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I have been waiting for this game for SO FUCKING LONG. I've never even played Wario Land but after the SAGE demo and a couple patreon shit I was HOOKED by the game's momentum based platforming, large exploration levels, and uniquely charming and goofy art direction.
I am very pleased to say that all of this was carried and amplified in the full release. This game is so fucking awesome. I love the momentum based platforming and when I'm in a perfect flow state it makes me feel like I am the greatest gamer of all time. The collectibles and other elements of design are well handled, the combat is fun and helps feed into the flow, and the bosses are really fun!
The soundtrack is a bop and the ART STYLE OMG. The art style is incredibly charming with excellent Saturday morning cartoon style animations with a unique pixel art style as well. It gives the game a fun, unique identity. The only minor complaint I have with this game is with its mini games. They throw a lot of these at you and while some of them are all good, some seem to require precise platforming and reaction timing which was not what the character was built for.
Regardless, this game was WELL worth the wait and I am fully ready to play through it all over again.

This shit is more fast-paced than the Mach Speed sections of Sonic 06 (or P-06 specifically) and more expressive than the Looney Tunes

Pizza Tower landed on my radar about 4 years ago, and it honestly entranced me. It's no secret that Nintendo has let quite a few of their franchises fall to the wayside over the years, but those franchises are old enough to have fans that are now willing to take matters into their own hands.
The artwork in this game is completely unhinged. Everything is overly detailed and animated in the best way possible. Peppino looks like he's going through 13 midlife crises at any given time. Truly, a man of the people. It's all fully animated in painstakingly detailed sprites, to boot! If I had it draw comparisons to anything, it would be the more out-there kinds of 90s animation; Stuff like Cartoon Network's "Cow and Chicken", or Nickelodeon's "Ren and Stimpy". It's definitely deliberate, seeing how every level starts with its own unique title card.
Heavily inspired by Wario Land 4, Peppino's moveset primarily consists of grabbing enemies with a melee attack, or dashing straight through them at Mach 4. The dash mechanics are this game's claim to fame, really. You can run up walls by jumping at them or using slopes, barreling through anything in your path. This game has hidden movement tech! Like, actual, godforsaken "Super Metroid shinespark" type movement tech, and it is endlessly fun to play around with. All the levels have a real sense of flow to them, reflected in the fact that there's a combo meter, score, and ranking system in place to reward players who learn the layouts. That's not to say you have to run past everything. Pizza Tower is littered with secrets, inside and outside the regular stages. Can't forget the iconic escape sequence at the end of each stage as well. Every single level is thematically unique, and throws its own unique mechanics into the mix. Part of me can never stop laughing at whatever new, absurd thing that the game decides to throw at me next. Grind rails? Sure! A chicken on my head? Why not!? A gun? Okay, maybe that's a bit too far, put the gun down, Peppino--PEPPINO, PUT DOWN THE GUN
The only genuine low point for me is the bosses. They are completely relentless, and a lot of the attacks you have to avoid can feel borderline random. Doesn't help that they're all twice as long as originally advertised; their health refills for a more frenetic round 2 once you knock off all their initial HP. It also hurts that the OST is just good. The stage music sounds great while I'm playing the stages themselves, but the only songs I can remember are the escape themes (the optional "Lap 2" theme absolutely rocks). It's a lot of fast paced synths, guitar, bass, and drums, and while each track is distinct, as a whole, they kinda blend together.
It delights me to no end that this game turned out the way it did. It started out looking like a Wario Land game, only to shift hard into its dash mechanics and gain an identity of its own. Its humor is cheesy, its content is beefy, there's a lot of love mixed into the sauce (at least, I hope to god that's just love I tasted), and it's been baked to perfection. It's pizza time.

