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Didn’t get the hype for this one. Uninteresting gameplay.

Thirteenth GOTW finished for 2023. A cheap but relatively neat shoot 'em up quickly gave way to one of the most obvious arcade coin-guzzlers I've ever played. All balance and fairness went out the window once the water world started. Abysmal. At least the music was catchy.

scarecrow on this game is one of my favorite villains of all time

CWs for Overgrowth: graphic animal death, blood, falling from great heights, depictions of pre-feudal slavery
I am aware of this game's development cycle and would like to speak charitably about it, but Overgrowth is a game where I continuously struggle to find such a through-line. There is an interesting FFXV-like action game input system that is robbed of any chance to shine through a lack encounters or AI which elaborate on it in any capacity. Very few platforming pieces complement the movement tools you have and when they do it, they're just achieving what a platformer should do in it's first few levels anyway (teaching you your jump max distance, height, stopping short, etc). The mode of aesthetics in art and writing here is both needlessly chaste and purposelessly cruel, as you get slammed by paper thin characters and unbelievable fantasy slavery. More than anything, this game feels like a cautionary tale on why programming is secondary to overall game design as Overgrowth fails to command even the gravity of a tech demo.

This review contains spoilers

Huh. Wasn't nearly as sold on that run. Redoing stuff you already did for 75% of the second play just isn't super fun. I think the hacking minigame is supposed to tide you over but it, and I cannot emphasize this enough, suuuuucks lol. All of the highs of the first run are still there, but they feel really diluted having to redo stuff without any suspense. Losing the second heavy weapon is also just kinda punishment. Thankfully I could basically speed run the stuff I had seen before (hence this run being half the length), but still.... I imagine I'll appreciate this run in the grand scheme of things later on, and I feel like I see what they were trying to do for players in the moment too, but it was still a serious chore to push through.
Unlike the first run, I can really only think of two merits for the second one. First, the few new elements on the 2B side are decent. I liked seeing his perspective, and there were some fun gameplay times when he was alone. The highlights were his standalone contributions against Adam and Eve in the hacking platform, which leads to the second pro of the B run: once again, the story. You get some good tidbits in a cool way. Realizing who the narrator was (and watching him come to terms with what he was seeing) was great, and the Adam sequence in the copied city in particular was excellent. Still, I think that was the only moment I had the same sense of mind-melting awe that the A run inspired so regularly--even the bombshell of the run re: YorHa felt relatively uninspired compared to the insanity the early hours of the game held. You basically had to infer something along those lines by that point, and it kinda felt like the entire reason for the B run existing was to tell you that point nonetheless. Such a shame, I feel like there's a lot of wasted potential in the second run, but I still expect I'll come to appreciate it as I slowly unlock the alphabet in Automata.

This game captures the innocence of adventure that I find not often portrayed as well as it does in this. The detail in the towns, dialogue, and bosses was fantastic and I highly recommend this game if you are looking for a great RPG from the golden era.
The battle system is different than other RPGs but it works so well that it makes me wish more games did something similar. This game being available with it's sequel on the Switch makes it a lot easier to play this.

While not as charming as the first title I loved the dialogue of the party and the locations looked great. I felt the difficulty was fair and the battle system was slightly improved as well.

Esse jogo é bem melhor do que eu me lembrava.
A história dele é bem melhor e infelizmente bem mais curta do que eu lembrava.
O Miles é um ÓTIMO protagonista, carismático pra caramba, carrega bem a história.
Todos os personagens aqui, assim como no primeiro são muito bem aproveitados, Ganke, Rio, Peter, Danika.
A Phin era uma vilã que eu não gostava tanto, mas que revendo é uma personagem mega interessante, gosto muito dela, as motivações e a batalha final no Roxxon plaza é inesquecível.
A trilha sonora desse jogo é ouro puro, tema épico que um homem aranha deve ter + batidas de rap pra mostrar a personalidade do Miles.
A gameplay como no primeiro é extremamente fluida, é muito gostoso ficar no modo livre andando por NY, combatendo crime etc.
As side quest são bobinhas, mas são ok, tem algumas que são mais elaboradas que outras, mas em geral são curtinhas, ache tal coisa, vá até tal lugar, derrote tal pessoa etc etc.
Eu senti a dificuldade bem mais elevada nesse comparado ao seu antecessor. A tecnologia do underground e da Roxxon dão uma dificultada a mais no combate o que é bom, pra explorar mais umas coisas que diferem o Miles do Peter.
O combate com o Venom é bem interessante, assim como o uso da habilidade de invisibilidade que faz você querer jogar ainda mais no stealth.
Ótimo jogo.

