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Definitely intended to keep playing this, but the PC Xbox app for Game Pass messed up and after some troubleshooting Xbox support told me the only way to resolve would be to reinstall Windows. Subscription cancelled, which means I may never finish this! Whoops!

I'm not a stealth game lover at all, but I really enjoyed this. Super impressive and immersive world building, an interesting twisty story and really smooth gameplay. Dishonored is a must play for stealth fans and none stealth fans alike.
I just wish I was better at it.

Arkane made a stealth game that i love even though i fucking hate stealth games

Excelente combinação de Stealth com poderes. Você consegue criar cenas muito dahora.

I love this game, it got me into immersive sims and stealth games.

Vengeance is a dish best served with clean hands.

Peguei o final ruim :(
Mas o jogo é legal demais po, stealth foi ima experiência incrível, mesmo eu sendo horrivel nesse estilo