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This was a really nice point and click adventure game that reminded me as to why I enjoy the genre so damn much. It's definitely worth your time if you've got history with other games in this genre, but it's definitely by no means genre-defining. And a bit too self-referential for my taste. Although admittedly, a bunch of the 4th wall breaks are rather clever.

I'd like to believe that Thimbleweed Park is more of a warmup for before Return to Monkey Island.

an underrated Gem that is a mustplay for all fans of the platforming genre
I can't describe how creative this game is with its level design

It's a football game. Only gets a higher rating than the other football games I've played because the Greek commentary is funny.

Run of the mill military FPS, from a time when military FPS games were a dime a dozen. And it's not even an enjoyable one at that.

This review contains spoilers

I don't get all the imagery in this but the main thing the game's trying to show seems clear to me, this one is surprisingly fun to play, it's gameplay loop of finding office furniture that's actually flesh is great, in the end the timers, the consistently deteriorating condition of the news anchor just shows that his time in this world is up. He has cancer and before he dies he wants to look for one good story, one that will make people remember him. Thats a great contextualisation of the gameplay loop, but what is the reason behind the way this destruction is presented, maybe it's just abstraction cause killing people in an office is too shocking or edgy for the actual narrative.

The game also ends on a really chilling line and something I have thought of before. "No one will care about my Death if I don't prove to them that I lived" They say people die 2 deaths 1 when they die physically and another when no one remembers them.

Fun with friends but nothing I haven't seen other party games (and Minecraft) do on the same or higher niveau. A big plus for Fall Guys is that it's extremely simple to pick up and play tho.

Unfished rn but I started this with a friend and it's been so much fun!!! Can't wait to keep playing with her :3

Of all the platform fighters, this is one of them.

Another solid short little platformer from a pretty respectable mobile dev. However despite being called Tightrope Theater, its not a very tight experience at all.<br><br> The main premise is you're platforming in a circus with a unicycle, but most of this is just window dressing. Its basically just a normal 2d platformer. There are 100 levels across 5 different stages, ranging from incredibly easy to frustratingly difficult. Every level takes place on a single screen, and you're probably gonna die a lot so be prepared to get sent some ads every few times you die with the free mobile version. <br><br> For the most part this game is pretty fun, but it has some pretty annoying issues. First of all is the level design. Each level is made to look like you're on a theatre stage which, obviously. But the thing is theres like these massive columns on either side that for some reason arent walls of the level, so you'll constantly just be like, falling off the sides. Its not the biggest deal but it feels really silly and led to more deaths than it should of. Theres also a handful of levels where you're supposed to jump high enough that you literally go over the ceiling. It just is a little annoying. But the thing that really holds this game back for me is the controls. While it fits the whole riding a unicycle thing, the main character controls as slippery as wet pussy. Most of the things you're jumping on are very small ledges, and theres levels where you have to very narrowly dodge things like canons and balls of fire. This does make the game feel pretty challenging, but the character flinging himself around like an idiot does not go well with the precision platforming most of this game requires. Luckily its easy to get into and the music is fun, its one you're gonna have a hard time putting down.<br><br>6/17 Google Play Achievements<br>Nancymeter - 57/100<br>Game Completion #91 of 2022<br>Mobile Game Completion #7 of 2022<br>August completion #11

Un juego que me flipo en su día y me sigue flipando.
Una historia que cambia según nuestras decisiones y actos y con más de 5 finales, algunos buenos y otros terribles.
El juego, su historia, es un entramado de logias, sectas y crímenes sin resolver, que te atrapa desde el minuto 1.

CSI La Conspiración, vuelve a los orígenes con una trama oscura y adulta dentro del mismo laboratorio.
Donde si nos dejamos pruebas o fallamos se acaba la partida.
Ser minucioso es la clave en este último juego de la franquicia.
El trabajo en el laboratorio y la sala de autopsias es de lo mejorcito de la saga, con pruebas de audio video que ponen a prueba nuestro pulso.

Unique world , great robot fights , tons of potential but at the downside the story drags especially at the second act with bland characters
other than that THE SKY IS THE LIMIT for this series

I like the presentation except the fact that a game that looks like that has no reason to drop below 30 fps. That's not to say I don't like how it looks this new gen of PS1's wobbly textures usage is great like Lost in Vivo, Loveland and this. The things that look great with that is surprisingly both living things and metal, it's adds an ominous feel to metal architecture and on the other hand makes the living surfaces feel like they are breathing. The sound design is also great, I like how the fishes sound and the environment sound also makes it great. I dont get the whole game as a whole really but it's musings on choice made it an interesting thought experiment at times, the dialogue of the different fish and their reasons for choosing or even reactions to your own choice is great. I don't get how it ties to the overall imagery and the ending that well. The endings are wildly different does it mean that choices don't matter cause you wont know where it leads or that they do matter a lot but there's nothing you can do about it.