Love this game it’s massively overhated imo. Sure it’s not a RPG with deep mechanics like the previously two but it stands on its own.

Típico metroidvania clássico, jogo não tão difícil, com gameplay fluida e muito boss pra matar.
A parte boa é o que eu falei e o jogo inda é muito bonito.
A parte ruim é que parece que a soundtrack do jogo é só um lo-fi, que não combina muito em alguns momentos e o último boss com 5678109 formas que pqp, não é difícil, mas a estratégia usada no jogo todo pra matar qualquer boss não funciona nele, então te vira pra pensar em outra.
OBS: O jogo crasha a cada morte, então é bom não morrer muito kkkkk (Já falei com um representante dos devs e disseram que estão arrumando já).

This game rules. Very fun games with beautiful pixelart. The backgrounds in DK Jr. are fucking awesome and I also especially love both yoshi sprites. I also love how progression works in this game that is just different mini games. The only kinda weak point is the collection of actual G&W games. They just aren’t that fun or good imo but yeah everything else rocks. Really glad this is on NSO or I would’ve probably missed out on it. Check it out for sure.

The perfect horror game.
The sound production of this game has been done to perfection. As you venture, every new place there is a different sound to offer making every corner of the game unique. Going through all the places you eventually start to feel like you’re really trapped in that place and as you encounter the various creatures. It feels like you yourself are running for your life as you progress. The story at start feels weak but the way it pieces up together by connecting the dots it’s just mind blowing. It still baffles me how well it keeps up in terms of graphics as compared to all the newer AAA titles.

An all-timer, so good that Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games is still trying to capture those halcyon days. Diablo is so much more than just the game, it is where I first interacted with the internet.
I remember being 12 years old and sitting in the chat talking to a 26 y/o woman who was going back to school for her masters. I remember getting scammed. I remember joining hacked lobbies (which we had a name for, but I can't remember what it is rn and that dumbass bing ai refuses to tell me it.) and asking for my level to be edited to 99 but forgetting I also needed to up my stats with it, thus bricking one of my characters lmao.
The gameplay, while seen as clunky and obtuse today, was like no other. While others of a similar nature came before Diablo, Diablo created everything the ARPG genre is. And that may be for the worse. In some respects, ARPGs have mostly only lived within the shadow of Diablo II, scared to venture too far off the path it laid out.
I don't even think it's a super bad thing, not in the way some other genres are stuck living as shadows of their progenitors. Tbh, murking hundreds of mobs, grabbing gear off their corpses, developing out my fucked up unviable build, and then repeating ad infinitum is a gameplay loop so pure its only matched by the slightly different flavor of Monster Hunter.
Add in satanic art design, you can't beat it. It seems like 90% of ARPGs opt for a dark, gloomy art design that calls back to Diablo II and I literally never get tired of it. It's too good, and I wish we got to see it more. Sure, we see grimdark shit all the time, moody atmospheres and sad boys, but I'm talking Satan shit, baphomet surrounding by naked dead corpses, pentagrams and sacrifices and demons and fallen angels. That is not often seen, probably in part because Christians are kinda prissy about using their religion for aesthetic. Hell, I think even Blizzard would prefer if they could move away from the satanic art style. Too bad for them, Satanism is Diablo. Dark and fucked up and Berserk-esque is Diablo.
Basically, Diablo II is dope. You know that. Only people who'd read this review are people who cut their teeth on the first, and best ARPG ever made. But if by some chance you aren't, download Diablo II Resurrected, turn on a 5 hour retrospective on Diablo, and accept and forgive it for being made 20 years ago. If you let your guard down, and give it a couple hours to fall into its rhythm, you'll be pulled right down into the pits of hell. Just like the rest of us were, back in those dark, dreary, amazing days.

