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Este es uno de esos juegos TAN buenos que prefiero no contar demasiado, merece mucho la pena descubrirlo jugando.
Si te gustan lo más mínimo los juegos de cartas y/o el terror, no lo dudes ni un segundo, es una experiencia increíble.

As someone who started to grow tired of deck building games this one really got me in ways I didn't think it would. What I thought was going to be spooky Slay the Spire turned out to be an exciting ride that was really unexpected in many ways.

Wow. Really fucking cool game. Honestly the most fun card game I've ever played, and it worked in every iteration. I want full versions of each ngl. So fun.
Still playing Kaycee's mod bc I can't get enough, but I did finish the story mode so I feel like even without the bonus content, this game is worthy of the 5 star review and feels like a complete game.

One of the best games from 2021. I HATE CARD BATTLE GAMES, but this one has me excited to come back for more.

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absolutley broken gameplay, but also very fun and challenging. plot often breaks 4th wall, and in the end it works so hard, last game with Leshiy is heart-breaking.

A perfect study of atmosphere and tone, packaged like an otherwise unassuming deck-builder. But I've already said too much; if you're gonna play Inscryption, it's best to go in blind.

i cried at this game (im not joking)