If there's one thing I love about Wario Land 4, it's the meticulous level design. And the genius use of mechanics. And the incredible variety. And the thematically perfect subversion of traditional platformers. And-
Anyway, back to level design. It's a game where pretty much every little detail of the level is perfectly considered, and I think the game being slower paced than many other 2D platformers helps the level design feel truly compact. The slow pace was almost certainly due to the small screen size, but it also meant the designers had to engage the player in more thoughtful ways, where players had to consider their surroundings in ways that you're not really going to do in a game series like Sonic the Hedgehog.
What does this have to do with Pizza Tower? Well, after playing the demo, it felt kinda like a mix between Wario Land and Sonic the Hedgehog, which, as I have established, are on pretty much opposite sides of how you can design platformers. As fun as the demo was, I wasn't sure if the game could actually blend these two polar opposites together in a cohesive way. After playing the game though, I think it did a surprisingly fantastic job at it.
The way the game handles difficulty is one of its best aspects, and a great way that it blends these two series together into something completely new. Just like in Wario Land, Peppino can't die in most cases, and hits are penalized by losing points and, often, a waste of time. This works extremely well in a speed-based platformer for two reasons. One, it keeps makes the pacing feel great for any player, and two, you obviously don't want to go slower in a speed game, especially in the escape sections where actual death is often only a matter of time.
This could trivialize any sense of difficulty aside from a player's intrinsic desire to improve, but the game actually requires you to rescue nearly of the Toppins to fight the bosses, which are analogous to the Teensies from Rayman. So basically, players are gonna have to do pretty well at all the levels anyway.
This could hurt the pacing in another way; If a player only barely scrapes by with Toppin requirements, they may have to replay a lot of levels before the climax. I only had to replay one to reach the requirement though, and I have to say, I don't know if I would've minded replaying more levels, because the one I replayed actually enhanced my experience.
This is because the game is far more difficult when you try to achieve the elusive P Ranks, or just try to improve your ranking in general. On replays, you get the opportunity to do the escape sequences twice in a row, which are consistently some of the most exhilarating moments of any game I've played.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. What about the bosses? These are the other times Peppino can actually die, and can be pretty difficult. However, they're mostly pretty fun, although maybe a bit disconnected from the core game. It likely would've been possible for the game to have really challenging bosses while also keeping its core systems. If, for example, the game had a time limit for bosses and the bosses used transformation attacks that wasted your time. However, the bosses were still fun so I'm not too upset.
Speaking of transformations, the mechanics work a lot better than I would've expected. All of them are introduced well and are mostly simple enough to immediately understand. A few feel a bit disruptive, such as the bombs, but most promote the fast-paced nature of the game, and many have that true to Wario Land style of 'power-up or detriment based on context'. By far the best example of this is the level (Excuse my language) 'Oh Shit!', which may be the best level in the game. And while a few of these transformations are analogous to those of Wario Land, they're all pretty distinct and well done.
I could certainly see someone not liking the visuals, but I though they were excellent, and the 90s cartoon style greatly enhanced the energetic nature of the game. The animation and attention to detail is incredible, but I noticed that at least one stage has no parallax scrolling with the background, and I think this may be universal. It's not a big deal though, and is really only noticeable in stages with more expansive backgrounds.
Audiowise, the sound effects and soundtrack is great. However, I wish the soundtrack leaned more into either stereotypical Italian music or 90s Cartoon music instead of Funk and Rock. It would've added to the thematic unity a bit more.
Everything considered, I love this game. It's truly something special, and one of the few spiritual successors to truly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the game it succeeded. Dare I say, it's a Masterpiece. 10/10.
...By the way, you unlock a costume if you keep Peppino in the dark for about a minute on the menu screen. Go do that right now. Actually, maybe wait until night to do it.

GOD what a banger. I knew of this due to memes and shit but had no clue it was coming out until like 2 weeks before hand. I got it basically day one and HOT DAMN this game is good. You could say it controls like ass and is ugly but I think the slipperiness and MS Paint style are all apart of the charm. It's also just the right length. 10 minute stages are risky business but there's just enough to where it doesn't feel dragged out. I will say though, I hate that the little guys were mandatory. Not even just mandatory but like 90/95 mandatory. Way, way too much. But everything else, the music, humor, gameplay, etc. is just perfect. A god tier game.

