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Es un juego de echar un ratete y poco mas, esta bien, aunque demasiado grindy, pero si lo que quieres es jugar de chill y tal esta bien, no es un juego difícil y la personalización esta graciosa. El multi esta bien pero si tu golfista no esta muy subido es casi imposible dar tiros.

Extremely mediocre like all other 2K sports games -- I have no idea why I played this as much as I did despite its offensive amount of grinding it expects you to do, with the most repetitive unfun "career" mode that can barely be called a career. Everything about this game is magical the first time through until you realize the announcers say the same 5 things for each course. Yawnfest.

Game is very simple with mechanics and graphics. Hard difficulties aren't very hard. Career mode was pretty much the same as all other golf games.

Only really play it for multiplayer