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This game really didn't click with me. I've played a couple other Yakuza games and enjoyed them, but nothing seems to be working well in Yakuza 7. The first couple chapters are kind of intriguing as you meet your party members and get your bearings in the new city, but soon after I felt like I was just going from cutscene to cutscene with some random fights mixed in. It also seems like the characters talk in circles sometimes, stating the same thing a couple times over in different ways. The underground dungeon was an absolute slog, and seemed to be the turning point where I started losing interest. It took quite literally an hour and a half of just running through identical looking hallways fighting bland enemies to clear.
I don't really know how this game is sitting at 4.3 on this side and mid to high 80s on review aggregates. I guess it just isn't for me, which is a shame because I typically like Yakuza games.

I don't know how they made Yakuza into the one JRPG whose combat I like, but they sure as hell did. I appreciate how the main character starts off a loser and doesn't really stop being one.

A nice change of pace coming from playing 6 action rpgs in succession, now talking about the game itself, the combat in this felt good, like it’s noticeable that this is their first attempt at a turn based combat, but nonetheless it was fun and easy to understand, I like this change.
Now, the story is top tier, I’m excited to see what’s the future for Ichiban in the next games, I gotta admit it was a bit fanservice-ey at times, but the rest was solid, emotional and engaging.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is not only my new favorite entry in the Yakuza franchise, it is also one of the JRPGs I've ever played, and one of the best games I've ever played PERIOD.
The story and gameplay are as hilarious as it is emotional, the characters are loveable and Ichiban is more than a worthy successor to Kazuma Kiryu as the franchise's new protagonist. I cannot recommend it enough, and what an amazing way to cap off the Yakuza marathon I started with my friend/LP cohost way back when the pandemic started after 8 games.
I EAGERLY await the arrival of Like A Dragon 8 next year. What a ride!

I'm not a fan of turn-based games, but this game really won me over. Looking forward to having Ichiban as the series protagonist.

Primera vez que juego a un Yakuza.
Me voy a pasar la saga entera, buenas tardes.

Juro que lo intente pero no puedo con estos juegos

Another banger in the Yakuza/Like A Dragon series. Loved the story, the turn-based combat, the amount of things to do. Ichiban is a great replacement for Kiryu and I can't wait to see more of him in future games.

Great Game Really! The change of Protagonist to Ichiban gave this entry such a breath of fresh air that it feels like an entirety of a new era not only for this series but for everything around us. The new protagonist has infinite energy, is infinitely optimistic, charming, and confident that it's impossible to just not get stuck with the lighting of his motivation. Metamorphically the game is about a character who knows nothing but Hope and Love in his life which let's him get out of the deepest pits of hell up to the top of the Millenium tower, thriving in his riches. From absolute darkness to greatness through sheer will, hope, and love. And it really goes to how our life really could be like that game, an RPG where we can't ever stop from getting stronger where there simply is no point in losing hope or our warmness in our hearts as long as we keep leveling up. 5/5

What a phenomenal game. My second Yakuza game but first Yakuza platinum. Loved the story and couldn't wait to work through all the side stories. Really enjoyed the decision to switch to RPG for this game, for me it didn't really seem like a grind as I was having so much fun 🙂 Can't wait to play the rest of the games in the series.

Impossível não amar os personagens e as questlines secundárias, parece que não quiseram focar na gameplay e investiram e carisma.

Really good game. Story wise its a bit simple and straightforward for a Yakuza game but when the big moments hit it delivers. Ichiban is one of the best protagonist introductions and its no wonder why everyone loves him. The man wears his heart on his sleeves and is the most positive and lovable character in a endearing way. I was really invested in everything tied to the Arakawa family and Ichiban's past and its really what drives this story forward for me.
The game has great fanservice and passing of the torch, turn based gameplay that once you get used to its really addicting, and one of the best final chapter climax, among the higher tier RGG games for sure.

Top 3 best endings in any game I've ever played, and a super fun game tacked onto that. Combat needs a bit of work (like stop the enemies from spazzing about the combat zone) and it'll be magnum opus level like Y0

Is a game that does a lot of things good but have some mistakes that mess the experience a little for me.
The combat is super refreshing but it makes you farm two times during the game even if you have completed all the secondary missions.
The character are nice but I think that a character as goofy as Kasuga doesn't benefit from this type of narrative like kiryu did. The party of the main character being so different from each other sometimes takes away the seriousness in some scenes that intent to be dramatic.

