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Was enjoying myself with this quite a bit, then it crashed and corrupted my save file so, rip I guess.

I really wanted to like this and it is a game i would like but I went to smelt some copper and it hit me with a fat 7 hour timer so I lost a lot of interest

Lol I don't know why but I love this one. I've been chipping away at it for years, on and off - and it's so clunky and buggy and strange but I love it.

felt clunky and unpolished, confusing

found it a bit awkward and unpolished overall but there were moments where I was completely absorbed, have higher hopes for its sequel

this game is unplayable on console. I don’t know how it feels on PC, but the controls are clunky and obscure. voice acting is pretty bad, and it overall feels like a first draft rather than a final product

It's a shame the game is in the state that it's in. If they had polished it some more, it would be one of my favorite games. Excluding the bugs, there's just so many parts left feeling unfinished. For starters, there is a part where two of the characters get married. After you help them get together, you see a short cutscene of her saying yes and then kissing him, but after that, there is nothing at all. There is no wedding, no change in their dialog, no change in where they live. Nothing. That unfinished part expands to a lot of the rest of the game as well. The town you build by the desert and the port you help build are more examples. The characters keep talking about how lively those places are, but they feels so empty each time I go through them. It's like a ghost town. There is a lot to like about this game. The laidback atmosphere is great and for once a lot of the potential spouses seem like adults instead of children. I'm excited to see what they do with Sandrock now that they have a much larger team. I just feel that Portia wasn't finished and they abandoned it.

I didn't know I wanted a crafting-focused Harvest Moon until I played My Time At Portia.

This is overall a great game, I recommend everyone to give it a go, the best chilled out crafting game I've ever played. Loving every moment of it. The game has great visuals, a good storyline, character interactions are repetitive but enough to be acceptable, the gameplay is slow paced and long, making sure you get good value for your money and so you don't complete it in a few hours, The mechanics of the missions and the commissions are rewarding and very addictive.
I got this game from Humble Bundle a while back, I'll be playing way over 100h+ and getting all achievements, Great value. 10/10

My Time at Portia begins when you unexpectedly inherit Pa’s workshop on the mysterious island of Portia. Now, it’s up to you to fix up the house, get your builder’s license, and help the townsfolk improve the town and their lives. It’s set sometime after an apocalypse wiped out the previous civilization, but that part is quite vague. It really only comes up when you speak to members of the Church of Light or with the researchers, who have opposing views on past technology that you may find buried in the local ruins.
My Time at Portia looks pretty good. It’s not as crisp or vibrant as I would have liked, but it certainly doesn’t look bad. The scenery is a vaguely European seaside village, and doesn’t look to special or inspired. The map is fairly large though, so there is a lot to explore. I do wish the town had more hints to its post-apocalyptic setting. As it is, it just looks like any other farming simulator.
The character models really grew on me. When I was creating my character, I wasn’t too impressed. But once I got into the game, I started to really like them, There’s a decent about of diversity among the residents’ style and appearance which is nice. The animals are also adorable and varied from the pink cats to the giant Mr. Ladybugs!
Sound Effects + Music
The background music in My Time at Portia is alright. There definitely aren’t enough tracks though, as I immediately noticed the loop in my short first play session. The music also abruptly cuts off whenever there’s a load screen. I’m not sure what could been done about that, but I know in other games the music either continues or fades out, not simply muting.
Gameplay + Controls
My Time at Portia is a life simulator with RPG elements. The focus is heavily on collecting and crafting. Collecting is easy enough as collectible materials are laid out around the map and sparkle when you approach. Other items can be collected by interacting with the environment such as trees, large rocks, the ruins, and fishing. There are a ton of materials and items to collect. Even on my first day my inventory was full to bursting!
Crafting is extremely involved and I like that. You don’t just walk up to your workbench with the required materials, select what you want to make, and make it instantly. Well, that is how it works for the workbench, but you also need a furnace to forge raw materials into other usable forms, and the assembly deck to combine crafted objects into something new.
You don’t get eased into the complications of collected and crafting either. Aside from your first two missions to create basic tools, you’ll immediately have to make a bridge which has several steps to it from collecting the material to making other tools to transforming some materials and eventually crafting the bridge pieces. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but it also forced me to explore and learn right off the bat. No down time in Portia!
My Time at Portia does use an XP and HP system, so you can’t do everything in one day. You use Stamina for every action you perform which limits the amount of activities you can do in one day. I actually never fully depleted my Stamina even though there is a ton to do, mostly because it takes time to get anywhere and figure out what needs to get done. Meanwhile, you’ll earn Experience for each action you take as well, which levels up your character. For each level, you get a skill point which can be used to select upgrades on the rather expansive skill tree.
The game also appears to have a curfew. Time runs differently on Portia. If you’ve played any of The Sims games, you’ll be familiar with the approximately one real world second to one in game minute passage of time. So while it may seem like you have a long day ahead of you, it’s gone in a flash since you’re constantly so busy. However, even if you have more Stamina, the game gives you a warning that it’s late and you need to go home. If you don’t go home and get into bed, you pass out, but just teleport into bed and wake up the next morning, losing about 5 hours of in-game time.
The game only saves when you get into bed, so I can kind of understand it requiring that you head to bed each day so you don’t lose progress. But couldn’t it have implemented periodic autosave or even a manual save button? I don’t like having time stolen from me when I can still get things done. You can’t pull an all-nighter by managing your stamina by eating food, since the game will just send you home.
There are a lot of controls and menus for this game. The basic controls, which are shown through a tutorial, are easy enough (walk, run, jump, attack, pick up). But there were a few times in my first play sessions where I had no idea what to do. Like how do I select an item to use from my accessibly inventory? The tutorial didn’t say and neither did the help tab. I figured it out after pressing every button (it’s the left/right D-pad, you’re welcome). I also didn’t know how to mine, but pressing a few buttons helped there as well. There’s also no way (that I’ve found) to “put away” an item that you’re carrying unless you leave an empty slot and select that. Otherwise, my character was always running around town wielding an axe.
This game really does not hold your hand, focusing on open exploration. Sure, it regularly gives you missions to complete and commissions so you have stable income. But it never tells you exactly where to go or what to do. There will be markers on the map showing you generally where to go to accomplish your current tasks, but it’s up to you to find what you need. By my second in-game week, I had fallen into a nice routine mixed with missions, commissions, and exploration.
One thing that annoyed me from the very beginning was socializing. You can make friends, date, get married, and even have kids in My Time at Portia. That’s all great, except it seems like getting there will be tedious. When you chat with a resident, you get +1 in your relationship, but only once per day. If you try to talk to them again, they say the same exact line. This is very limiting and frustrating. I wound up not focusing on socializing very much. If I saw someone I liked, I’d do the one interaction, but I wouldn’t seek them out each day.
My Time at Portia is one of those games that can go on forever past the final mission. Upon starting over, you can have an entirely new experience based on the choices you make. But I don’t think it’s a game that I’d start over when I finish. I’d prefer to just keep going, since those early days are pretty rough.
I enjoyed my time with My Time at Portia. It didn’t hook me as much as I thought it would, but it’s a fun game to pick up and play a day or two at a time.

