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Campaign only review. Did not play multiplayer due to the fact Activision REALLY loves engaging players into Warzone making them suffer into the sturdy, unoptimized online we have today.
I had never played a Call of Duty campaign in my life but to say this one was quite done out of context due because i don't even know the earlier Black Ops campaigns before this one. This was the first FPS game i've ever played with a controller even if i actually prefer playing with Mouse & Keyboard, so well, this game had been a bit rough to play for the first time.

Gameplay is a bit solid as it brings on the legacy of the CoD series. Throught the game you can customize weapons and perks to fit into your play style, which is quite nice. The campaign has about tens of missions that take a significant amount of minutes to complete (i believe at least half an hour each), just as if they were episodes of your favourite action TV series and are quite varying based on the mood.
Since it's the first CoD i've played rather than starting off with all-time classics like Modern Warfare 2 (NOT talking about the reboot series which i'll NEVER play it because of how Activision became today), i'm not even sure if the story is that good at all, as Black Ops III takes place in a distant future unlike how the first two entries took place in realistic Cold War settings. Humans in the future have microchips implemented on them, you can fight a mecha... basically, Black Ops became a sort of Titanfall in this game. Later on in the story you basically encounter an malevolent AI, Corvus, who is behind most of the game's events, and things get weird as you enter into people's minds. Now you tell me if this is just Cold War anymore. (I really don't remember the story that much, i tried explaining it by memory).

It's not a bad game, honestly, but it was also a bizarre first experience of the franchise for the campaign itself.
There's a Zombie campaign which however never got interest and probably never will because as of today i'm literally done with Call of Duty due to Activision's treatment of bringing it as a mainstream multiplayer franchise rather how it used to be a campaign funfest back when the very first one released until the arrival of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).

A PC classic, Fallout 2 is an experience every PC Gamer should try. With a few mods. Because this game is kinda jank. Building off fallout 1, while losing some of the atmosphere, walk the wasteland searching for the GECK. With funny companions, interesting questlines, pretty tactical combat, it sure is a treat. You might need a wiki though. Also the final area sucks without 10 luck, sniper/slayer and better criticals, so make sure to get those.

A wonderful fantasy role-playing game with a well-developed universe and deep history. Detailed fantasy world, many different locations, interesting characters, and a branching story. The story of the main character from the beginning of the game can be radically different. The game gives you the opportunity to go through the storyline in different ways and the development of events will depend on your decisions. In the final result, it can globally affect the ending of the plot.
Mass Effect style gameplay with using combinations of combat moves, magic, and abilities of different characters.
Graphically, the game looks pretty good, although it lacks detail and some improvements.
The music is quite pleasant and atmospheric.
Although the game does not reach the level of Mass Effect, it is definitely worth paying attention to.

I'm sorry Daytona USA HD version fans... I hate this. Not the game itself, but the visual of this game in crystal-clear HD. It's not bad. In fact, it's practically perfect in adapting the game to 1080p. It's just that playing Daytona in 1080p feels empty and sad, and you might ask "how'd you do it then?" and I would reply with "I wouldn't." Crazy hot take here: old video games don't make sense being displayed at a resolution they weren't designed for. Seeing a flat JPEG for a crowd in this game is charming, I guess, but that's not supposed to stick out like that. I'm already a certified asshole so I can say this with full confidence: I would much rather an old game die with dignity in the way it was designed than have it's corpse dragged out of the grave to make a BIG COMEBACK, whether that be from a disingenuous remake or flaccid HD glow-up. The latter one is certainly more contentious since that's how these games can be preserved in a more-or-less faithful fashion, but when the game looked this this, I just give up and ask for it to die. This is just sad. Games shouldn't be like this. It feels so wrong to know that I live in a world where this is how games will live on. In my ideal future, all of these games will be playable on emulation devices that perfectly replicate the original hardware with also perfect replicas of the displays, all at an affordable price, but that becoming the widely-acceptes way to play older games does not seem feasible at this point.

This Daytona USA experience has taught me one thing, which is that every game that I care about will look like this to my grandchildren, and I can't help but be bummed by that. Oh well.

imagine portal 2 as coke and aperture tag as some weird generic brand cola called mr fizzy. it tastes flat and inconsistent between cans.

this is just one of those classic irrefutably well designed games where you think that you always suck until you go back to earlier levels and think "wow that really isnt that hard at all"

fuck the iwbtg segment though

This was a really nice point and click adventure game that reminded me as to why I enjoy the genre so damn much. It's definitely worth your time if you've got history with other games in this genre, but it's by no means genre-defining. And a bit too self-referential for my taste. Although admittedly, a bunch of the 4th wall breaks are rather clever.

I'd like to believe that Thimbleweed Park is more of a warmup for before Return to Monkey Island.

an underrated Gem that is a mustplay for all fans of the platforming genre
I can't describe how creative this game is with its level design

It's a football game. Only gets a higher rating than the other football games I've played because the Greek commentary is funny.

Run of the mill military FPS, from a time when military FPS games were a dime a dozen. And it's not even an enjoyable one at that.

