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Unironically a better hero shooter than TF2

extremamente bom e divertido nos primeiros anos, mas foi piorando com o tempo

such a polished, fun game only to be absolutely in comps and to have a terrible community

Same case as my Sma5h review; fun game, but soiled any communal bond with anyone I know due to the community. Also Blizzard is stupid. And they kind of fucked it up in recent times with role queue and focus on Competitive.

The game was great, but blizzard abandoned it, because they cant maintain games and are greedy, so now the game is ok.


Used to be fucking sick now yeah it exists I guess.

I feel like when they were designing the characters for this game they just had like 1 idea for a fun thing and that was the character. Like, with roadhog they had the idea for the hook and that was it. The problem with this is that roadhog now IS the hook. There isn't really anything else to do with him, so you just waddle around the objective, soaking some damage and then hook someone. When you do, you get your little dopamine rush and that's it. There isn't any learning how to play roadhog, getting better, learning about positioning, or evolving your gameplay like some other games I can think of. (R6, literally any fighting game) No, you just f***** press r1 and have your brainless fun. The only thing that keeps it from getting stale is the fact that there are quite a few characters so you can swap to whichever type of brainless fun you want to have at any moment. For this, and because there is still enjoyment to be had, just not a very deep enjoyment, this game gets a 6/10 from me.

لعبة ممتازة جداً ولها ذكريات خاصة معي في البلايستيشن 4 والبي سي

شريتها من باتل.نت

literally tired the game when it had a free weekend and all i saw were minecraft blocks literally unplayable for me but i love the characters so 3 stars for genji and both of hanzos tiddies but i wouldnt pay for this game even if they made me

Yeah it’s great, not happy with Blizzard though. Still I had a lot of fond memories playing Overwatch a lot. Solid gameplay and loved coordinating with my team. Can be a bit stressful/sweaty with competitive though, still a great game!

O jogo é o melhor hero shooter já lançado até hoje, ele aproveitou toda a ideia de TF2 e criou um dos Esports mais emocionantes de jogar do mercado. Cada pessoa do tipo possuiu uma função e e que se ele não fizer direito o time se prejudica. Isso no nivel baixo é aceitável mas com o tempo você espera que as pessoas joguem com o mesmo nivel de preocupação que você, isso é prejudicial para a jogativa "relax".

2016-2018 overwatch was peak

Wrecking Ball is cute, fuck Blizzard tho

Um dos meu favoritos jogos online, se você for jogar ranked nisso você se estressa muito, ma se for só casual vale muito a pena

Recently been playing this a decent bit (after over two years off) with some friends on PS4 and while I am moderately enjoying my time, I feel like it's very much a social experience where I turn off my brain and just giggle with some buddies than any kind of compelling, competitive or strategic multiplayer engagement. More like how watching paint dry with friends could possibly be fun, and even then there are times where it still pushes me into mind-numbing boredom as I go through one overwhelmingly one-sided steamroll into the next (whether I win or lose).

I feel like the mark of a good competitive FPS is that you're having fun even when you're losing. That push and pull between both sides in a constantly changing environment forcing both teams to adapt to each other's playstyles, forming new strategies as matches go on in order to secure wins. The tragic comedy of Overwatch is that even winning is made to be unsatisfying, primarily due to a roster so bafflingly unbalanced that it makes my head hurt.

You have characters like Junkrat who win by pressing and holding down one button and then get rewarded with an ultimate that's almost always GUARANTEED to get at least 3-4 kills in even the most braindead of player's hands, Roadhog who has one of the largest healthpools in the game, an easy one-shot kill on most squishies having a very small cooldown with his hook, and a SELF-HEAL THAT MAKES HIM TAKE 50% LESS DAMAGE, or Moira who can routinely out-heal other healers and out-damage the team's DPS despite being an incredibly low-skill cap character, it's unreal. Meanwhile a character like Cassidy's only saving grace, the flashbang (which Overwatch 2 bewilderingly strips him of), is on a ten second cooldown, and is easily baitable, boasts very low mobility, a mediocre healthpool, and struggles to get any mileage out of a very predictable, easily counterable ultimate. This feeling of being underpowered is taken to its most hilarious and exaggerated degree with the character of Widowmaker who, to paraphrase Dunkey's adept description of her for a sec, is the worst character in the game and has the worst ultimate in the game.

A lack of general polish and balance with this game's roster severely kneecaps any chance of that exhilarating push and pull I described earlier. You either steamroll the enemy or the enemy steamrolls you, that's it. There's very little fun to be had in decimating enemy teams and watching them scramble to group up and play for these boring ass objectives, all while the game clearly expects way too much cooperation and coordination from a team usually comprised mostly or entirely of randoms. And it goes without saying that being on the receiving end of these annihilations is anything but enjoyable.

So you've got a horrifically unbalanced cast of characters, with matches that very easily stagnate, feel tedious, and are ultimately unsatisfying to lose OR win, and you group all that with ABSURD queue times for competitive matches that regularly reach twelve, thirteen, and even FIFTEEN minutes? It all combines to make an FPS that, while I can still enjoy it with friends for some fleeting, mindless fun before getting frustrated or bored and hopping on something many times better, that's all it is. Fleeting and mindless. A game you play because it's the only thing you can play with your friends. It's not an experience with any real substance or value that'll stick with you after you put your controller down and turn your console off. It's only a matter of time before my friend group tires of it completely and drops it altogether.


blizard (se quiser que eu fale mais vou dar 0 estrelas

I dropped it hard when dropping people in that hole in the Brazil map with roadhog stopped being funny and will never pick it up or it's """"""""""""""""sequel"""""""""""""" ever again because fuck blizzard

I shouldn't like this game as much as I do

I know i´ve played it as much as I have, given the type of game it is and that I had no friends that played it actively, because it is as charming as it is.

One of the best shooters I'd ever played, 5 fuckin years ago.

um dos melhores games já feitos parabéns aos envolvidos

hate love relationship dis game weird

porn goes hard doe