First game to reach 1 pizzillion plays and reviews on

this game feels like the insane doodles I would draw in my school notes as a kid come to life. it’s perfect.

I've seen this game through development and have played a few of the demos, and the final release is anything i could've wanted and more.

Oh man, this game was a BLAST. Simple plot, satisfying controls, wacky art, extreme speed and a humorous attitude to top it off! Pizza Tower may be a little short with 20 levels and 5 bosses but every inch of the world is stuffed full with details, secrets and sweet mechanics. There are TONS of achievements that I'm excited to try so there's still plenty for your average completionist. Wario-likes have proven there's still a lot of potential in this formula, so definitely give Pizza Tower a go!

I didn't think I would live to see the day that this game finally came out in full. Finally getting to play this on my own and see the fruit from the creators' labor is something magical. "Wario-Likes" have always been a soft spot in my heart, the speedrun oriented exploration and combat with combos is a massive combination of the fighting/beat em' up and collectathon/platformer is something gorgeous. I would love to see a future where a new "Wario-Like" is released every year for the masses to experience.
Can't wait for Anton Blast

I am not one who has tried many Wario entries nor Wario-likes. Heck, this may be my first for the latter. As for the former, I only played one of them on the GBA, the other two being on the Wii. That is very much it. When I first delve into this I didn't know what was in store for me. No expectations, no worries, nothing at all. Then something hit me, Pizza Tower can be told in almost any positive comment.
The controls were decent. Nothing felt stiff in every direction I was going. For some strange reason, I found myself to be hitting almost every single wall in each level. This could likely be that I was unconfident in what I was doing, big oof. Not to say that the fault lies in the development team, that isn't the sort I'm talking here. Anywho the power-ups in my opinion always kept things interesting, wacky especially. It commonly gave a sense of freshness so I was never left bored in my playtime.
As other have perhaps previously said before me, the soundtrack is the weakest area. Don't get me wrong the music standalone I imagine is okay but it does not match the atmosphere of what is being presented. There should have been more bombastic, dramatic instruments used in accordance with the funny insanity. The sound felt faint at times, leaving me confused. Go all out guys I implore you!
So, the bosses. They didn't fail their designs, no doubt about this. The expressions with the personality they had in them filled me with amazement in every, single, occurence. There was one who had an ego the size of an house. Including an one who was a straight up dick. And the final boss, the last one was sooo good jesus. Soundtrack was going hard that time as I thought it would!
To cap it all off, this was bizarrely amazing. I don't mind playing more of these sorts of things in the near future because they don't seem to get stale. I highly recommend, the team has surely paid off these couple of years.

Cool vibes in this game all around. Love the MS Paint style, it might turn some people away but every frame of animation is a pleasure to look at. OST is full of bangers, can't think of one song I didn't like. Love the game's humor too from the visual gags in the animation when playing and the backgrounds to just general good pacing.
Just about every level has some unique gimmick/power up to throw at you which sounds like a big gaming red flag but it is honestly done so well and never kills the pacing, usually goes down to a puzzle to get rid of a power up you have because you can't get too far without it. Once you get the groove of the game it becomes very fast paced and running through levels. I think I had a big grin on my face throughout my entire playthrough
Didn't 100% to beat but will probably go back to try to.
Excellent platformer all-around. Wish Peppino Pizza was real I'd eat there every week

