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Favorite game of all time. The story is amazing, the atmosphere is great, the characters are fun! Then you have the co-op that anyone can get into, and the workshop chambers for limitless puzzles. 10/10 amazing game.

A great couch co-op game filled with rapid rounds of ducks shooting each other.

generally easy, but still enjoyable. introduced some new and interesting mechanics I really wanted

really shitty in a lot of ways, but wonderfully mysterious back in the day.

i can still feel the bumpy box from this image
they expanded upon previous ideas, added a bunch of stuff, added a whole new area, flying mounts and multi-person mounts, etc.
best of all, they added glyphs, socketing, and a better enchantment system. really allowed for some amazing customizations
fantastic expansion, probably the peak of WoW for me

music is great, gameplay is great, most bosses are great, RPG elements are great, graphics are great, 10/10
anime styling is a little weird tho

too grindy, but the overworld music is too good

really hard to get into if playing alone imo.
spent my first experience getting insta-kill sniped. not fun

Lots of fun! The soundtrack is great and goes well with the fast-paced platforming. Later parts of the game are a little annoyingly difficult.

Juego piola pero largo, y al chile no le veo razon para volverlo a jugar

Combate re divertido, buen juego. La seccion de speeders fue la reata

The campaign was pretty bad, but the multiplayer was fun. Not a big fan of the Req-packs mechanic though.

this game fucking sucks dog doo doo
the bosses are stinky and they made some retarded pet waifu mechanic. movement mechanics are also weird and stupid, and the music is mediocre

a lot of problems with it, but how they handled the RPG elements in it was absolutely fantastic. definitely one of my all time favorites

cool mechanics, but a trash ending made everything feel worthless afterwards

One of the best games I've ever played, if not the best. Irrational Games knows how to create a great immersive experience by taking the immersive sim concept Looking Glass was demonstrating with their games, and merging it with a complex FPS-RPG system where you can almost create a completely unique character everytime you play. Also, the storytelling is superb, with some thoughtful commentary from people in the game (with the help of audiologs you find while exploring the spaceship where you're trapped), and SHODAN. The opressive atmosphere is amazing too, the soundtrack fits very well with the places you visit in the game.
Nothing more to say, this game is a must.

Pretty fun co-op game that can be beaten in just about one sitting. Though the levels aren't as good as the first one and feels slightly easier.

Multiplayer is countless hours of fun. Gets even better with mods.

Que asco la pelea final, pero estuvo bueno aunque el combate es meh

Rougelike re izi pero estuvo bien

Sountrack piola, graficos bonitos, historia buena. Buen juego po. Uno de mis favoritos

Bueno, ni idea cuando lo termine