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I don't get all the imagery in this but the main thing the game's trying to show seems clear to me, this one is surprisingly fun to play, it's gameplay loop of finding office furniture that's actually flesh is great, in the end the timers, the consistently deteriorating condition of the news anchor just shows that his time in this world is up. He has cancer and before he dies he wants to look for one good story, one that will make people remember him. Thats a great contextualisation of the gameplay loop, but what is the reason behind the way this destruction is presented, maybe it's just abstraction cause killing people in an office is too shocking or edgy for the actual narrative.

The game also ends on a really chilling line and something I have thought of before. "No one will care about my Death if I don't prove to them that I lived" They say people die 2 deaths 1 when they die physically and another when no one remembers them.

Fun with friends but nothing I haven't seen other party games (and Minecraft) do on the same or higher niveau. A big plus for Fall Guys is that it's extremely simple to pick up and play tho.

Unfished rn but I started this with a friend and it's been so much fun!!! Can't wait to keep playing with her :3

It was pretty scary first time I played it, when I played it with friends it was buggy as hell. I do think this game has potential tho, the PS1 graphics suit this game well, and adds to the horror imo.

This game itself is not bad enough. But against the background of the first part, it looks rather weak. I would call it more of an extension than a separate full-fledged continuation of the Age of Dragons series.
An interesting big town with different districts. Slightly improved combat system. Interesting characters with different stories. Good graphics and sound.
But the plot is not very interesting. Monotonous locations that are repeated many times. Poor sidequests. Backtracking. Lack of diversity. Global decisions that you made in the previous part are almost not reflected in this game.
Unfortunately, this game does not live up to its status as a sequel.

My brain genuinely cannot process that this game is actually real.

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the ending made me hate rex even more

its a shame that this game isnt more popular or else id probably play it a lot more, and its a shame that it probably isnt more popular because everyone has that exact same mindset. i firmly believe that the best way to play this game is to outright ban every weapon that isnt the gravity gun though

Kingdom Hearts her zaman saçma olmuştu ama hiçbir zaman bu kadar aptalca olmamıştı.

Unique world , great robot fights , tons of potential but at the downside the story drags especially at the second act with bland characters
other than that THE SKY IS THE LIMIT for this series

I like the presentation except the fact that a game that looks like that has no reason to drop below 30 fps. That's not to say I don't like how it looks this new gen of PS1's wobbly textures usage is great like Lost in Vivo, Loveland and this. The things that look great with that is surprisingly both living things and metal, it's adds an ominous feel to metal architecture and on the other hand makes the living surfaces feel like they are breathing. The sound design is also great, I like how the fishes sound and the environment sound also makes it great. I dont get the whole game as a whole really but it's musings on choice made it an interesting thought experiment at times, the dialogue of the different fish and their reasons for choosing or even reactions to your own choice is great. I don't get how it ties to the overall imagery and the ending that well. The endings are wildly different does it mean that choices don't matter cause you wont know where it leads or that they do matter a lot but there's nothing you can do about it.

Grab a sibling/partner/good friend to play with. Only one controller needed to play co-op. Boxes of tissues highly advised.

every single level looks like something that would make up a mini golf course, it’s great.

The story is bad and cringey and I’m not sure if a cis man should be exploring these topics. I know people have gotten a lot out of this franchise but after the first couple hours I stopped paying attention to the cutscenes or story. I think escapism is good! And I definitely don’t like traumacore or this kind of goth aesthetic at all lmao. Every world is really beautifully designed and even though I think almost every single one dragged on far too long I still had fun exploring and platforming around. Well designed enough where I wasn’t that frustrated and never really wanted to quit it, overly long though like it did feel very bloated and I think that’s because it’s filled with just too much mini game type content. None of it feels fleshed out in any way and just seems there because at the time of making it it seemed like a good idea. Which I can’t even really fault the dev team for like it did make the game not repetitive but I really disliked all of the mini game stuff and most of the combat lol. Kind of interesting to view this in comparison to Arkham Asylum, which is also self serious mall goth late 00s aesthetic. Only this is just feminized and estrogenized, both I think have the same bulk of problems but also both kinda go hard in level design and to some extent aesthetic. I like the dresses in the underwater level and the dollhouse one

As a returning fan of the series, I certainly loved it

It definitely doesn’t top Fusion or Super (Fusion being my favorite) but that doesn’t mean it was bad at all. It was an exciting game and executed Samus’ character in such a fantastic way.

The EMMI’s were a little disappointing. They were supposed to be these incredibly overpowered bosses that seem near to impossible to defeat, but you end up flawlessly and easily sneaking and running away from them locating the Omega Cannon. Once you temporarily equip that, the EMMI fights feel like a quick-time event. No real difficultly. Just 1 shot and they’re gone. I wish we could actually fight them, and feel challenged

Overall the game is really fun, and the ending rewards are just so good looking. Good game, good sequel. Hopeful future for 2D Metroid

I tried playing this for one of my friends and um... yeah.