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A fighting game, but the issue I have is that it's a fighting game of skill and not button-bashing. You need to memorise the moves as you fight against a computer who is completely unrelenting in it's offensive strategy.
The animation is very well done with many cute female leads with a somewhat more unique anime opening. However in many ways it seems this game is geared towards a certain audience too. It can be fun with you master the controls, but I was only able to make them work with the controller.

i rarely feel like this with DLC but one honestly this one should have been the base game's post-game, since it had literally nothing.
the new bosses might be the best in the game and the dungeon is thematically cool, even if it's exactly like every other dungeon in the game. makes me think X and XIII had something really smart going for them because even if they have linear dungeons, they don't feel disjointed or like weird guided spectacles at all, they just feel like they fit nicely into to the game.
still fun though!

Before I go into the review, here is some information you'll need as at the time of me playing it before completing it, the game is broken and requires the following fix, however for some it still doesn't work:
Both of these are in ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\guardians of graxia\DATA\TEXT\
The actual game however, it quite fun and I've been waiting for ages to play it as it's a turn-based, card based, tile-based game. It's a lot of fun, however I found as soon as I got to the second mission the difficulty just jumped out of the floor and into the sky. I'd like to see more games like this, but a little more easily balanced. Plus there are only 5 missions in it.
Edit: Looking back I gave this game FAR too much credit and leniency! Especially as today you can get far better card-based strategy games out there that this one doesn't measure up to any game, even back in the day. Not to mention the bit above with that massive bug that makes it difficult to play.

Закрыл один их своих гештальтов из детства. Давным давно играли с другом в эту игру и застряли вроде как на уровне, где нужно было летать на ковре в первый раз. В один момент решили все-таки добить и вот на протяжении наверное последних 2-х лет понемногу проходили Алладина с большими перерывами.
После прохождения не могу назвать игру однозначно хорошей. Она очень кривая моментами и часто может сильно раздражать. Больше всего это проявляется в платформинге. Например, на одном уровне нужно проскользить по льду до конца уровня, и это пиздец. Алладина заносит сильно, его как будто само по себе тянет в противоположную сторону, им нереально управлять и он так и наровит укатится в пропасть. Мы этот момент прошли только используя сейв стейты в эмуляторе, без них даже не знаю сколько это проходить. Радует, что это единственный такой настолько всратый момент, другие моменты могут доставить неудобства, но они хотя бы проходимые. Кроме всратости, могу выделить так же слишком легких боссов как минус. Особенно финальный очень быстро проходится.
Однако в игре все же есть хорошие моменты. Как минимум, это игра моего детства, так что тут уже плюс ностальгии. Если объективно, то в игре много разнообразных по дизайну уровней. Есть и Аграба, и джунгли, и пещеры, и пирамиды, и древние руины, и вулкан. Игра так же дает поиграть за других персонажей пару раз, за Абу и за Жасмин, что тоже добавляет разнообразия. Геймплей все же может доставить удовольствие, в моменты когда игра не показывает свою кривость.
По итогу, не могу рекомендовать Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge. Играть стоит только фанатам Алладина максимум, ну и тем, которые как я играл в детстве, но не смогли пройти. В остальном это кривоватый платформер который может предложить больше фрустрации, чем фана.

A very fun little game, if it bit short. I love the idea behind it with the game evolving as it goes. It's a lot of fun and a very enjoyable game too. The transformation between 2D and 3D is a interesting way to solve puzzles as well.
I recommend this game as it is a lot of fun and tracking down all the cards and stars will take you while.

I wish I played the later games in the series. They looked like largely the same so I never bothered, and that may be unfair. Having only played 3 before this, the campaign was just so much fun. I found 4 was the one with the scenarios that were just easy to love and pulled me in for many hours.

Playing this game in 2023 reminds me of why I started to love gaming in the first place. I don't care about numbers going up as much as figuring out what kind of goofy antics I can get into with my magic. It's a little janky, sure, but this is head and shoulders above most games in fun factor.

This is my contender for most underrated DMG game. It's just a great fantasy pinball table. I'm just waiting for Nintendo to acknowledge it existed. I'd take a Smash Bros trophy or Gameboy Online addition.

I wasn't wild about the heist/stealth based level design.
Despite this, blowing shit up was always so much fun. Teardown does a great job at giving players multiple sandboxes to play in with tons of tools to use. From a technical level, it's really impressive. Unless I was putting down 1000 nitro bombs (which I did a few times lol), the game ran smooth as butter no matter what I threw at it.
Bonus points for having a mod dlc on console. Some of the mods like the jetpack or the air cannon can really add to the chaos.