As a big fan of Wario Land 4, I was extremely excited for this game as there really aren’t any games out there like that game specifically. There’s nothing quite like that game’s mix of exploration, usage of powerups, and extremely bizarre and creepy atmosphere. I kind of got that with Pizza Tower, but unfortunately I finished the game feeling a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the game is good. In fact, I’d highly recommend it. It’s just not exactly what I wanted and expected it to be. Due to its focus on speeding through every obstacle and enemy, requiring near perfect memorization of the level design for the highest ranks, it ends up feeling more like a very linear Sonic game rather than a Wario Land game.
There are definitely things that Pizza Tower absolutely nails. Controls are mostly perfect, with my main complaint being that your moveset is so large that I would often accidentally trigger moves I didn’t mean to, this mainly being a problem during boss fights. The weird and creepy vibe of the Wario Land games is here too, only having a more 90s/early 2000s cartoon flair to it. Music is very good too, although nothing stands out that much other than the Pizza Time and the pause menu song.
Where the game loses me is in its level design. The kind of 2D platformers that I tend to like and am more impressed by are the ones that involve more nonlinear exploration and secret finding rather than pure twitch reflexes and memorization. Stuff like Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario World, and, well, Wario Land 4 are more my style. This game straight up advertises itself as Wario Land inspired, and yet every level plays more like the escape sequences from Wario Land 4 only on crack. It’s very clear that you’re supposed to memorize the layout of every level and go through them as efficiently and quickly as possible, which just didn’t gel with me as much as I’d like. You can kind of play it at a slower pace, but that ends up making a lot of parts feel sluggish and annoying to get through. Your dash turns any enemy in your path into fodder, so why wouldn’t you constantly try to go as fast as possible?
The speed of the game in combination with its artstyle can be a bit problematic too because it’s sometimes way too hard to distinguish between things like background and foreground elements or even hazards/enemies. A good example of this are the electrical outlets that appear on the ground for one of the levels. When you’re going fast, these blend in way too much and it’s extremely hard to tell they’re even there. Hell, even the first level of the game has enemies that will literally spawn in front of you and slap your shit and stop you in your tracks before you realize what happened. These enemies are purple by the way, on a level with a background that’s a slightly different shade of purple.
These kind of issues made me understand why people dislike the 2D Sonic games. A complaint I’ve heard a lot about those games is that too often you’ll try to go fast and get constantly hit by enemies or hazards. The difference there is that Sonic games are usually designed well enough that even when you’re going really fast, it almost never feels like you’re going so fast that you can’t tell what you’re looking at on screen. Plus, the 2D Sonic games, despite also being momentum focused, have very wide open and big levels with multiple paths that makes replaying them over and over again extremely satisfying. You don’t really get that with Pizza Tower. There is one linear path to take. Playing the game at optimal efficiency basically turns the game into an autorunner. The developer apparently got a lot of feedback from people in a discord who pushed him into this specific speedrun niche, and it really shows.
The levels also end up feeling very samey because of this design philosophy. Sure there are different themes, like one is in the sewers, one in a castle, one in a literal warzone, etc. Ultimately this doesn’t really matter, because few of the levels have anything truly unique going on with them. A few towards the end throw in some gimmicks, like the FNAF level, but it’s too little too late and the gimmicks they have are more on the annoying side. It has remnants of the kind of powerups seen in Wario Land, but they feel tacked on, as if the game was going to incorporate them more but the dev just forgot about them as the game swerved into a different direction. In my mind, every level blends together a bit too much.
Boss fights felt jarring to me. This is a game where you literally cannot die in stages, with the only true failure stage being running out of time during the rush back to the start of the level. Having the boss fights be as difficult as they were seemed like an odd decision, especially when they start filling the screen with random hazards that sometimes feel impossible to avoid. I’m not asking for the boss fights to be literally unloseable or something, it just didn’t feel like a natural difficulty progression. Oddly enough, I found the final boss a lot more interesting, fun, and less difficult than the others, probably because I was used to the difficulty at that point, but it simply felt better designed.
I’m being really hard on the game, but that’s mainly because I was looking forward to this for a while. It’s still well made and very good. Again, the controls are great, the art and animations are fantastic, and overall you can tell they put a lot of heart and soul into this. The level design isn’t quite what I wanted, but it’s definitely not bad by any means. There have been small patches for the game almost every day since release to fix issues, which shows that they genuinely care about feedback. I just don’t really feel much of an incentive to go back and replay levels due to the overall design rubbing me the wrong way. Going for S and P ranks also seems absurdly annoying, fuck that.
By the way, I unintentionally beat the game with 69% completion, so I’m never touching that save file again.

