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Fun multiplayer Kirby game. Final boss is amazing and soundtrack is all good vibes as usual.

This game uhhh... exists? The soundtrack is great! The levels are boring, the bosses are boring, and the story is boring. The game in general is just really forgettable and inoffensive. I played this game like two years ago and I'm struggling to think of any aspects of it that stood out in a positive way. Granted, I knew this game was gonna suck before I played it so I wasn't disappointed or anything. It's just that Kirby: Star Allies is a nothing game.

After 3 Years, I FINALLY Beat this game. It's a pretty fun platformer with tons of cool playable characters and an absolutely AMAZING Final Boss.

fuck me this game is boring. i’m a sucker for anything cute, but cute can only get you so far.

i hate admitting that i spent $60 on this.

This game might be very mediocre, I gotta say the replay value is greatly appreciated. It's also full of broken strats for speedruns and the boss rush modes and that's cool

Yet another enjoyable Kirby game that provides a simple, mildly entertaining adventure that doesn't push any limits in terms of difficulty. The new "allies' gameplay mechanics allows for the use of other characters and their effects to solve puzzles and unlock secret areas/collectibles throughout the different levels of the game.

Not the best Kirby game but overall it was an enjoyable time.

i learned like 2 weeks ago that apparently people hate this game and like????? how?????? its fuckin kirby and it rules and it has all the good shit what more do you want. Heroes in Another Dimension is the goat dlc 100%

might be the worst kirby yet idk just didn’t excite me

I wished the post-launch DLC was included from the beginning. Star Allies didn't really capture my attention during my first playthrough; the base game felt much shorter and easier than the past 3 games. The emphasis on co-op was cute, but it made the game even less of a challenge. An excellent endgame and arena still make Star Allies worth playing, but it takes a while to get to that point.

Not the Kirby switch game they should have led with. Lacks content and the gimmick is significantly worse than planet robobot

here's your reminder of everything you've been through in this series, except we turned it into an actual story and everyone you met along the way gets to help you out for real this time.

this game makes a lot more sense as... a game, especially once you've played/seen everything else in the series. i used to think this game was just an average kirby game but now it looks like so much more than it was before

worth a replay, i'll say that.

...wait who was that at the end? was that... actually never mind still a top tier game

(5-year-old's review, typed by her dad)

You get to throw a friend heart at enemies! To make friends! But the limit you can- but- but you can only have three hearts, because you can only have three friends.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and overall playing through it and all the gameplay modes is very fun. The game really opens up after the main story and there’s a lot of fun to be had with the huge amount of new character to play as. However, 100%ing the game is kinda a chore, although maybe worth it. Good, solid, albeit easy, platforming cuteness.

Main story is very lackluster but the really good post game content sorta makes up for it

A cloyingly cute and easy 2D platformer. Downloaded this for some co-op fun but ended up actually finishing it. Pretty short, but as a completionist I felt satisfied getting all the Rainbow puzzle pieces. Sadly the collectibles require repeat playthroughs of stages as they're randomly generated. So obviously didn't give a rats ass. Boss rush mode was a good challenge in an otherwise brain dead easy game.

Kirby Star Allies in general is a pretty nice anniversary game, with a bunch of callbacks to the older games, but can be quite mindnumbing, boring or too easy at times. In comparison to Return To Dreamland, it's 10x more forgiving, some aspects for example are puzzle pieces just being handed to you for the most part, the ability to have such an OP team, and just in general way more easy. Even with all these aspects, I still had a somewhat enjoyable time, and the post game stuff is quite meaty aswell, there are also a bunch of callbacks to Kirby's history that I think fans would find endearing, especially the DLC/extra planet content (specifically δ). So to end it off, Kirby Star Allies is a great game to chill and have fun but not exactly the game to expect a challenge, for the main campain at the least, have yet to dive deeper into the post game stuff (probably won't).

i wish i didnt spend 60 dollars on this

still kinda pissed at how these little fucker fuckfaces of an ally will try to get all upon my ass once i get my hand on some food get the fuckoff me

"Tenemos Triple Deluxe y Planet Robobot. Que tal si repetimos eso, pero con los niveles mas fáciles y blandos de toda la franquicia?"


good for what it is but it's definitely overpriced and underwhelming for Kirby's first mainline HD game

Not has bad as people say but still too damn easy. Really good climax for the Kirby franchise tho. It's one of the most, if not the most important game in terms of lore and it excels in terms of fanservice. Level design could be a bit better tho.