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interesting game, gimmick gets old pretty quick though
prepare for your own eureka moments in the puzzles to be interrupted by an unskippable speech bubble of characters taking about 60 seconds explaining to a child how to do it

One of those shockingly great puzzle games that Capcom likes to release, unprompted, once in a blue moon. Feeds the inner Rube Goldberg fan.

Carbonara is a dilf such a hot man

Dios, cómo adoro a Shu Takumi.
Tenía a esta joya como un juego de su catálogo que aún estaba por probar y madre mía, qué bueno es. Puzles basados en contextos diferentes que están geniales, una historia que engancha con personajes muy carismáticos y cómicos, misterios que realmente te hacen pensar mucho al principio pero que poco a poco Shu consigue ligar todo en un final apropiado...

really fun game! i loved the puzzle mechanics of going around as a ghost trying to figure out with which objects you had to interact in order to fix the situation... also the character animations are sooo good. it was fun ^_^ that ghost sure can do tricks

Shu Takumi proves that he doesn't need a courtroom to write an engaging mystery.
The more traditional visual novel story moments are broken up with amusingly convoluted Rube Goldberg machines in the environment that you manipulate by possessing inanimate objects (cranes, desk lamps, etc.) to draw people's attention away from something that will cause their untimely demise.
Occasionally, these gameplay sections can be a tad frustrating due to some overly long explanations from characters in the middle of the puzzles interrupting your flow and distracting you from a task you were in the middle of completing. It's a minor quibble, but the rest of the game is so strong that it stands out.
The art is some of the best I've seen on the DS, every character is unique and interesting in their own insane way and Ghost Trick features what is unquestionably the best dog in any video game.
It's a goofy premise with an even goofier cast but somehow the game draws you in and you become deeply invested in the mystery and drama right up to the last moment.

you gotta play this game man it's so cool 7arfian

The inventiveness behind this game is astounding. I can't imagine how they came up with such an elaborate premise for a puzzle game.
Basically, you are a ghost who can manipulate the environment, sort of like a poltergeist. Additionally, whenever a person dies, you can "possess" their body and rewind time to 4 minutes before their death, giving you the chance to prevent it entirely. You also forgot who you were in your past life, so your main objective is to figure it out, saving lives along the way, and unraveling the big conspiracy underneath this whole situation.
The creators managed to make this a compelling mystery game, revealing small tidbits of information level by level, and for every question answered, two new ones will emerge.
It is quite remarkable how this gameplay idea can be used to create so many inventive puzzles that never quite get stale.
The situations you find yourself in are sometimes absurd, requiring you to use the infamous "moon logic" of adventure games of yore, to solve the mess you're in. What's crazy is that the game manages to make this moon logic make sense, and apart from a couple puzzles, I never found the solutions to be completely unreasonable.
Throughout the adventure you meet a colorful and quirky cast of characters, each one more lovable than the last, and get to listen to a lot of catchy tunes (very reminiscent of the ace attorney games)
Overall, I really recommend this unique and interesting experience.

never played this but why did the guy on the cover die so sluttily

experiencia de una sola vez que no puedo parar de recomendar

No fucking words, this is a masterpiece from start to finish
Missile the top pomeranian also

i want to make a writeup of what about this game i love someday but i want it to be known that is easily one of my favorite games of all time.

This review contains spoilers

I'm so disappointed I didn't like this as much as everyone else. I loved the unique premise and how I couldn't predict where the story was going at all. But I didn’t like the final reveal. It sort of feels like Sissel loses all his personality in the span of five seconds. I understand that it fits his new understanding of himself, but... I still don't like it. The plot also gets confusing at the end, but that might be a personal thing. I guess I just didn’t mesh that well with Missile and Lynne. I also suck at puzzles and had to use a guide to progress through most of the game, which definitely didn't help my enjoyment. The character design and general aesthetic of the game is S-tier, though.

