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so close to being peak, but drags a bit. amazing ending however

Inscryption is, at the time of writing this, the best game I have played this year. It is also #4 in my top games of all time. It’s hard to write a review of it, because this game desperately needs to be experienced rather than told.

The atmosphere right off the bat is incredible. Every stylistic choice was done masterfully, and every building block fits together to create an absolutely bone-chilling experience for first-time players. The cabin feels suffocating, the situation dire, and the looming figure on the other side of the table, shrouded in darkness, never gets less unsettling. It’s absolutely fantastic. I could go on for ages about each little detail in Act 1, how it enhances the experience, how some mechanics made my skin crawl, but I’d rather you play it for yourself than listen to me ramble. It’s an absolutely haunting experience that even I, someone who generally doesn’t like horror at all, adored every second of. I’ve heard people say that the latter two Acts are much weaker than the first, and once I reached Act 2 I understood why. The dramatic stylistic switch-up was shocking – and I’m notoriously bad with change – but having now completed the game, I’ve learned to much appreciate their role in the narrative. The atmosphere is less to my liking, that much is true – but you can always feel the dank, rustic cabin seeping through the cracks in the world, no matter which façade tries to cover it up. I won’t go into too much detail, as everything past Act 1 is insane spoiler territory, but it is truly amazing.

The gameplay, too, is brilliant. I’m usually not one for card games, but seeing it played on stream had me hooked immediately – I bought it just a day or two later. It’s a unique system with a lot of room for experimentation, and the rogue-like format gives you many opportunities to do so. It’s also easy to grasp, which led me (not a smart man) to feel very clever every time I beat a challenging encounter. As for the story, I can’t say much other than it is f a n t a s t i c. Inscryption is the type of game to keep you up at night theorising about what X means, or how Y will play out. There are so many moments that make you go “Ohhhh!” and each and every one of them is incredibly satisfying. The narrative is delivered in a way I absolutely did not expect, and I still have so many more questions even after finishing the game! It had me in tears by the end, feeling sorry for characters I never thought I’d care about. For a relatively short game – I beat it in 15 hours – it definitely puts the capital-R “Rich” in “Story Rich”.

I feel like a broken record saying it, but this game is. Just. Magnificent. If you got nothing from this review, please take my 5-star rating and go. I do not give them out lightly. You need to play this game.


~ Vou dizer a msm coisa q me falaram quando me recomendaram esse bagulho: não assista nenhuma gameplay, não veja review, apenas compre e jogue (msm q tu n curta jogo de carta). JOGUE!!!


This review contains spoilers

Ok I finished It and wow that was a once in a lifetime type game experience, so unique and just filled with surprises that constantly blew me away with fascination

my experience was very good, I entered this game without any spoilers, and that was wonderful, I started playing and feeling an interest, a different but good atmosphere, and the game suddenly starts to change completely, it becomes a 2d rpg game, this with a lot of puzzles in the middle, and in the final stretch the game changes again, it's incredible how much variety in mechanics and history this game has

The only 2 'Problems' that I found were that 1- The lack of variety/creativity in the builds, the game despite showing different mechanics, it is very simple, you can play the whole game just focusing on dealing damage, there is no almost nothing that is really different that gives you the feeling of being in a card game.

2- How short it is, normally I don't complain so much about short games, and maybe this game is short precisely because it's simple, but like, this game is a card game, or should have a longer story and such, for justify the ease, or should it be difficult, to keep you more engaged in the game, playing 'whatever' in the first part, I defeated the boss on the third attempt, without discovering almost any of the room's secrets, in the second act, I didn't even make the deck , I just pressed it to complete automatically and I still passed them all the first time, and on the third one, it ended up being very easy, but that was my opinion

There's something unique about Inscryption in that its central conceit – one I will not get into too much for spoiler reasons – might simultaneously constitute its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. That is not to say that the game is fundamentally weak – I think the final product we are presented with is undoubtedly strong.

To tread into very mild spoiler territory – I will try to avoid saying anything too untoward – there are four characters within the game that represent four facets of gamemaking: gameplay, art, writing and lore. These characters vie for authority over the game and the player attains glimpses into some of the visions they hold. These visions carry the strengths and weaknesses of an overt focus on one of these aspects, which works quite well artistically, though the "fun" to be had can suffer occasionally. In the spirit of a greater artistic vision this seems a worthy sacrifice for me – someone looking for pure fun might however find that the game loses some of its spark in these parts.

