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not into shooters but i played it because i liked the previous danganronpa games. worth it because byakuya was in it and because they made toko's character 900% better. still hate komaru though.

Played this well before Reload. Strangely, enjoyed this one far more than the mainline games.

egads! some scenes are very yikes!
it's unhinged that this even exists. bravo Kodaka 💀
You play as my little pookie bear, Komaru. Or as one of the children calls her, Cumaru laughs tracks. Yes, this game is meant to be an offensivefest. You're not meant to take it literally, but this really should have every trigger warning in the world. Only this one involves kids. You don't want kids and the elderly to suffer if you're a good person, so this hits different! There's nothing more offensive than the gameplay though, come on folks focus on what's important! The different bullets are goofy and it's a humorous attempt to piggybacks off Danganronpa's "statements-are-bullets" idea (btw there is a HUGE danganronpa reference at the end!).
This one has a bad scenario. But good dialogue. But meh characters. But improved Toko in every aspect without changing her core character (she still stinks and femcel'd all over the place). But eye-straining environment. But good voice acting. But goofy ahh models. But good designs. But Yuta's design. This game is a big risk but, Dangan fans ate it up anyways. It's still entertained me for its uniqueness :) I vibe with this more than RAIN CODE for some reason.

The more time that passes the more I think I dislike this game.
Boring gameplay
Bizarre story
Annoying characters
Genuinely gross fan service
The best thing about this game is the evil bastard villain ironically enough and maybe the MC
The prequel anime keeps it from being the worst thing in the franchise

I definitely did play it, that's for sure.

Not even worth stars this game is the worst experience of my life. The one Inazuma Eleven (a better game btw) reference saves it

Fun as a shooter spin-off for the series. Story choices were... weird. Plot in general was alright, brung back characters from the games before and filled a hole within the timeline. Felt like fanservice (in more than just interactions, some perverted stuff) for half of the game, but also went into some dark/heavy topics. Gameplay-wise, had cool mechanics and a linear progression. If you're a fan wanting to know more abt Danganronpa, play this but it's gonna make you uncomfortable.

this game had to go through a lot of people to get the okay and no one said anything???

thank god its over
tfw kids commit genocide so thats somehow okay to sexualize them?

This game would be awesome if it was good, or fun, or not just CP

unique, not as fun as the original game but its nice to see the world outside of the school. i love komaru as both a character and a protagonist. there are some issues regarding the warriors of hope and some writing that i am not very fond of, however, which does dull my enjoyment a bit.
the best thing this game did was give toko some very needed character development that allowed her to grow and change. toko was never a character i particularly cared about in trigger happy havoc so i was on the fence about her appearance here. by the end of the game though i was sold on her, she really comes a long way and its nice to see! ♡

would be an awsome game if there wasn't a pedophile in it

história ok porém personagens daora e gameplay legalzinha, é rápido suficiente pra vc não enjoar

hmmm today I will bully one of my buddies into playing Danganronpa
1. he thinks the first game is fine, down to continue the rest of the franchise after a fishy QR code download for the entire series is the Twitter meme of the week
2. He insists on doing UDG, even though I tell him we could skip it if he wants
3. bring up a segment in chapter 3 is the reason this game didn't get a Switch port and don't elaborate. This causes the stream to get too many viewers, some of which know nothing about Danganronpa, out of morbid curiosity
4. The January 26, 2022 Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls Incident.

i forgot i ever played this game and i wish it stayed that way. this is the kind of game you bring out the big boy insults for. abhorrent, vile, gross, humiliating, irredeemable, etc. cool concept though

La peor mierda que vas a poder jugar, no lo recomiendo en absoluto.

Don't really know why I played this tbh. Just fanservice mixed with unfun gameplay. Forgettable.