All of RGG's best aspects (stellar writing and performances), mixed with a surprisingly fun and engaging JRPG system.
Ichiban is one of the best video game protags of this era, and I have never been more excited for a new direction for a franchise in my life.
There's a lot more to say here; like how the game's writing handles issues of social inequality and corruption better than almost any other mainstream game out there. Or it's handling of it's legacy characters ascends from mere fanservice to something more. But it would extend this review out into a full-on essay.
Play Like A Dragon. Seriously.

+ A lot of the sub-quests are silly and hilarious in classic Yakuza fashion
+ The mini-games. You can even play freaking Virtua Figther 5 in the arcade.
+ Ijincho really comes to life and is really fun to explore. I rarely felt like using fast travel until late in the game.
+ The pokemon-style enemy types are hilarious
- Too many pointless details in the plot. As the story progresses, more and more gets added into the mix and the explanations come through long cutscenes with nothing but awfully dull dialogues. Extremely boring.

This is probably the most heartfelt entry in the series.
I'll argue it has the best story of all Yakuza games, surpassing both 0 and 2.
Unfortunately even after playing the game I didn't get used to the combat shift from Action to Turn based, and I still quite don't like it; for its first attempt, it feels too simple and a little slow at points. There are RPGs with far better combat I'm afraid.
But, damn, the story in this game... It really is a great freaking ride. I can't stress it enough.

I hope Nanba buys Ichiban some medication soon.

The gameplay just needs a few optimizations (menus and minor elements) and... everything else is perfect. Very very fun game, deep gameplay, INCREDIBLE story obviously...
I think they should find a balance between this game's management and Yakuza 0's : 3 million really isn't that much past the midgame.
Bosses and progression is fine, there are 2-3 difficult bosses but only one where it's a filter. You have all the tools to grind and get really cool gear so it's good (I mean.. it's really a tough character so it's fine).
Oh and of course there's a ton of side content and a crazy super secret dungeon (if you wanna put that many more hours into the game, but it's cool).
I loved Kasuga and Arakawa.. the party members are great too.
Hype for LAD8.

dost kayaoğlunun boktan oyun zevkini sorgulayacağınız oyun...

Very fun up to a point. Once you get to a certain point you really have to grind to progress, which the game could really do without as it destroys the pace of the story.

Great game. I wish Saeko was real and that she'd spit in my coffee. However, I must confess, I do find the combat systems in the game to be primitive, such as the object interactions being a toss-up, a statement that I hope that I don't go back on with the next installment.

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sorry Amon but i'm not leaving any poor review on the internet the game was ludo and epic

infelizmente dropei, achei o inicio mt bom mas o combate n tava dando certo comigo. talvez eu volte no futuro

Who knew the transition from brawler to JRPG could work so well? RGGS didn't forget their roots, and the humor from all the previous Yakuza games continues with this one. In terms of feel, this feels like Ichiban's Yakuza 0, and I couldn't love it more.

If the class system was a bit more interesting this would comfortably be a 5 star game for me. Unfortunately the classes just weren't very interesting to experiment with and only offered a small amount of value in skills that carried over to over classes. Necessary if you wanted a good variety of elemental attacks on your mages though or more than one or two damage types on your physical fighters.
Fantastic in every other regard, I completed every major minigame, substory and activity in the game and is one of only two games I ever wanted to start an immediate New Game + save in.

To tell the truth, i actually find Yakuza 7 a great experiment with the series and the original games formula. I really really love the new characters cast, they're very memorable, and you really enjoy watching them contacting with each other.
Also, yes, i'm one of these guys who actually like the new gameplay. Of course, changing the settled gameplay that everybody loved to a JRPG because of comments on Youtube is a fucking cringe, but the gameplay... It's actually fun. RGG Studio really managed to do a good JRPG, not so hard for casuals, and not so easy to be boring for hardcore gamers.
I love Yakuza 7, and there's nothing you can do with that.