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A game that I had played before on the Playstation 3, many times by the way, when I was younger, but that I couldn't finish. Playing this game at 60 fps and 1080p is beautiful, and this game on the Playstation 3 was already wonderful for a game from 2010, even today it is an extremely beautiful game.
It was my first game in the franchise, and it is a game that stands out for its characters, who are extremely cartoonish, such as Hades, Hermes, Helios, Hercules and even Zeus himself. The first battle of the game against Poseidon shows the nature of Kratos, capable of being extremely brutal in pursuit of his goal, and this is even deeper in our throat, where at the end of the fight, we have Poseidon's point of view being beaten and even having his eyes crushed by Kratos' fingers.
The game features an epic soundtrack, with classic and reimagined children, and new children from epic battles, like the battle of Poseidon (particularly the battle I love the most), to quieter children like Pandora.
Combat is more of what we're used to from God of War, adapted as new weapons we acquire along the way through the story.
The Platinum Trophy isn't as easy to acquire, and that's due to the tricky Challenge of Olympus. Other than that, the trophies are pretty easy to get.

1 gün içinde bitirdim. Combat eski ama iyi bence + AGA oyunun sonlarına doğru baya sıkıldım zeus boss fight çöptü aq. Güzel oyun oynayın KEKW