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Fun multiplayer Kirby game. Final boss is amazing and soundtrack is all good vibes as usual.

This game uhhh... exists? The soundtrack is great! The levels are boring, the bosses are boring, and the story is boring. The game in general is just really forgettable and inoffensive. I played this game like two years ago and I'm struggling to think of any aspects of it that stood out in a positive way. Granted, I knew this game was gonna suck before I played it so I wasn't disappointed or anything. It's just that Kirby: Star Allies is a nothing game.

(5-year-old's review, typed by her dad)

You get to throw a friend heart at enemies! To make friends! But the limit you can- but- but you can only have three hearts, because you can only have three friends.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and overall playing through it and all the gameplay modes is very fun. The game really opens up after the main story and there’s a lot of fun to be had with the huge amount of new character to play as. However, 100%ing the game is kinda a chore, although maybe worth it. Good, solid, albeit easy, platforming cuteness.