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This is exactly what I've wanted in a more calm game like this. People get older and die, you have kids that actually grow up and develop personalities. Crazy that I only found out about it all these years later with this newer version.
Just remember that this game came out before stardew valley, like over a decade before. It's still an older game, but I still find it very very good.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life finalizado después de algo más de 50 horas.
Desde hace mil horas ya no tenía nada que hacer, así que solo seguí jugando por morbosa 🤣
¿Mueres o no mueres al final? Ese era mi punto y por ese motivo jugué los 6 capis 😜

I could play this for hours. Days. Years. I have thouroughly enjoyed the valley and all the hours I spent in it. The only improvement would be if I could marry Daryl.