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Really neat visuals, feels like they made it to not work on Radeon, but my 4070ti played it fine. Latency was gross with DLSS FG on tho.

Basically the same game as Portal but with the caveat of being able to run it on a much higher resolution if your graphics card meets the requirements. In that case, it's gorgeous to go back to the different areas from your original playthrough and go around exploring. There's also some skins hidden and the menus still suck.

Have you ever wanted to play a 15 year old game, but with terrible performance? Well here you go. (Played with an RTX 3070)

It's Portal, now with fancy lighting. Good tech demo to show off full path-tracing if you've got the hardware for it and Portal is still a great game to revisit (even if it feels proof of concept to the perfection that is Portal 2).

i remember when a furry called this bad


A version of Portal to play if you need your GPU to warm up your office a few degrees in the cold winter months. It did crash a couple times and there were a few scenes where the RTX lighting just looked goofy/bad, though.

rodou ate que bem na minha 2060 to surpreso mas logico a 30 fps e a performance nao é boa nao vou forçar isso

No estoy seguro de cómo de valioso es el raytracing de esta ¿versión? de Portal. Los cambios son muy notables incluso sin comparaciones directas, pero el precio en el rendimiento se paga con creces (jugado a 1080p con una 3080Ti, que no es poca cosa). Por otro lado es cuestionable hasta que punto cambia la atmósfera y el estilo visual original.
Por lo demás, siendo gratuito si tienes Portal 1 es la excusa perfecta para volver a jugar uno de los juegos más ingeniosos de puzzles que he podido tocar.

I was surprised by how decently it respected the original art style while showcasing RTX, though in some parts, more so by the end the lighting was a little overexposed so it made some surfaces look like portal adequate when they were not, making it difficult to see where to go and by consequence affecting the original game design, so even for someone like me who has played the original game several times it was difficult to tell where I had to go.

I’m not a huge fan of the original portal, but the rtx face lift, even if it breaks parts of the game design, looks fantastic.

Can't say this is a necessary upgrade, or a great tech demo for that matter (why would you want to demonstrate modern graphics tech with a game where sterility and uniformity ARE the visual style?), but I'll take any excuse to replay this game. And are you telling me the platforms always moved this slow?!

No amount of tensor cores, teraflops, or fractals could spark joy as easily or readily as hearing the Portal radio in its unfiltered glory.

It's an interesting experiment, but ultimately... it's Portal with ray tracing. And it's for anyone with a 3060 or higher graphics card. This really doesn't do anything for anyone other than those with really high level graphics cards. All while well over quintupling the size of the game.
This also would have been a good time to even do some small upgrades to the base game, but that wasn't even done. So, in the end, this is just a prettier Portal.

kind of unreal how much of a chokehold this game had on The Culture back in the day considering there really is not that much to it - I beat my playthrough in two hours.
the RTX port doesn't run consistently smoothly but it sure does look pretty. goes to show how much a solid art direction can go in keeping a game relatively ageless. i really could have done without all the cutesy nvidia advertisements tossed in though, those do a lot to really take you out of the immersion (which is a bad thing because the half-life universe is nothing without atmosphere).

It's a version of Portal your PC can barely run. How fun.

Visualmente acojonante a un punto que asusta. Te quedas embobado viendo una iluminación completa por RT. Especialmente cuando abres dos portales y ves como la luz entra por ellos y se entremezcla con el ambiente en sí...
Por lo demás ha envejecido muchísimo. Y no bien. Y por más que Glados siga siendo un personaje fascinante, a nivel jugable es muy corto, muy sencillo. Muy limitado en sí, como corresponde al año de su salida. La secuela lo dejó muy muy muy atrás.

Sempre gostei do jogo original, mas essa versão é realmente nem muito interessante. Acho que vale a pena jogar essa versão apenas se você já tem há algum tempo vontade de jogar, mas nunca teve um motivo pra isso.

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In terms of how it looks, I have no complains, besides some performance and set up issues.
The game is great, but feels more like a demo for portal 2. Still hearing glados after every level is always great, which combined with the quick transition between levels encourages the player to keep playing.

I mean the RTX is pretty and all, but I've already played Portal. It's basically just a free tech demo for peeps who already own the original game, plus any of the NVIDIA RTX cards.

Bu oyun rtx 3080 almak için 3 ay sadece makarna yedim

Portal is EXCELLENT.
The performance on the other hand? NOT great. But was a cool refresh for a game this old.
But I still get cake.

A perfect demo in how depressingly overblown RTX is. A decade and a half later and horribly awfully optimized, it can barely be played on the lowest-end RTX card, with sluggish response times frequently dipping below 25 FPS, and godawful disgusting bloom smearing the lens constantly. It is honestly depressing how much of a waste of time, money, and resources are spent on basically nothing, to recreate the astounding carefully made static lightmaps in barely-functional mediocre realtime lighting.
F. See me after class.

It's Portal but not as well optimized. Still a cool showcase of RTX, though.

Doesn't look that good + crashed 5 times + i was on low settings + i have a good graphics card + much worse than the original

This actually rules, you're all just babies.

Portal but an ad for the 4090. It looks better but runs worse. Not gonna complain about replaying this game again tho

Continua sendo um dos melhores jogos de todos os tempos e agora mais bonito do que nunca.

Si de por si Portal me parece un 10 de 10 agreguenle el poder del trazado de rayos y se ve increiblemente hermoso. Muy bonito lo que lograron hacer con el juego.