Um dos meus metroidvanias favoritos e até um doa meus jogos de plataforma favoritos (junto de The Messenger, DKC Tropical Freeze e (mais recentemente) Pizza Tower).
A gameplay é basicamente se tu combinasse pinball com um jogo de plataforma, em conceito parece uma idéia idiota, mas em execução ela funciona incrivelmente bem e até quem não gosta de pinball (como eu) provavelmente gostará muito, primeiramente, os controles são bem simples e direto ao ponto (que nem em pinball), apesar da falta de um botão de pulo, tudo é compensado por como tu se move no maior estilo pinball (sim, eu irei muito repetir a palavra "pinball" nesse review, só vai esperando isso), ou seja, tu aperta os dois gatilhos do seu controle para pular (e é claro os outros botões são para usar os upgrades do jogo, mas logo logo chego lá), e como os controles do jogo são bons, tu se sente genuinamente jogando pinball, mas é claro, não existe desafios de pinball sem seções dedicadas para isso, e os desafios de pinball são muito divertidos cara, alguns vão ser bem desafiadores sem parecerem absurdos que nem é o pinball de verdade, e os 3 motivos principais são que:
1 - Nenhuma das fases do jogo (não as áreas do jogo em si, os desafios de plataforma especificamente) são visualmente poluídas igual a maioria das máquinas de pinball são normalmente.
2 - Quando sua bola cai no buraco, tu só perde algumas frutinhas (dinheiro do jogo) e imediatamente tu pode reiniciar aquela seção sem precisar voltar do checkpoint (já que tu não morre).
3 - Boa parte das fases tem um design até que bem simples de entender no geral (ainda mais combinado com o primeiro ponto).
E é claro, para o jogo não ficar cansativo conforme avança, ele introduz algumas mecânicas bem interessantes a té diferentes de qualquer outro METROIDVANIA do mercado, como o aspirador de lesmas e algumas mecânicas especiais de certas fases, como nos chefes, que apesar de divertidos, são muito fáceis devido aos motivos que citei acima. Mas é claro, eu já ia quase esquecer da parte METROIDVANIA do jogo, como ela é? Bem, explorar o mapa, por causa de tudo dito acima, é muito divertido, pois todas as mecânicas de pinball também estão presentes fora dos desafios de plataforma de pinball, e ainda tem vários upgrades muito divertidos de usar e diferentes da maioria dos existentes no mercado, como os já citados aspirador de lesmas e o gancho (não é o que tu tá pensando aí), enquanto ainda tem outros mais comuns tipo a habilidade de mergulho, infelizmente as recompensas são em sua maioria meramente colecionáveis (Wickerlings) que não afetam em nada na gameplay, mas as recompensas interessantes são realmente muito interessantes e meio que junto com o plataforma e a exploração do jogo compensa a quantidade maior de colecionáveis.
Os visuais são alguns dos melhores em qualquer metroidvania (junto de Hollow Knight e Blasphemous), passam uma vibe muito boa e lembram muito os Donkey Kong Country da Retro Studios, fora que alguns cenários são genuinamente lindíssimos como a área inicial e a de neve, isso sem contar o que citei antes das fases nunca serem visualmente poluídas igual normalmente mesas de pinball são. A trilha sonora também é muito daora, lembra muito trilha sonora de David Wise pro DKC Tropical Freeze e Snake Pass, quer dizer, sou meio suspeito pra falar dos visuais e da trilha sonora do jogo pois normalmente eu amo esses visuais de natureza bem coloridos e que lembram DKC da Retro Studios, mas ainda assim, excelente em ambos.
Certamente um jogo muito daora e subestimado que merecia mais reconhecimento não só entre o mundo dos metroidvanias mas também no mundo dos jogoa de plataforma no geral.
Por sinal antes de acabar aqui sinto muito por ter ficado semanas sem postar nada aqui, é que eu tava sem muitas idéias interessantes de jogos para fazer review aqui, vou tentar ter um pouco mais de frequência que nem antes.

Neat game idea and it delivers on being fun to play.

While the game is still ongoing, I collected all the Morty's before the game updated with new ones. Since I am no longer interested in this game, I am considering it "Complete" since I never downloaded any of the updates.

Wow warriors games are just not my thing. Bonafide button masher with no meat to the bone. The lore and concept is cooler than actually playing it. You’ll have a better time watching a YouTube video of it.