danganonpa em si ja é estranho e cheio de fanservice mas isso é outro nivel

This game fucking sucks.
Okay. So we all know Danganronpa was never exactly the most well written series. It's always been a bit trashy, and hey, if ya want an over-the-top schlocky murder mystery game, the games are right up that alley. Like the goal or not, they had one and set out to achieve it. This game seems to only have one goal: waste the player's time.
You are Komaru Naegi, an annoying twerp with an arc more predictable than a parabola. Alongside her is Toko Fukawa, a character from the first game, hell bent on rivaling Komaru in that aspect. Presumably soon after the events of the first game, a bunch of Monokumas come to kill Komaru, but is saved by Byakuya Togami. He gets kidnapped, however, so it's up to our vexatious duo to save him, stop the Warriors of Hope, and get out of the Monokuma-ridden city.
The barebones idea of the plot isn't horrible. No, the real problem is what's contained in between the bread. The original series benefitted from having a colorful cast of characters who all interacted with each other, which led to a lot of lines that were funny or at least amusing. Granted, even in the original games, not everything stuck the landing, but the humor in this game makes the original series look like Monty Python in comparison. Most of the interactions are between Komaru & Toko, AKA "I'm so normal ooooooo" and "I'm so horny and bitchy ooooooo". They try to do character development but not only does it have less subtlety than American politics, but it's also beyond shallow and predictable. And then we have a generic power-hungry resistance leader, the most pointless character in the series with Kurakuma... and the Warriors of Hope.
Their gimmick of "Oh we're kids abused by adults who now want revenge" isn't... the worst idea in the world. But when the writing is this bad it fails spectacularly. I'll be honest: I like fucked up, tasteless, edgelord humor. But the thing is that fucked up, tasteless edgelord humor... is still humor. And a child having a PTSD attack because they were raped, beaten, or broken to the limit as a child isn't funny, it's just... awkward and gross. I can't tell if this game is trying to make a serious commentary of how bad adults can be or if they were genuinely trying to be funny, but they utterly fail on all possible fronts. Add in a (weirdly not as slapped in as expected) Nagito Komaeda, and you got just... an unfunny, predictable, tasteless, chiche, and yet still oftentimes fucking boring plot. This might be the worst written game I have ever played, and the last game I've beaten was fucking DmC: Devil May Cry.
At the VERY least, it isn't the worst looking or sounding game I've ever played. For a Playstation Vita game, it actually looks quite good. The game runs at full or near full resolution (surprisingly rare for the Vita) and a mostly steady 30 FPS. I do admit they translated the Danganronpa art style quite smoothly to 3D... for the most part. It also sounds good, though that's partially because most of the tracks are remixed or even ripped directly from the previous games.
Yep. I'm out of good things to say now. Back to negativity!
Imagine, if you will, Resident Evil 4. Now imagine if Resident Evil 4 was mixed with... Portal? Now imagine if you took out all the challenging and interesting puzzles from Portal, and removed all the fun combat mechanics from Resident Evil 4. Congratulations, you have created a recipe for absolute low-end mediocrity. Komaru has a bullhorn gun that can house 8 different kinds of "truth bullets". (kinda weird they call it that when truth bullets were abstract concepts instead of real things in the other games but whatever.) She can use these for combat, as well as solving Monoku-man puzzles scattered through the game. The combat is just fucking boring. Aim for the eye, kill. that's it. There are knockback bullets and a machinegun fire, but at the end of the day the game severely lacks in combat variety even despite the numerous enemies. None of them require any fun strategy to fight. Same with bosses, do the thing, attack their weak point, get massive damage, and they die. Even the final boss was piss easy and uninteresting. You can also swap to an invincible but time-limited Genocide Jack as a last resort move, and she's somewhat fun to control, but too limited in usability to save the game. As for the puzzles, they're tolerable. I can actually have some fun figuring out a good strategy. Sometimes the AI breaks but most of the time it's fine.
I think that if they leaned more into the puzzle aspect, maybe change the game from an action shooter to a more stealth-based game with heavy shooter elements, (something like a mix between Resident Evil 4 and Manhunt) and made the Monokumas more sparse but more deadly, I feel like that would be a more tonally consistent gameplay style. Instead of bad combat, make the goal avoiding confrontation and utilize your gun with numerous powers to break past them. It wouldn't fix the game but it'd salvage the good idea with the bullhorn gun with numerous puzzle-solving capibilities.
I feel like I should mention how Chapter 3 is one of the worst... things I've ever experienced in a video game. When you need to mention to the player that they are not actually witnessing child porn, you have fucked up. It's gross and uncomfortable. Also provides the one minigame in the game not tied to the main gameplay and quite frankly, once I experienced it, I had to go outside, take a breather, and let sink in the fact that numerous artists, programmers, and a director got together to make a minigame so gross I'll just say look it up on your own time.
This game is bad. One of the worst I've played. Every cutscene until the last provides next to nothing of note to the Danganronpa lore. The gameplay provides nothing interesting. The story is beyond abysmal without ever reaching the point of funny bad. There isn't a single likable character. Chapter 3. This game was a waste of time. To anyone interested in playing, just look up the final cutscenes online. Believe me, I'm saving you so much pain. Outside of that last cutscene, and some impressive graphics, this game provides nothing positive. Nothing.
2.4/10. If you do decide to play this game, play it on PS4 or PC for a higher resolution, though the PS Vita version still isn't bad. Also, reconsider that decision.

