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Muito bom de jogar com os amigos, sempre uma experiência engraçada e diferente

L4D2 is one of my most-played games, and something I come back to all the time with my Sunday night group. I can't claim mastery since we basically only play on Easy or Normal, but I'm at least very, very, very, very, very familiar with the core maps. It tends to be my Sunday night group's gold standard for games, and it's the title we come back to more often than anything else.
Admittedly, I don't think there's much more the game has to offer for me, at least from a vanilla experience. I'll play it with friends and family, because I like spending time with friends and family, but I'd generally be happier playing something else. Not an indictment on L4D2 (goodness knows I haven't played everything the game has to offer), just where I'm at.
But it's my group's gold standard for a reason. Sometimes we just need a simple, arcade-y co-op experience to jump into, and L4D2 has us covered. L4D2 isn't without strategy, far from it, and the randomization element of the horde encounters means there's generally a different angle to approach each run of a map. I like a lot of what L4D2 offers over the original game mechanically: I am basically useless if my secondary weapon is a handgun instead of a melee weapon, crescendo events are a lot more dynamic and varied compared to the first game, the new Special Infected are... annoying, but they're doing their job of keeping you on your toes... and I like all of the new maps, especially Hard Rain. I also like the cast and Southern setting way more than the first game's New England offerings, but that's more down to taste.

The mods make the game more fun but even without them i still think its a solid game

I shouldn't give this a higher score than Left 4 Dead 1, but it's virtually the same game with more content and a more active modding scene. Now, excuse me while I load up a Versus matc-
Disconnected: You have been kicked from session.

The mods are what carry this game.

Left 4 Dead 2 is the greatest co-op game ever made.
I'm not sure what to really say other than that. There are tons of games that both clearly influenced it and were inspired by it, but I've never had a co-op experience in anything that matched how fantastic Left 4 Dead is.

Es divertidisimo solo
Y mas con amigos
Que mas debo decir

Being chased by shrek is an experience

The perfect zombie game, it does so many things right, and the story, characters, plot, and music are so good. I have completed this games way more times than I can remember.

Need a Left 4 Dead 3 with full mod support

Already peak zombie shooter but the mods just make it infinitely better

This might possibly be the funniest game ever created and that's because of the mods like you can just watch Patrick Star getting absolutely obliterated by Peter Griffin from Family Guy while Mario shoots the Bomb Bird from Angry Birds to fend against a horde of Spongebobs

Solid games, even better with mods

playing with mods it's what makes this game good
shoutout to bocchi mods

Never actually got to play this with other people. Maybe it's a different game if you have friends

with mods and with friends this game is a blast

yup it is the zombie game everyone knows and loves

um classico.
left 4 dead 2 me da uma vibe tão boa, eu me sinto em casa jogando esse jogo.

More fun when you replace your team with the Teletubbies

Only played a little with friends and tried a couple mod maps and it's fun. Still waiting for another game to take this type of gameplay and format and make it feel fresh and fun

This was my first rated M game and I put over 400 hours into it. I love it and I think it's the best multiplayer game ever made.