After dropping this and then giving it another go, I can conclude it's good i guess. The reason I dropped at first is because I basically hadn't re-wired my brain to do zelda puzzles (i say that because i find zelda puzzles to be EXTREMELY different to literally any other type of puzzle, and it requires my brain to just think completely differently). After playing it again, I can see why I dropped it initially. Basically, I do not CARE if the original released decades ago, some stuff here really shows it's age when it shouldn't, in puzzles and beyond.
Otherwise, the music ranged from ok to reasonable bangers (kinda underwhelming tho tbh), the story and characters are pretty cool. The style/visuals grew on me a lot, but the movement is just unforgiveable. This is basically what I meant by the game can show it's age. I DONT CARE IF YOU DIDNT MOVE FULL 360 IN THE ORIGINAL GAME, I WANT IT NOW IN A 2019 VIDEO GAME ON THE NINTENDO SWITCH. This would have been less frustrating if you could at LEAST use the d-pad, but i guess they forgot that existed, so now im forced to suffer with 8-direction inputs on a JOYSTICK.
tl;dr, great visuals, music was good-ish (it depends), story/characters good, puzzles were good when they wanted to be. The main problems i have are when the game forgets it's 2019 and holds dearly to game design choices from decades ago.
Glad I replayed tho, it was worth :DD
ps. no im too slack to condense my ramblings, shut up >:)

Literally as boring of a game as you possibly can be pretty much. All this to say I spent like a good hour and a half on one level. Had my fill forever. Yeah it’s calming or satisfying or whatever but it fails as a video game. Maybe if you want to play something to cure your insomnia. Shocked by the good press that this got.

Very easy and snore inducing generic licensed best em up PS2 era game. These were a dime a dozen and despite my nostalgia for it, it’s just bad.

I don't think it lives up to the classic games but it was nice they attempted to keep them going alongside the 3D games. It was a bit annoying that you can't use the characters abilities while using a spring or in a ball, so you can't fly or glide as Tails/Knuckles till you hit the ground again and do a normal jump. The Ice Mountain boss was terrible as anyone but Tails (and sometimes Knuckles). I did like that Knuckles can now swim on top of the water, wouldn't mind that just becoming apart of his normal move set. The moving text in this game were terrible tho, you can't properly read the stage names, special stage ring message, or the emerald screen text, it moves too fast and hurt my head a little trying to look at it. It would have just been fine to have static text that was actually readable.
I really like that you are able to select levels as you get to them. The special stages weren't the best and hard to look at sometimes, but I guess it was the limitations of the GBA. I liked that all characters shared an emerald count, but I wouldn't actually want that in a standard classic game tbh. In for example 3&K or Mania, each character collecting all the emeralds gives you Super forms, but because none of the characters (besides Sonic) have Super forms in this game, having them share the emerald count is a good idea.
I don't like that you have to complete the game as every character to get the true final battle tho. That idea works with Adventure 1/2 because each side was different, and completes the story building up to the final episodes, but here all the playthroughs are the same. Having all the emeralds and beating the game as one character (most likely Sonic since he's the one with a Super form this game) should have been enough like normal.
And now Amy... this was her first time being playable in a 2D game, but I don't think they implemented her well. They tried to make her unique but not being able to spin dash makes attacking enemies, going up slops/loops and running the long stretches harder. The game just doesn't feel designed for the gameplay style they decided to give her. I hope her gameplay improved in the sequels!
Tiny Chao Garden is cute^^

This review contains spoilers

This is easily my favorite 2D Metroid game now. My biggest personal gripe with the the other 2D entries is how stiff the controls feel, simply due to being made for a D-Pad. Here, that isn't an issue whatsoever.
Also, that final boss fight against Raven Beak absolutely ruled. Especially when Samus snaps...I got literal chills.

Was having a blast for the first few levels, but the overly long cutscenes that felt like they went nowhere (more fun interactions between the three leads and less cliche plot please) and the later levels & bosses being more frustrating then fun weighed down on me by the end.
Heard nothing but good things about the recently released 2nd game and this showed enough promise for me to want to check that out at some point.

masterpiece. still the absolute most well realized and fun to explore open world I've ever had the pleasure to experience. the story may be minimalist, but it's effective (memory 16 and 17 had me tearing up yet again). tears of the kingdom can't come soon enough.

Every Wario game, well at least the good ones, try to be a very specific kind of odd. It feels like people included mechanics in a lot of these titles because they thought it would be funny above all else. This is the most realized i think that weirdness has ever felt since Wario Land 4. Blending so many styles, so many mediums of drawing and 3d models, it genuinely feels like wario commissioned games at random and shoved them into one product. It is all very manic and I remember laughing as a child at any new minigame I hadn’t seen yet.
If you are someone who hates motion controls via principle I feel so sorry for you.

Nearing being a great game, got to almost the end but never finished it after a difficult section. I really liked it I need to finish this. Just saw that there’s an ultimate edition with a 105 page art book might have to snag that when it comes out.

Phenomenal game, just the remake is better.

there was like a fucking dog bite on my copy of this game