Played the rap battle game and it was aight

Always impressed with the game concepts they come up with even though this pack seemed a little weaker than previous ones.

I've yet to play a "bad" Lego game and this is no exception. Fun builder/survival game. It's very bare bones at the moment and there's seemingly barely any connection to Fortnite (Battle Royal or Save the World). One of those games that your discord server plays for a few days, you guys go "Heh, this is surprisingly fun", and then drop just before/right at endgame.

Audiovisualmente el juego es una pasada, y ese T-Rex sigue luciendo espectacular.
Ahora, es un tragamonedas descarado y sin ningún tipo de vergüenza. Los arcades dependen en gran medida de la habilidad y, teóricamente, un jugador muy bueno o que se sepa el recorrido muy bien podría completarlos con una sola vida. Esto es imposible aquí, da igual lo bueno que seas, lo rápido que dispares o que un amigo te ayude. Vas a comer daño de forma inevitable durante todo el juego.
Emulado con un ratón y una precisión y cadencia de disparo mayor ya es descarado, en el propio arcade la experiencia ha de ser aún peor. Por suerte está el arcade de Jurassic Park 2: The lost world, que es una experiencia infinitamente más gratificante, variada y justa.

Like other Lego games I have played, this one is a lot of fun, funny and the people working on it clearly know the source material very well. An example is the opening is the classic batman music from the animated series and the opening is similar to it with two random thugs on a roof top, batman jumps down, leers at them, they draw guns that get knocked out by his batarang before he beats them down and then poses on top of a building with Robin joining him.
Almost every single batman villain is in this one. I can understand not including every single damn one, but they did a good job in getting many of them from the famous joker to the infamous Mad Hatter and relatively unknown, Killer Moth. As it's a Lego game all the characters are representing in a comical way and at times the characters act more like the 1960's batman TV show with Adam West, however at other times it's more like the show where in the sewers a Crocodile jumps up, Batman leers at it and then it runs away because Batman, he's the man.
I also enjoyed playing the villain side, doing the stuff before Batman arrives on scene and doing the freeplay missions are quite fun. Most things are obvious to find hidden, but others are so damn well hidden it takes a while. Thank god for guides on the internet.
Overall, I'd say go for it. It's a lot of fun and is one of those perfect games to play to cut off the edge of the day and can get very addictive too. Like all Lego games it's easy and this one has adaptive difficulty too. I can't wait to play the second one as that one is meant to have the DC heroes in it too, though for some reason it's still called LEGO Batman 2, perhaps it takes place in Gotham and is focused on Batman? I'll have to wait and see.

appealing graphic with a decent story and interesting ending
the sea of wine stages were very cool
but the voice acting and animations were not good enough
and I didn't like the shooting parts at all

I got this game with a Blink bundle. It's a fairly well converted IOS game with elements of Diner Dash. It has a entertaining concept where the zombies appear to enjoy these flowers shaped like brains and I assume must taste like them. Not sure they'd taste the same, but I don't either either so I wouldn't know.
It's a simple, yet fun game. However I feel that it probably works much better with a touch pad as it's faster to touch the tables than pointing the cursor back and forth between the tables with each creatures having different waiting times and having issues with being seated next to other species such as the werewolves and vampires.
Edit: The game really is essentially Diner Dash, though I did find the story quite funny as the pair here discover that they can prevent the zombies and other monsters from coming into the town and eating the innocent villagers by serving them like in a restaurant! Though I do have to ask where the hell some of them got their money from. Maybe they'd just been collecting it from their victims? Regardless, fun, if simple, little game.

A fun little adventure game with rogue-like elements with the perma death and having to start all the way from the beginning in each and every area, however I never got too far to that and the person to rescue is quite hilarious with it being either a woman, a man in a thong or a dog.
I personally didn't like the game that much, but it is well made and fun whilst it lasted.
Edit: This is one of those games where it's VERY easy to mess yourself up! You can end up destroying too many blocks that there is no way to return back and due to my own issues with focus I lost interest in this game far too quickly, but that doesn't make it a bad game. It's more of a ME problem and less of the game, which in all honesty, is fairly repetitive.

It's a fun little game of shufflepuck with many different ideas involving changing the type of puck and hammer. It also has quite a few sci-fi references such as a alien who buys you a translator (shaped and described like the Babble-Fish from hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy) and this enables you, a lonely human, to communicate with the many droids and aliens at this cantina and if you do enough missions and get enough money you can win a ship piece off them to help build a new ship so you can fly back home, however you have to build up your way through many, many games of shufflepuck before you get the change to win the parts making this game very long and repetitive, but it's quite fun for what it is.
Edit: A part of me that makes me enjoy this game, I guess, is that I've been a fan of Air Hockey and very much the mini-game in "Beyond Good and Evil" where you can win pearls, but this feels like that minigame, but adding abilities and such which is why I had lost my focus and attention on this game. Not bad, just repetitive and I was in a mood for trying to complete and review as many games as possible in my library to get to the bigger ones that'd take days to finish.