Grab a sibling/partner/good friend to play with. Only one controller needed to play co-op. Boxes of tissues highly advised.

every single level looks like something that would make up a mini golf course, it’s great.

The story is bad and cringey and I’m not sure if a cis man should be exploring these topics. I know people have gotten a lot out of this franchise but after the first couple hours I stopped paying attention to the cutscenes or story. I think escapism is good! And I definitely don’t like traumacore or this kind of goth aesthetic at all lmao. Every world is really beautifully designed and even though I think almost every single one dragged on far too long I still had fun exploring and platforming around. Well designed enough where I wasn’t that frustrated and never really wanted to quit it, overly long though like it did feel very bloated and I think that’s because it’s filled with just too much mini game type content. None of it feels fleshed out in any way and just seems there because at the time of making it it seemed like a good idea. Which I can’t even really fault the dev team for like it did make the game not repetitive but I really disliked all of the mini game stuff and most of the combat lol. Kind of interesting to view this in comparison to Arkham Asylum, which is also self serious mall goth late 00s aesthetic. Only this is just feminized and estrogenized, both I think have the same bulk of problems but also both kinda go hard in level design and to some extent aesthetic. I like the dresses in the underwater level and the dollhouse one

As a returning fan of the series, I certainly loved it

It definitely doesn’t top Fusion or Super (Fusion being my favorite) but that doesn’t mean it was bad at all. It was an exciting game and executed Samus’ character in such a fantastic way.

The EMMI’s were a little disappointing. They were supposed to be these incredibly overpowered bosses that seem near to impossible to defeat, but you end up flawlessly and easily sneaking and running away from them locating the Omega Cannon. Once you temporarily equip that, the EMMI fights feel like a quick-time event. No real difficultly. Just 1 shot and they’re gone. I wish we could actually fight them, and feel challenged

Overall the game is really fun, and the ending rewards are just so good looking. Good game, good sequel. Hopeful future for 2D Metroid

I tried playing this for one of my friends and um... yeah.

Spider-Man 3 for the Game Boy Advance is actually pretty decent. Dare I say... good? Like, I don't actually have a lot of issues with it. The controls may be a little clunky at first, and there are so many actions you can do that it feels too much, but I'm sure once you master the controls it feels great to play, maybe even speedrun. One thing I can appreciate is that the game feels fast-paced, Spider-Man can swing move fast with his swinging abilities, and there's a variety of objectives, some are timed so you have to act fast. The combat is also decent, though you don't have to fight every single enemy which is good, because I can imagine it getting pretty repetitive. The boss fights are pretty good. The graphics use the same style as some other Vicarious Visions games for GBA, with pre-rendered sprites and some background elements looking hand-drawn, overall looks decent. The music is good, which is unsurprising, because Shin'en. Though this is the first time I noticed a blatant music track reuse. You can't fool me with slightly different instrumentation, that main theme song is boss fight theme from Monster House GBA! I'm sure I can find other track similarities, like how one track in Drake & Josh has similar beginning to one track from The Sims 2: Pets GBA, though it still goes into its own direction, but this is straight up the same song. While it may feel a little lazy, it's not a bad track, and the rest of the soundtrack is probably original. Regardless, the soundtrack still sounds pretty good. Overall, this game was a pleasant surprise, the level design is solid and there's a decent variety, and the webslinging feels pretty good. It's one of the better licensed games for the GBA. Kinda impressive for such a late release.

Chrono Cross wasn't the sequel I expected it to be, however, it was fun and all until whatever happened around DISC 2. It reminded me of the same problem Xenogears had.

The OST and the backgrounds were definitely the best part. Amazing.

the box art for this game makes it seem like chris turns into a werewolf which is a huge missed opportunity

El peor juego de toda la franquicia: los gráficos son una risa y un horror (el estilo de comic no le pega nada)
El guion es un chiste sin sentido, y la forma de resolver los casos demasiado infantil. Es un juego de buscar objetos, (Hidden Objects) muy infantil y que nada tiene que ver con la franquicia.

haha playerunknown’s battlegrounds: battlegrounds amirite

jokes aside though if I had 1 Philippine peso for every time some indian kid called me a maderchod (hindi for motherfucker) on this game I’d be richer than Elon Musk