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This is my favorite blend of challenging and easy levels when
it comes to Mario. The wide assortment of power-ups both for Mario and Yoshi are a lot
of fun and they don’t seem to make the platforming irrelevant (besides the cloud flower
which is still a lot of fun). While I don’t like the hub world as much as the original I do
like finding green stars instead of replaying the whole game with a different character.

the most all around solid 3d platformer i've ever played. very very veeery fun <3

More imaginative than the first one, which is saying something.
But, it doesn't have the impact of it being a totally new concept so I don't like it quite as much.
Honestly, you need to play them both.

I know I'm in the minority when I say this, but the Galaxy games are overrated as fuck. So so so linear, and uninspired compared to the previous 3D marios. They feel like they're on autopilot. There ARE cool ideas here, but MAN they are bogged down by the most boring as sin basic levels, Yoshi adds NOTHING here, and the powerups are so situational that they're boring. I hate that theres randomly 2D levels. People hate when Sonic does it and I hate when Mario does it too. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like some things here. You will never catch me saying the Galaxy games have bad soundtracks, theres some fun galaxies, I like all the non-bowser boss fights, the cosmic medals are a good addition, and Mario controls well. I'd like him more if he weren't on these fucking annoying circles, but whatever. This game is FINE, but it's nothing special.

this is the best game i ever hated. lubba a gangsta and mario head went crazy tho. i could use some big mario head

super mario galaxy dlc went so crazy

Just as good as the first Galaxy game. Where it lacks in only having a couple stars per planet it makes up for in the million new mechanics it adds. Post-game is neat too, but green stars don't make old levels fun the way comets do.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an interesting sequel, because it both surpasses and lags behind the first game in regards to certain elements.
Regardless, a worthy entry in the Mario series and a fun time.

Nintendo was cooking when they made Super Mario Galaxy 2. I need this level of greatness in another 3D Mario game.

Esse jogo é mto legal, eu gosto bastante desse jogo do mario. Para mim ele é um jogo bom.

It's just more Mario Galaxy levels, but Mario Galaxy 1 had way more to offer than just levels.

I found this game to be immensly frustrating at times and repetitive. Still, it's a great game and in a lot of ways better than SMG1 (I still like 1 better). It's a shame that the game hasn't been ported for the Switch yet.

Literally the video game. Best thing to ever release. All hail the Wii

i am starving to play this again, such a fuckin amazing game and the best 3d platformer of all time

In theory, this should be my favorite Mario game. I've poured in thousands upon thousands of hours over the course of a decade mastering this game, speedrunning it, and exploring its limits. I own six separate copies of this game in various languages and systems. Indeed, the reason why I've spent so much time on this game is that its level design is some of the greatest stuff Nintendo has ever made. Yoshi is such a versatile and broken asset to the game, the platforming is complex and vibrant, and all stars excite me. It really is a perfect add-on to SMG1, as it originally intended to be. The reason why I can't bring myself to give this game a perfect score is that instead of marketing this game as a sort of 'lost levels' or addon to Super Mario Galaxy, they slapped in a lazy story that feels lacking, unfinished and lacks vision. The whole story of this game is filler. Did they do it to boost sales? So they could more comfortably shelve it alongside other mainline Mario games? It feels slightly disingenuous. Either way, it's not a big complaint. This is a sublime game and I've had an outrageous amount of fun with it se a child, a teenager and a young adult. I truly hope they re-release this on the Switch, someday.

One of the best Mario games ever with a very fun story and fun mechanics

This is my favorite Mario game of all time. I 100% it on my second playthrough, got all of the bitch ass looking green stars and i loved every second of it. This is probably the game with the best level design I've ever played.

the reason the wii u flopped was because of what i did when they sent me back to space.

Para mí el mejor juego de Mario hasta la fecha, ya que en lo técnico fue lo mejor de su época, y hasta ahora ningun otro Mario pudo superar su estilo variado, su música, su historia fuera de lugar para la saga, y sus personajes y enemigos. Sin duda el mundo no se merece un Mario Galaxy 3, pero qué lindo sería para todos

i played it quite a while ago but all i remember is loving this game way too much and everyone seems to agree that it is really good

While I personally haven't played much of the 1st game, I can testify that this game is excellent. This should've been on Nintendo's crappy 3d All-Stars collection. Would've made it better.

This game kickstarted 2D sections in 3D platformers being a thing and for that crime it can never be forgiven

I don't understand how anyone thinks this is better than Galaxy 1, I found some great Mario platforming in here occasionally, but it's so frequently gated off by bad gimmick levels, I was barely able to finish it and had no desire to keep collecting after the end.

not as good as the first one imo but still had really creative level design. if only i could remember anything that happens here tho... again i dont think its as memorable as the og but maybe thats because of my own expectations

This game REEKS of creativity. Wish it was more memorable though, I forget about a lot of the levels.