sissel my beloved
i think this is my favorite cast in a game. ghost trick features such a wide array of characters, ALL of them extremely charismatic and most of them much more complex than i expected. both of those qualities also stem from and contribute to the mysterious nature of an incredibly well-paced whodunit plot that continuously raises questions to keep the player intrigued.
the game doesn't shy away from answering each one of those questions either, but without ever hitting you with walls of tedious exposition or turning the story into a convoluted mess -- on the contrary; despite the frequent twists and turns, the plot is exceptionally tight. and although it often touches on some darker themes, ghost trick consistently maintains a light-hearted, goofy tone that never gets obnoxious. it's crazy how shu takumi makes writing seem so easy here.
the excellent narrative is supported by smooth animation, iconic character design and charming environments (the atmosphere of the restaurant, in particular, made me smile). the art is so good bros. although i initially had my doubts on the gameplay, it only gets better as you make progress. the puzzle scenarios are as wacky as the story itself, which keeps the gameplay from ever becoming repetitive.
i was originally gonna rate this a little lower but the more i think about it, the more i realize that i enjoy everything about this game. can't think of a single negative thing to say. play it

I don't feel very strongly about this anymore, and I doubt I would at this point even if I remembered it better. But it is very admirable just how tightly constructed and entertaining this game is, in terms of just the pacing, music, puzzles etc, making for a very entertaining and memorable experience that's definitely worth playing if you're interested.

I honestly could NOT drop this game as soon as i started playing it. I had so much fun it was silly it was engaging the story was great the art style is perfect and the music goes hard

This is the definition of the game I wish I could play like it was the first time

las ganas que tenía de jugarlo han sido proporcionales a lo muchísimo que me ha gustado. es una joya de juego que exuda carisma y personalidad por todos lados. es hiper entretenido y divertido, con una historia que se aleja de lo típico de Takumi y se acerca incluso más a los juegos de Uchikoshi, pero sin perder el humor y el toque característico del autor. la mayoría de los niveles acaban siendo un verdadero desafío que hacen que te sientas superinteligente por resolverlos. es CRIMINAL lo poco que se habla de este juego para lo excelente que es. Word.

my favorite of shu takumi’s works. not a lot of people have written very constructively for this game and honestly? it doesnt really need it. i think almost anyone can understand the magic of the clicking sound played when hopping between objects, or the relief from defying fate knowing our victim will trudge on through life, maybe even with a new perspective. the innocence of a seemingly lost soul without its memories, left only with determination for oneself but eventually gaining sympathy in the face of others. this is probably one of the best paced games i’ve ever played. every puzzle racks your brain just enough where it doesnt feel exhausting or too easy, and when put together with fun characters and mysteries, everything flows surprisingly smooth. finding that solution and watching events play out brings out a similar (but more suspenseful) satisfaction to watching a domino effect. every character is incredibly sincere and charming to a point where there’s not a single character i dislike. while i think the ending played too much into the sci-fi aspect, when the credits rolled i was nearly on the verge of tears. i was happily somber watching our colorful cast fade away while masakazu sugimori’s beautiful eclectic score played overhead (sidenote, i really wish he had composed more stuff. his scores always fit their respective games like a glove). the previously thought impossible ending we’ve been striving for has now been made possible. ghost trick has effortlessly climbed the ranks of my favorite games and i’ll certainly remember it for a long time coming. the greatest lesson taught is that being dead is awesome.

Simplesmente perfeito. A história é intrigante, os puzzles são elaborados e criativos, os personagens são divertidos, as músicas são ótimas e memoráveis e as animações tem um charme único. É um jogo que merecia muito mais destaque do que ele tem. Tudo que Shu Takumi toca vira ouro.

if i could tattoo 'play ghost trick' on people's foreheads, i would

Fantastic, criminally overlooked puzzle game I hold extremely close to my heart. I love every single aspect of this game, through and through. Shu Takumi never disappoints, and this game is proof of that. Everything from the characters, the artstyle, the music, and ESPECIALLY the animation oozes a charm I've never been able to find in another piece of media.
Please, play Ghost Trick.

I liked this game a lot! The story's very well-paced and suited for the DS, I love the Flashback/Another World-ish 3D animation that makes it feel very unlike a lot of other adventure games, and the gameplay is very engaging and rewarding.