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in the past

Definitely my favourite game made in the last couple years

best nostalgia trip ive ever been on

cara, mt legal
é engraçado, é bonito, é divertido, e tudo isso em um joguinho de escolha com uns boneco de palito
charles meu parça
platinado em 5.7 horas

They misspelt stickman. common henry L. Best game I've ever played

A Nostalgic, Funny and Simple choose your own adventure game from the good golden age of Newgrounds (good times).
If you want to play a unique, short and relaxing adventure game for fun, I recommend this one.
The References of other games and other media are awesome.


Simply amazing game, great replay value to replay once a year or so. Sadly once you've gotten all the fails you basically know what happens for each, unless you forget. Also a shame this version had to edit out all the copyrighted stuff from the originals, but it makes sense why they did it.

oh and get distracted

Got some chuckles out me. While I think it's an amazing game, I feel you can only enjoy it fully when you played the series in the flash days. Which I did and I loved it to every single bit, 100% it though is easy but tiring.

A love-letter to internet culture and gaming as a whole throughout the past 15 years. Hilarious!

I laughed. I cried. I screamed. Possibly the most epic game I've played in my life. TAKE NOTES DAVID CAGE. PEAK FICTION.

A heartfelt love letter to the golden age with an extreme amount of charm.

Pretty fun experience, very comedic, me likey.

every voice actor in this game (of which i imagine theres like 5 at most) sounds like theyre trying not to wake up their parents in the next room over

the true cultural juggernaut that was Henry Stickmin mostly flew past me in my preadolescence. while i was certainly aware of that sort of newgrounds and newgrounds-adjacent style of flash game of the time i was more preoccupied with more superior, high brow content (hotelweegee YTPs). i'd played through one or two of them years ago with a friend but had zero recollection of anything in them besides a vague memory of finding them funny. thus, in a divine combination of randomly getting recommended clips of it on youtube, feeling nostalgic and a random steam sale, the planets aligned for me to revisit this true childhood classic.

it feels bad for me to dump on something clearly made for people whos sense of humor wasnt permanently altered by the afformentioned hotelweegee ytps but its just kinda not funny. weak slapstick, whedonisms and epic references are the extent of what we get here. not even the funny kind of references! its like, jojo and shit! whoo boy! its like the video game equivalent of deep diving on tvtropes; you click a bunch of random links that branch in random directions that occasionally get a nose exhale out of you until you decide 5 minutes in you could be doing something better.

i admire the effort tho? animations all really well done for what it is, the voice acting is servicable, it wasnt like a groan inducing kind of unfunny for whatever thats worth. the weird effort of making a name and bio for every half a second on screen npc was the best part, those were also kinda funny sometimes. cant knock the hustle.

it is with a heavy heart i must say that this game is, in fact, a little reddit.

Gameplay 3/5

Graphics 3/5

Repeatability 2.5/5

Story 3.5/5

Overall 3/5

Silly little game that's very nostalgic and humorous

A love letter to all media, only held back by its need for copyright friendly sound effects and visuals