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I utterly adore this game. I love Ichiban Kasuga (The new Protagonist and the "party". This game is honestly incredible, which might come as a surprise since this game marked the jumped from action-adventure, beat 'em up's to JRPG. That's right, a Japanese Roleplaying game with Dragon Quest inspired Turn-Based Combat.
As someone who loves Turn-Based combat, I was glad the devs didn't butcher this change, and it was a TON of fun. LOTS of side content to keep busy and entertained.
The story and new characters were incredible and while it's not a perfect game, it's easily a 5 star game in my eyes. I adore it. I love it to pieces. It's incredible!

Aurait pu être tellement meilleur si c'était un action-rpg type brawler qu'un tour par tour, vraiment.

تنقل وتوجه جريىء لسلسلة القصة لازالت محافظة على مستواها ممتازة وكل اصدار لهم يبدعون القيمبلاي له عيوب ويحتاج المزيد من الخبرة ننتظر كيف الابقريد بيكون بالثامن يارب ملحوظ

So brilliant as a meta-jrpg reflecting on contemporary Japan, capitalism, and ideologically-biased gaming tropes and clichés. Way less brilliant as an overlong, verbose, and uselessly convoluted tale about family, crime, and friendship.

A fantastic way to change an already great franchise and still keep it fresh, one of the best stories in the franchise as well.

It almost seems like a betrayal of Kiryu to admit how much I love Ichi as a main character.
Great lovable underdog, I hope the Like a Dragon/Judgment series never loses their "dudes with good hearts" niche

Que gran sorpresa en todos los aspectos. Las únicas pegas que le saco son el como trata ciertos temas y un momento del juego donde es obligatorio farmear para seguir. Ichiban Kasuga top protas ever 🐉

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Despite all the game design flaws, this game's story and characters are just so well written that it nearly cancels it out. Also, the ending of the game hit me so hard.

I prefer yakuza 0 but this game is a modern turn based jrpg masterpiece. Expands the world of yakuza even more with new exciting characters but still keeping its familiar tone. Long game with lots of content

I have far, far too many thoughts about this game and really don’t even want to try to put it into words. Maybe I’ll re-write a review later after the high has worn off, but… this might be one of my favorite games of all time. It’s certainly my favorite of the series, and a high point in terms of gameplay (subjectively), story, writing, characters, production, and creativity.
This game and cast were so fucking good I almost don’t want to play the older games—I can’t go back to to being solo Kiryu and his stoic face. I also can’t imagine what Yakuza 8 will end up being or what story it’ll tell, but I’m eagerly awaiting the day we find out.