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While Marvel's Midnight Suns is one of the absolute greatest Marvel Squad RPGs ever created in scope and ambition, the PC port is plagued with terrible optimization, leading to total crashes frequently in story cutscenes. After my 15th crash, I decided it was no longer worth it to finish the story, but everything about the game is superb. I recommend getting it on console for maximum compatibility with your hardware, but even that version has the occasional crash.
The team interactions and friendship building is possibly the best interaction with a team since the Mass Effect series, and role playing as the Hunter is a genuinely fun experience for the player, being able to shape this character from top to bottom.
The combat is classic Firaxis, although the addition of cards does indeed get irritating. Sometimes it feels more like a burden than a great addition, and a long-time Firaxis player has to wonder if the original XCOM system of having set attacks wouldve gone over better with the casual audience crowd.