Lego Fortnite Isn't it's own standalone game, you need to have installed Fortnite on a platform you already own. To Find It, Scroll down beneath the lobby screen & On The "By Epic" Playlist you should see Lego Fortnite. Once Activated, your skin will turn into a Lego version of your skin.
The Lego Styles for each skin can be unlocked for free If you already own a particular skin, unfortunately not every skin has a Lego style since it has launched with an insane 1,200 skins (More Than "Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga"), Epic has confirmed that more Lego skins will be added to the game. My Favourites From Previous Seasons Include, Rox (Season 9), Lynx (Season 7), Jellie (Chapter 2, Season 1), Axo (Chapter 2, Season 3) & A Former BB8's House Mascot back in 2018, Beef Boss. Epic Games & The Lego Group took their time cooking with each individual skin but The skins that don't have Lego Variants which have a yellow symbol on it means that a Lego Style is in the works & I Feel like that Epic Games did implement a creative use of AI when it comes to placeholder skins because skins like Gumbo & Guaco don't have Moulded heads like Beef Boss or Tomato Head, Instead I Feel like AI Was Implemented here for the skins that don't have Lego Styles yet to replicate the skins they are trying to represent by making the head (Unfortunately not specially molded), torso, arms, & legs look identical to the original skin as it can, i wouldn't say this use of AI is a bad thing, I think this feature can keep fans of particular skins waiting for an actual rendered Lego style of their favourite skin. Licensed Skins which Can't be used in Lego mode, instead use a default skin style.
Gameplay- LEGO Fortnite isn't just a game mode; it's an entirely new gaming experience embedded within the Fortnite universe. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Minecraft and Animal Crossing, LEGO Fortnite brings a refreshing twist with its signature LEGO charm. Available in your game modes playlist alongside Zero Build and Battle Royale, this isn't your typical PVP battle royale. It's a survival crafting journey where you, as a pint-sized LEGO character, navigate the expansive world of Fortnite.
You start your world in a lush field upon spawning, where the ever-cheerful Cuddle Team Leader welcomes you to a world rich in Granite and Wood resources. Your mission? Gather food, construct structures, and take on monsters to ensure your LEGO character's survival. Enlist up to 16 friends to join you on this thrilling survival experience, either by creating a new world or joining an existing one.
World Creation and Exploration:
Creating a world is a breeze; choose a save slot, set your world seed, and customize advanced settings to your liking. Explore the potential of offline play by introducing a downloadable feature for maps—a suggestion to enhance the LEGO Fortnite experience on platforms like mobile, Nintendo Switch, or potential VR expansions.
Master the controls regardless of your platform, with options for Mouse and Keyboard, Keyboard, or Controller. Harvest resources like Granite and Wood, essential for crafting and building. The Build Menu introduces a streamlined approach to construction, offering blueprints for guidance. As you progress, unlock additional tabs and categories for enhanced crafting options.
The Village System adds depth to LEGO Fortnite, reminiscent of Animal Crossing and No Man's Sky settlements. Upgrade villages with discovered resources, unlocking job roles, increasing villager capacity, and receiving valuable recipes as gifts. It's a dynamic system that adds a layer of strategy to your survival journey.
LEGO Fortnite's gameplay isn't flawless, but it shows promise. The game is new and has ample room for improvements through future updates. One notable advantage over Minecraft Realms for cross-platform play is LEGO Fortnite's accessibility; it allows players to join worlds across platforms without any paid subscriptions, promoting inclusivity and ease of access."
Graphics & Performance- Running on Unreal Engine 5, the game boasts stunning graphics that, while not as intricately detailed as seen in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, deliver a faithful rendition of Lego's iconic style. Unlike other Lego games, Lego Fortnite opts for animations that stay true to the Lego universe, eschewing exaggerated cartoonish movements for more accurate Lego-style motions.
I've had the pleasure of experiencing Lego Fortnite on two platforms: PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. On the PS5, the game runs like a dream at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second, leveraging the Unreal Engine 5 to deliver impeccable lighting that enhances the overall experience.
Moving over to the Nintendo Switch, the performance is surprisingly decent considering the hardware constraints. Running at a steady 30 frames per second, it holds its own compared to the base Fortnite version on this platform. However, there are occasional render delays, particularly noticeable in distant elements like the movement of wolves, which may appear at a lower frame rate of around 15 frames per second. Nonetheless, apart from these intermittent render delays, Lego Fortnite exhibits no major issues on the Switch.
Looking ahead, considering the strong possibility of Fortnite becoming available on Nintendo's next console, there's room for performance improvements. With the potential for a future platform release, optimizations can certainly be made to enhance the overall performance of Lego Fortnite on newer Nintendo hardware."
Gameplay: 8
Graphics & Performance: 9
Characters: 8
Content: 7
Online: 8
Versions - PlayStation 5: 8
Versions - Nintendo Switch: 7
Difficulty: Moderate
Audience: 7+
Perk: Collector
Final Score: 8 (Great)
Lego Fortnite is an impressive glimpse into what the future holds for Fortnite in the coming years, especially with the introduction of the trio of games in Chapter 5. The collaboration between Lego and Fortnite is a testament to innovation, blending elements from Battle Royale and Zero Build into something refreshingly distinctive. What truly excites me is the potential for Fortnite to evolve further by introducing more games in upcoming chapters. If this trend continues, Fortnite could seamlessly transform into a full-fledged metaverse. If the future of Fortnite mirrors the immersive world of 'Ready Player One,' count me in.
However, there are still strides to be made. The absence of Fortnite on mobile is felt keenly, and its debut on VR platforms could elevate the experience to a whole new level. In the interim, temporarily vaulting the Switch version to refine it further seems like a strategic move toward enhancing the game's overall quality.

