting it recently feels... fun. It's a nice game. Lightning in a bottle, even. After 1's kind of raw crusty low-budget feel, but before 3 (a game that I maintain to this day was not all that bad and whose gameplay is an improvement over 2 in some ways), this game is kind of a tentpole. Sure, there are problems, the game's randomly generated guns lead to situations where theoretically good weapons are hamstrung by some statistical quirk or by being a Torgue weapon, but there's something oddly unassailable about the game to me. The story is nothing special, though it is so competent and memorable for the low standards of video games that everyone's jaw seemed to drop anyway. I can't say whether the game has made me feel something strongly or question myself, or challenged me in an especially unique way, but even after all these years I sometimes come back here, get hooked back in, and despite the trashy reputation of the game, and Gearbox, it's something that few games can be for me: weirdly, "home." And I will live with that.
Also the humor is not as cringy as everyone says it is lol

The best looter shooter I’ve ever played. Good story and tons of comedic moments.

В детстве было весело играть

I played it too long ago to feel comfortable giving it a score, but I have so many fond memories of playing this game after school with my friend

Probably the best coop game ever made

For me, the characters carry this game. Each time the game introduces a character, they have a unique personality. No matter how little they appear in the game, every character leaves an impression on the player. Also, the dialogue is funny enough that I didn't want to miss any of it. Despite all those things, at times the game feels too easy. An enemy would appear with a cutscene, then be dead five seconds later. Overall, the story, characters, and design are all top-tier. However, the enemies' abilities mostly underperformed how cool they looked.

Hilarious (at least for its time), fun, and has great replayability. Personal favorite looter-shooter.

there's a lot of cool stuff and i do like a lot of the visual design (gaige is cute although the "anarchy" stuff in media always makes me roll my eyes) but i didn't really enjoy my playthrough. enemies felt a bit spongy for me and while some of the jokes are funny a lot of it just falls flat. i don't inherently mind dated humor (i love fallout 2 and that game is just EPIC 90s pop culture jokes) but in BL2 it just makes me kind of go "oh yeah, i remember that" and just kind of roll my eyes.

Easily the best story in the franchise. Anthony Burch did a great job. If you want something else great that has him at the helm, check out his dnd podcast: Dungeons and Daddies.
This is also the game that gave us the character voiced by Ashley Burch: Tiny Tina.
The gameplay is more of what was in the first game, but better.
This is a super fun game and probably the best in the franchise.

Jack is literally Low Tier God.

last time this series was funny

3 1/2 stars with the sound off. 0 with it on. I have never played another game that seems so relentlessly determined to annoy you out of enjoying it as this one. But hey, the guns are cool.

Wasted 130 hours of my life on this game with people l haven't talked to in years.

Best looter shooter ever!

Staff, CEO, and dated writing aside (there were a lot of people that actually LIKED the writing/jokes when this came out), you will find a very fun co-op game with a lot of customization for your character available for you and a lot of ways to play. I really liked the Berserker class from the first game, and in this game they have two classes that are very similar but utilize the game mechanics in a well thought out way. Looting and doing giant firefights in this game is a very fun thing to do, especially with friends. There were countless times where there would be answers to certain enemies for me but not for someone else and vice versa, so the co-op aspect of this game really shines through. The higher tier items and endgame equips make a lot of the game pretty easy, but overall I would say between the slaughter arenas, all of the missions in the base game and the DLC and the endgame/secret bosses, you may have one of the best co-op games ever created.
The reason this gets a 4.5 from me is because I can't rate 4.6/4.7 and the writing/voice acting does get a bit bothersome. The game is very fun and that is what matters most.

this is the one i have nostalgia for played it a lot with friends
still not a huge fan of this franchise though

I just love this game. Best looter shooter.

carried by handsome Jack tbh that and the guns dope game tho

Easily the best game in the series, so much replay value, great story that's perfect length, incredibly in-depth and lengthy post game.

playing this solo was a grind, but around level 25 i was all in.

Esse jogo é lendario e meu surpreendeu MUITO, extremamente divertido e bem feito