Una SORPRESA del carajo, lo pillé por dos duros por tenerlo porque no pensaba jugar a cosas más allá de la saga principal y... Joder. Divertidísimo, te explican un montón de lore y KOMARU MOLA 10 VECES MÁS QUE SU HERMANO, he dicho. Juegazo

Haven’t actually played the game, but considering some parts of this game I’ve seen on YouTube and the fact that Spike brought back my least favorite character from THH and that they completely changed up the gameplay, I think I’m just gonna keep my distance, thank you very much.

Not a good game, but I got more enjoyment out of it than any other Danganronpa game. The score would be higher if some of the stuff in here wasn’t actually criminal.

This game isn't worth your time.
Do me a favor and don't play this piece of dogshit. But if you're a diehard DR fan and stubbornly curious about the story/events since it's canon, then tread with caution. It tackles on taboo themes such as child abuse and pedophilia but handles it as if the devs are pedophiles themselves (deliberate panty shots, suggestively placed camera angles, and other weird explicit sexualization onto minors). We as an audience don't need to see a little girl rolling down and landing with her legs spread and panties shown, it's disgusting.
Danganronpa as a series rarely takes itself seriously anyway and this isn't any different. Having a semblance of maturity and sincerity would do this series some good since it ends up being an overly edgy, perverted mess that does more harm in representation than good because it over-sexualizes the very same topics it's trying to shed light on. The message is mitigated completely when you continuously make a perverted example of children for the audience's eyes.
The gameplay isn't anything special, there's many other third person shooters/slashers that are more fulfilling to play, and the graphics are mediocre for 2015 (looks like a poorly made mmd, there's a looped gif of the monokuma kids crowd cheering in the background that looks uncanny and makes your eyes bleed).
The story is bizarre and morbid, but has nothing really special nor captivating going for it, I found it to be lacking in real weight and mostly filled with shock value through graphic content to form it's identity. It wants to be despairing and it delivers on that, but this isn't necessarily something to be counted as a positive. It's the most disturbing DR game story-wise, but it has no real charm nor impact on the player like how the other games at least did. It has no class trials, no personal choices of bonding with characters, it has no mystery to it, no satisfying or thought-provoking ending, it's just a crude spin-off. This is a DR game that severely lacks what made DR special for many people. This game's personality is the overly edgy 14 year old tumblr user.
The characters are one of the few reasons you would care about this game, since they have some substance to them. To put a silver lining, this game makes Toko's character from unbearable to somewhat bearable with her development and dynamic with Komaru. Komaru as a protagonist is okay, if Makoto was an everyman boy in THH, then Komaru is the everywoman girl. The Warriors of Hope you can empathize with and appreciate as characters but the game direction treats them with no respect or grace.
The OST at least is amazing because it's made by Masafumi Takada, and he did a great job on this game.
Overall, this game is awful. There's better games to play as games, and more interesting stories to view with your time.

its no THAT bad. gameplay kinda sucks but the plot and tokomaru are fun,

Não vou fzr review de notinha, pelo fato que não terminarei esse jogo horroroso. Acho q as notas ja demonstram que spin-offs de danganronpa não representam a qualidade do jogo principal. Terrível, n vale a pena comprar nem pra ver a história pelo menos. É bem ruim mesmo, passa bem longe desse jogo é isso. DROPPEI

yeah idk why they made this either.

Literalmente a única coisa que salva nesse jogo é a trilha sonora. Jogo mal feito, mal polido, lagado, bugado, genérico, mal roteirizado, personagens sem sal e mal escritos etc etc etc. Ao invés de jogar, baixe a playlist e ouça que você não vai estar perdendo nada.