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my favorite of shu takumi’s works. not a lot of people have written very constructively for this game and honestly? it doesnt really need it. i think almost anyone can understand the magic of the clicking sound played when hopping between objects, or the relief from defying fate knowing our victim will trudge on through life, maybe even with a new perspective. the innocence of a seemingly lost soul without its memories, left only with determination for oneself but eventually gaining sympathy in the face of others. this is probably one of the best paced games i’ve ever played. every puzzle racks your brain just enough where it doesnt feel exhausting or too easy, and when put together with fun characters and mysteries, everything flows surprisingly smooth. finding that solution and watching events play out brings out a similar (but more suspenseful) satisfaction to watching a domino effect. every character is incredibly sincere and charming to a point where there’s not a single character i dislike. while i think the ending played too much into the sci-fi aspect, when the credits rolled i was nearly on the verge of tears. i was happily somber watching our colorful cast fade away while masakazu sugimori’s beautiful eclectic score played overhead (sidenote, i really wish he had composed more stuff. his scores always fit their respective games like a glove). the previously thought impossible ending we’ve been striving for has now been made possible. ghost trick has effortlessly climbed the ranks of my favorite games and i’ll certainly remember it for a long time coming. the greatest lesson taught is that being dead is awesome.

Simplesmente perfeito. A história é intrigante, os puzzles são elaborados e criativos, os personagens são divertidos, as músicas são ótimas e memoráveis e as animações tem um charme único. É um jogo que merecia muito mais destaque do que ele tem. Tudo que Shu Takumi toca vira ouro.

experiencia de una sola vez que no puedo parar de recomendar

No fucking words, this is a masterpiece from start to finish

Missile the top pomeranian also

i want to make a writeup of what about this game i love someday but i want it to be known that is easily one of my favorite games of all time.

this game is absolutely phenomenal, dare I say it's even better than any ace attorney. short and sweet, this game doesn't suffer from bad pacing, everything is p straight-forward, the puzzles were just right, no need to rip my hair out or smth, everything went pretty smooth, the music is so good and the character designs are really bright and unique as well as their personalities. i can't go into spoilers because this game just needs to be played blind. one of the rare games that got me so immersed and obsessed to just finish it because the plot is so appealing and makes you just wish to know what's the deal here. 5/5 from me also missile my most beloved doggo <3

Please play this game. It’s one of the best mysteries I’ve ever seen with some of the most fun and interesting puzzles in a game. I could not recommend this game enough and it’s a shame more people haven’t played it.

One of the games ever and Missile is the best. Play Ghost Trick.

more people need to play this man. it's up there with the greats of ace attorney and i love the ost

you should play this game as unspoiled as you possibly can

this game is like ace attorney but 10 times better its insane
these characters are filled to the brim with charm, every one of their interactions never feels wasted or there for the sake of padding out the game
also the artstyle is great for this game, very animated and it fits perfectly for a game like this
the puzzle solving is alright, most of them are fine but some feel too easy or too ridiculous to solve
or maybe im just dumb idk
however i feel like this is one of the games that just works perfectly with the touch screen, moving around and tapping shit to interact with the enviroment always feels satisfying
the whole mystery in this game is absolutely amazing as well, the twists are slightly foreshadowed but when they are revealed, the foreshadows and the actual twists themselves are always mindblowing
especially the lamp one at the end, i never saw it coming
this is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of detective/puzzle solving games in general, and is defo one of the best games to ever hit the DS

never played this but why did the guy on the cover die so sluttily

Obviously the concept behind this game is innovative, enjoyable and satisfying, but I just didn’t really care for the story or characters at all.

if i could tattoo 'play ghost trick' on people's foreheads, i would

Fantastic, criminally overlooked puzzle game I hold extremely close to my heart. I love every single aspect of this game, through and through. Shu Takumi never disappoints, and this game is proof of that. Everything from the characters, the artstyle, the music, and ESPECIALLY the animation oozes a charm I've never been able to find in another piece of media.
Please, play Ghost Trick.

I liked this game a lot! The story's very well-paced and suited for the DS, I love the Flashback/Another World-ish 3D animation that makes it feel very unlike a lot of other adventure games, and the gameplay is very engaging and rewarding.

Esta obra maestra requiere más reconocimiento

absolute gem of a game. i have no words to describe how insanely good this is, just play it.
it is a relatively short game, only takes about 12 hours to beat if you do not struggle too much with the puzzles, which is unlikely unless you are me that spent at least 2 hours trying to beat the God Damn stealth section.

literally everything about this game screams passion; the music is incredibly catchy and imo unique, the story is absolutely brilliant with a lot of beautifully elaborate plot twists which WILL keep you hooked for several hours to end. the characters are all diverse and funny in their own way, in pure ace attorney fashion (both games were created by shu takumi) the characters personalities are also shown by the animations, which are butter smooth and insanely well animated, especially for a ds game! the 2d portraits that accompany the dialogue and cutscenes also present a sharp, geometric artstyle that i fell in love with and actually inspired my own artstyle a fair bit. but how could i possibly forget to talk about the gameplay? the puzzles are very fun to complete and not particularly difficult nor easy, however i do have to admit that some of them were a bit unintuitive and required me to really think outside of the box. maybe a bit too much...

so yeah, this is an absolute must play, even if you are not a big fan of text heavy games. unlike what a lot of people say, this is not a vn like its significantly more successful cousin aa but pretty much a heavily story based puzzle game. it does have a lot of reading, yes, and cutscenes, but it also presents what i consider to be perfect gameplay-story balance which makes it actually very enjoyable to go through. were there times where i thought the dialogue felt a bit too dragged out? yes, but i did not mind because i was having a great time.

with that being said, the fact that ghost trick does not have a switch/android/steam port is very upsetting to say the least.

A great game with an unbelievably incredible story. If you're a fan of mystery stories, this is a must-play for you.

Pretty much unmatched from a presentation standpoint, with amazing characters being the #1 highlight. God I wish Shu Takumi directed more one-off titles

Probably the most fun I've had playing a mystery VN, but if I'm being honest the ending twist disappointed me a bit. The prison escape also fucking sucked. Overall though good fun with charming characters.

Played this many years ago but it's an excellent game. Addictive gameplay, fantastic art direction and a well-crafted narrative keep the player constantly engaged. Pure Ludo. Do yourself a favor and fire up an emulator or TwilightMenu and play this, it's one of the few games I consider impossible to dislike.

Que jogo inteligente.
Não chega a ser algo que me comoveu, apesar de chegar perto disso, mas ele é muito inteligente em seus puzzles e em seus mistérios.
E cada um desses carrega até o final, com um loop que chega a ser até um tanto viciante.