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this game is really just a front for "what if fnaf but you had a shotgun"

this game did not have a single dull moment dude. from the moment i started playing the game to the end of it, i had a blast. perfecting peppino's movement is really satisfying, and having a gimmick per level really keeps you on your toes. also shoutouts to that one level called "oh shit"

Pizza Tower is a game that I’ve been eagerly anticipating for almost five years. As a major fan of Wario Land 4, Pizza Tower looked like the spiritual successor that I’ve been searching for since I originally played the game at a very young age on the Game Boy Advance. After having finished the final product, in all honesty, it doesn’t quite feel like the Wario Land 4 sequel that I’ve been wanting. That’s not at all a bad thing, though.
While it definitely takes inspiration from various gameplay elements as well as the zany nature of Wario Land, Pizza Tower is its own beautiful, hilarious and extremely chaotic platforming experience like nothing I’ve ever really played before. I love pretty much everything about this game; from its tight and focused controls, to it’s fun and varied level design, to its bombastic soundtrack, to its phenomenally designed characters, to the utterly insane and incomprehensible level of detail that went into every single aspect of this game’s art, animations, and overall visual design.
With that being said though, that amount of detail can sometimes be a little TOO great. To the point where everything on the screen can be a bit overwhelming on the eyes. Plus, you can sometimes miss gameplay elements of a level that you’re supposed to interact with, or not even realize that you are interacting with something in a level, simply because the game doesn’t convey it well and it just blends in with the extremely detailed background. This is my main criticism of the game, and in all honesty, it’s a minor one. It just gives me an excuse to go back and replay it some more to catch the things that I missed during my initial playthrough.
This game was well worth the five year wait. Very rarely was I not grinning and giggling to myself like an idiot while I played it. The fast paced, occasional anxiety inducing gameplay sends a huge rush of adrenaline through my system. I love it, I can’t get enough of it, and I can’t wait to play it some more. This is absolutely one of the best indie titles I’ve ever played, as well as one of my new favorite games

somma you fuckers haven't been hardened by the true horrors of war and it shows

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What an excellent video game. Fun as fuck Wario Land esque game with a phenomenal art style and some of the coolest music in an indie game. Only real issue I have with is that some gimmicks feel better than others but at the same time there's so much variety its hardly an issue. Absolutely reccomend it to anyone looking for some Platformer goodness this is definitely one of the best in a while.
Also that finale might be one of the hardest I've played in a hot minute.

I love games that are stupid fast, difficult, and with a lot of room for mastery. Pizza tower strikes that niche spot on, and has quickly become an all-time favorite for me.
Let's start with presentation, because hoo boy is it great. The ms-paint style linework with twitchy and over-the-top animation is so satisfying to watch. The stages all have fun themes with a ton of variance, enemies and background details are full of life and detail, and it all brings such a strong and great personality to the game. The cutscenes are fun, boss intros and animations are stupid, and I love it. The music is top notch stuff, with a ton of musical variety and it's pretty much all great. I especially liked the escape themes, War, The final boss theme, the final escape theme, and oregano desert. But there's really not any duds among the group.
The controls are excellent, and can feel a bit twitchy at first but really come together as you get better. Soon enough I was blasting through levels using all my moves in tandem and it makes just replaying a random level a joy. I'm definitely going to speedrun this game after I 100% it.
The level design is packed with weird ideas that are memorable and fun, with a constant stream of gimmicks that get used really well. Finding secrets is quite fun too, and going for P-ranks (where you have to do everything in a level while never dropping your combo) has been one of the most fun things I've done in a video game.
Pizza Tower is a masterpiece. I love every single thing about this game, and I will likely keep coming back to this game every once in a while for a long time. I recommend this to pretty much anyone who enjoys having fun.

