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I found this game in my 30s in a store and because it was a Disney game I had to buy it. Of course.
I wasn't expecting a point and click game. But after eccepting this I somehow enjoyed it.
It sure is for kids, so it's not that hard. You always have an idea what you have to do next. But from time to time it was tricky too.
I really don't like the genre because you often don't know what to do or have to combine things which not really make sense. But in this game all of this wasn't the case.
Because it was a game for children I guess, all things were clear.
Oh, what suprised me the most are the many movie references in this game.
Would I remmoned it? I guess not. But it wasn't as bad as I thought in the first few minutes.

this game scared me shitless as a kid
for the longest time, i was just convinced that this was a weird fever dream i had when i was 5

Despite all the fun interactions, The games way to confusing with it's objectives and have you constantly scratching your head wondering, " What am I suppose to do?"

david lynch wishes he could make movies this unsettling, Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse was a pioneer of surreal horror in video games, it basically did everything Silent Hill 2 did but a year later and much more existentially dreadful.
the ghost and the player take turns tormenting mickey as his soul is trapped in an alternate dimension held within his mirror, the mirror, now shattered, must be pieced back together in order to restore the path back to his reality and body. maybe some sort of metaphor, maybe a kids game accidentally made way too unsettling. maybe both! i suspect we will never know.
i appreciated when the game gave me a choice between 2 modes of play: "kids" and "normal"

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This game would make me laugh hysterically and I have absolutely no idea why.

theres a weird amount to love here beyond how obtuse and slow it is. mickey does a fuckin shoryuken, the camera angles are all cracked, the stock ceramic smashing sound is present. its literally little tykes clock tower. cannot decide what it wants to be and is better for it. mickey looks fucking demented man i swear to god. deeply strange.

Got it in sales for 15$ in 2002, it still costs 15$. I can't remember anything about this game besides it costing 15$ for 20 years straight. I don't think it takes 15 hours to beat this game.

this game made me shit myself with fear as a kid what were they actually thinking. the Zatch Bell gamecube game helped me cope it was a much better rental than this

Why does this whole game make me feel so uneasy? Nothing that scary happens in it.

This game has no business being as genuinely scary as it is

point and click horror game but with mickey mouse. it has this inexplicably surreal atmosphere that makes it utterly spellbinding. it's cryptic, but its dreamlike feel makes up for that