All in all, the game tickles my brain in all the right spots – learning the intricacies of a new game, figuring out ways to exploit its systems to create powerful (maybe even too powerful?) strategies to best my opponent in increasingly ridiculous ways – these things are not only allowed – they're encouraged. Paired with an overall wonderfully haunting and uneasy atmosphere, this makes for a game that asks interesting questions about game design and allows for strategizing and fun deckbuilding gameplay to boot. "Solid" does this a disservice, all I would call it is "great".

This review contains spoilers

The story is quite interesting, but honestly what really grabbed me about it was the extremely creative and innovative gameplay of a card game. When the game moved into its second part with pixel art, it becomes amazing with various paths and giving you more freedom to make your card deck increasingly different. I didn't give it 5 stars only because at certain times it becomes somewhat repetitive (I know that's its characteristic), but there comes a point where it gets a bit boring. However, that doesn't prevent enjoying the game.

Such a fun and unique rougelike with tons of replay value. I found the card gameplay strategic and am in love with the deck building throughout your run and the story is very interesting. Glad I found this game and hope more people do

Ein Spiel das schon länger auf meinem Pile of Shame lag und das man sich an einem Wochenende gut vornehmen kann. Ich will gar nicht zu viel zum Spiel verraten, außer, dass die Experience wahnsinnig gut ist, aber trotzdem nicht das smarte Gameplay in den Schatten stellt. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist nicht ohne und ich glaube ich werde auch im Endlos-Modus noch ein paar Stunden mehr investieren.

> bonne expérience
> fin part en c*

Inscryption is one of those games that feels special after beating. I've never really played anything quite like it, and have a feeling I never well. It's incredibly addicting gameplay sucks you in at the beginning, and having no part of this game spoiled made the ride all that more special. Truly it was a case of just enjoying the game play at first, but then becoming engrossed in the actual story the game has to tell.

The one complaint that I can make about this game that I think keeps it from perfection is the lack of specific legends or features through out that game that help communicate what specific things do. There is a book that helps you know what sigils do, but even after multiple loops through the early game I was having issues remembering what the tiles stood for, and what kind of effects they have. This comes to play in the second part of the game too when you get to pick a new deck, and I unintentionally picked the worst deck available. Still, these kinds of happenstances aren't enough to take away from just how much of a joy Inscryption is to play.

meh, achei difícil fazer buids interessantes

Eu entrei nesse jogo pensando que ia ser um joguinho de cartas meio de terror e recebi em troca a maior obra de arte já vista.

A gameplay principal do jogo é um jogo de cartas simples, que lembra um pouco yu-gi-oh, mas MUITO divertido. Depois vai aparecendo uns puzzles a mais e umas habilidades a mais nas cartas. E depois o jogo simplesmente quebra toda a tua percepção do que o jogo é de uma forma que eu não vou dizer pq é spoiler.

Os gráficos do jogo são simplesmente lindos. Adoro todos os detalhes e estilo deles.

Em suma, jogue essa obra de arte logo

No spoilers in this review only this; I feel like Mullins started out making something unique and great with a very defined atmosphere and style and then felt that people wouldn't appreciate the short, straight punch because of his background so he took some smaller glued together clumps to help it expand and had to make a story to support everything that was being glued on.

While I ended up not hating the because of their use of the medium it just felt a little too bloated and unable to commit to one or more things and it deflated the experience for me.

This was written December 2021
Listen, this game is sitting at #2, but it could very easily be my #1 game this year. As a former fledgling Magic: The Gathering player, recovering Hearthstone addict, and all around fan of trading card games (TCGs) and the single-player experiences that have been inspired by TCGs, THIS GAME IS EXTREMELY FOR ME. And you, if you've ever liked Magic, Slay the Spire, Pokemon TCG, etc.

Inscryption surprised me as a game I could love because I was very worried from moment one that it was determined to spook me. I am easily spooked, but not too squeamish, so this game ended up riding the line of spooks and suspense that I am comfortable with and leaning more on the grotesque at times to amp up the discomfort factor. There are no real jump scares (outside of maybe a moment at the end of the first act), and I am thankful for that.

Otherwise, this game is a smorgasbord of fun and gimmicky card game mechanics that really lets you build your own experience with the game. I'm not in the business of revealing spoilers, so we'll say this game takes a few turns - some expected, most not - and I think anyone who enjoys games with metanarratives and/or cards and strategy will have an amazing time playing this game.