A very interesting and unique kind of game where you play a creature that can morph it's shape into all kinds of ways. It's really cool and a lot of fin, though beyond the gimmick the story is interesting, but it doesn't keep a good hold of my attention. It is a lot of fun.
Edit: This game has a lot of promise at it's posting and being a fun little indy game it certainly deserves a lot of love. Especially considering it's a fun little experimental kind of game that big companies generally stay away from with the opinion of "Why work on something new, when the old formula still works?" and so the innovation here is a big breath of fresh air in a world where the gaming world is saturated with dull, grey, military shooters that are often just copies of eachother in most cases.

This might be my favorite PC-E game. I know it's not a hot take at all, but the art and music come together to provide an incredible presentation for an imaginative fantasy pinball table that is designed in away I don't often see in pinball games.
I've played a good deal of pinball games and this one is firmly top tier for me alongside Metroid Prime Pinball and its successor, Demon's Tilt. I wish I liked Alien Crush as much, but XENOTILT fills me with hope!

Note: Early Access review. May not be so accurate currently.
A fun little mobile app game. It works quite well, though a bit janky here and there with some lag issues. It's one of those free games where it's free to play, but you can buy into it if you want. When you do, you can gain this in-game currency that speeds up construction and unit building, but if you're patient you won't need to.
It's quite funny in places and I certainly had a laugh or two playing it. As it's free i'd say give it a go and see if it's your kind of thing. I only went for it because it's turn-based combat and base building which are two things I love in games.

Continuação direta do pico de 2005, "Sempre vai ter alguém um pouco mais rápido que você/10"

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Assassin's Creed I te coloca na pele de Altair, um membro habilidoso embora imprudente da Irmandade, que precisa se provar novamente após uma falha em uma missão de extrema importância. Embora a história do jogo seja relativamente boa e linear, as missões de investigação que destravam a memória de assassinatos são enjoativas e repetitivas, não transmitindo com êxito a perspectiva de um verdadeiro membro do Credo. O final do jogo é simples de fato, porém muito interessante.
Fora do Animus, Desmond é constantemente visto entre interações com membros da Abstergo, sempre com diálogos saudosistas, abertos, e que causam indagação aos players. As perguntas geradas através dessas interações são devidamente respondidas no epílogo do jogo, então evite pular a tela de créditos.
Assassin's Creed I puts you into Altair, an impressive but imprudent member of the creed, who has to prove himself once again as an assassin after a failure in a important mission he was supposed to accomplish. Although the story is definitely good and linear, the missions that led to the assassinations are repetitive and sometimes struggles to give the player a true experience of an assassin's sin. The ending is pretty simple, but good and intriguing nonetheless.
Outside the Animus, Desmond has diverses interactions with some of the other characters, who are Abstergo Industries' members. During these interactions, the player ocasionally have a lot of questions which are not answered, but some of them are indeed answered in the epilogue of the game, after the credits screen, so do not skip it.

I won't say much, in order to avoid spoilers. The story is once again just as solid as the main game. The gameplay however is slightly less good than the main game, suffering from much more unintuitive segments and puzzles. I still really enjoyed it, and of course whole-heartedly recommend giving it a shot.