i wasn't very keen on buying this already, it was on sale and i was desperately looking for something to play online with my boyfriend of that time but i was dumb enough not to double check if there actually was an online mode and the game looks terrible so i don't think i'll pick it up ever again

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Collect-a-thon in the best way possible, world feels alive and empty, combat is simple but effective, post-apocalyptic, romance options are varied and numberous.

I feel like this game too much after Stardew Valley and improved on it. A very enjoable experience in my book

Not as good as stardew but still comfy.

I decided to give this another go on Nintendo Switch and it's a bad port. It has long load times and stutters, the graphics look weirdly rezzed down. What a waste of time. If I'd paid more than $3 I'd be genuinely annoyed.

I am confused as to why I played it for so long

unpolished, and the characters are so ugly. it was pretty hard to play for me, tbh.

This is like stardew & animal crossing but with graphics and dungeon crawling.

I have some issues with the environment and controls, but other than that it's a decent play. Crafting, building, and grinding for materials is fun and it provides a different experience in its life sim compared to others in the genre because of it

No está mal, y tienes personajes interesantes, pero tiene graves problemas de ritmo, las misiones no acaban importando nada.

Got more enjoyment from games with simpler features / graphics
Feel like there is potential for this game to be a lot better, but its pretty and IS a farm sim so

This is a pretty good game but it's extremely grindy and repetitive. I'm about 70 hours in, been bored with it for the past 30 hours and according to the wiki I've only completed about 50% of main story line. This is insane.
If you're not afraid of the repetitiveness go for it.

A crafting sim that, to its credit, does try to differentiate from Stardew Valley by focusing on building. There is a bit of a learning curve (I didn't quite grok mining at first) and the game expects you to explore the workbook and menus and sort out an early building strategy, which is fine. Most of the NPCs seem fairly mundane and uninteresting, but I think what kills this one for me is the abundance of crafting timers. I feel like I'm always waiting around to craft the most basic ingredients, only to wait even more after to craft those into something else. If the crux of the game is crafting, early pacing should be determined by ingredient rarity or volume rather than timers.

more jank but 3D version of SDV with a focus on crafting instead of farming. good fun. biggest issue is very uneven VA which seems solved in the sequel

"try this if you like animal crossing!" yeah if you like typos, absurdly fast daytime timers, overwhelming item management, and no direction or helpful tutorial whatsoever combined with every social sim mechanic ever invented crammed into your interactions with NPCs, all of who have with prey-animal eyes on the side of their head and do 360*-swivels to speak to the camera when you click on them which activates your uncanny valley fight-or-flight reflex, all in one clunky package, go for it

There's a lot of stuff here I like, but the overwhelming vibe of being against the clock just kills it for me.
Even if that isn't really the case, I can't shake the feeling that I'm being pushed in too many directions at once with lots of micromanagement required and waiting for pointless timers to count down. A shame.

Could have been a chilled out, life-sim game - instead was a slightly tedious affair filled with chores and awkward wait-in-real-time elements. And, each to their own, but I am not a fan at all of the visual design.
My time at Portia was up not long after it began.