Pizza Tower absolutely cribs its fundamentals from Wario Land 4, but it changes things up just enough to feel fresh. There’s a greater emphasis on speed and maintaining momentum, as well as chaining attacks together for big combo strings. It’s a game that constantly moves and grooves, and I could see speedrunning this game being a blast.
That’s not to say it’s all speed though. You can slow down and explore these huge stages as well. In fact it’s highly recommend that you do so on your first run since boss doors are unlocked by earning money from finding secret ingredients in each stage (which isn’t too tough thankfully; I only hit a wall at the very end where I needed to go back to an earlier level and find a couple of ingredients).
Mechanically, this game is an absolute dream. I love how massive and layered the levels are while never feeling too overwhelming. I never felt stuck or lost; they’re just linear enough to prevent that while allowing you to go off the beaten path for secrets if you desire.
Much like Wario Land 4, each stage ends with an escape sequence where you have to haul ass back to the beginning while a timer ticks away. It’s properly exhilarating, and the chaos extends to the music that sounds like it’s about to unravel at any given moment while you’re desperately speeding back to safety. I adore these segments, especially one that I will not spoil but had me grasping on to the controller like it was trying to fly out of my hands.
And the bosses, my god. They’re excellent tests of pattern memorization and offer a hell of a challenge. I could see these being a point of frustration with a lot of people and I wish there were some accessibility options that could alleviate any potential hurdles, but I felt a rush of joy wash over me each time I made it through.
The presentation is also immaculate, paying homage to 90s animation and reminding me a lot of games like Earthworm Jim and Boogerman. Peppino’s animations are so detailed and expressive, and the stages held within the tower are full of personality and unique aesthetics. The soundtrack is great too, bouncing between funky and chaotic, often within the same level.
At this point I’m just sorta listing mechanics and gushing so I’ll wrap this up. Pizza Tower is going to be a tough game to top for me this year in terms of indies. It’s pretty much everything I was hoping for, and then some. I’ve been following the development of this game for a couple of years now and seeing how wonderful it turned out makes me happy. I’m looking forward to diving back in and attempting to find everything I missed the first time. Mama mia spaghetti pizza italy.

Una locura creativa que no para quieta y que exprime su estado como sucesor espiritual de un juego tan brillante como fue en su dia Wario Land 4. A lo mejor algo caótico pero derrocha carisma, encanto y diversión por los cuatro costados.
La batalla final va absolutamente feral literalmente lo hicieron se volvieron la pizza tower

Exactly what I expected, a very well made twist to the Wario Land 4 formula that exceeds in presentation and style, but lacks in some departments.
The combo and ranking system and frantic speed of this game makes it feel very fresh even after having played Wario Land 4 a ton of times. Also the level design philosophy of being able to play in a more relaxed and exploratory way while also being able to be played at Mach-3 speed and reacting to every jump and turn is just so much fun.
The bosses were a lot of fun too, that kinda got me because usually bosses are the weakest part for me in every platformer but each one felt really unique, especially the last one. The game foreshadows a final escape sequence with each floor having these inaccessible parts of the tower, and it clearly delivered it. I don’t want to enter spoiler territory but damn it was such a good climax.
I think the weakest part for me was definitely the music. While the songs are not bad per se, I'd say that a lot of them don’t match the overall vibe of the game nor the level. One that I think nails it it’s the escape music, with its main melody reminding me of something like the main theme of Wario Land 2, having these weird and unexpected tones with this funky groove beneath it.
I need to add that some of these songs don’t usually nail this, and I think this hurts the overall identity of the game as a whole experience. Having these songs that sometimes seems that were chosen randomly for each level while having to rely on familiar things like putting the pizza theme from Spiderman 2 in the tutorial, or a lot of samples that I recognized from Naganuma songs (don’t know the source of them) or a lot of SFX from Wario Land 4.
Don’t get me wrong though, some of these hip-hop funky tunes and break beats are pretty great, but I just wish it embraced more of its goofy, cartoony aesthetic in its sound design a little bit more. Wario Land 4 embraced the uniqueness and weirdness it has and added to each level a really distinct theme, and I wish it was the same here ‘cause I love this game to death.
Currently on the way to 100% and having a fucking blast. Congrats to the devs and people behind it!