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Inscryption (2020): Un apañaete juego de cartas estilo roguelike. Quizá lo único de lo que me arrepiento es de haber jugado en Switch un juego tan claramente de PC, dónde se juega mucho mejor a las cartas (8,45)

Inscryption é o meu primeiro contato com o trabalho de Daniel Mullins, que acabou se transformando em uma das minhas melhores experiências com jogos.
Uma catarse de criatividade, uma aula de meta-narrativa que extrapola todos os limites do game design, trazendo uma história assombrosa, misteriosa e que deixa um gosto amargo de "quero mais" quando os créditos começam a rolar.
Não é um jogo fácil de digerir, mas sua curva de dificuldade é muito bem produzida a ponto de com alguns poucos minutos te deixar preparado para cada uma das partes do jogo.
Trilha sonora espetacular, design dos personagens é marcante, mecânicas, mecânicas e mais mecânicas a cada segundo. Como é possível a existência desse jogo, com tantos sistemas e interações, inclusive, fora do executável?
Prepare-se para uma das melhores experiências ao jogar Inscryption. Não é só um jogo de cartas, apesar de que, se fosse, já seria extremamente complexo e completo. Isso me lembra de certa forma como Catherine é um bom jogo de puzzle, mas funcionando apenas como um pretexto para desenvolver a narrativa.

My experience with Inscryption is similar to what I had with Bloodborne; I got stuck in the first few hours of the game several times and gave up, then much later jumped in again, devoted myself to getting past the tough bit and getting to see the rest of the fucked up brilliance the game had to offer. Of course, both times I was rewarded with exactly why I love the medium of video games and what they can do.
I regret it now, but back in 2021 when I first played this on my work laptop (which ran like shit, and I also hating gaming on it after work hours), I was convinced I wouldn’t get to see the ending and what everyone was describing online as this crazy unpredictable game, so out of curiosity I skimmed through a YouTube walkthrough. I really regret it!
You won’t get any spoilers out of me, but Inscryption is the kind of adventure that is a nightmarish mystery wrapped in really fun strategy and puzzles. And then you turn a corner and are hit over the head. Then you wake up and forget where you are. Then you’re hit again and suddenly everything is different yet the same. And it keeps going and going. You genuinely will not find many other video games that does what Inscryption does, and does it so fucking well! It’s constantly surprising in the best possible way.
It rewards you for experimentation, messes with you constantly, and my god does it ever contain so many layers and secrets all over the place. There is so much stuff here you’ll either miss, or stumble upon by accident. Ideas upon ideas, the wild shit that the developers come up with minute after minute, I can’t stress enough how admirable it all is. Absolute dedication to ensuring we all have this mindfuck experience that leaves you chomping at the bit to tell others about it.. but you can’t spoil it.
One thing I slightly wish was different, is the speed that actions are displayed during the battles. You’ll have your cards down, ready to ring the bell, and the opponents will have their cards down, plus whatever comes in behind them, and you ring the bell and everyone attacks as well as activates whatever effects/mods the cards have, and sometimes it’s all so fast that you think you’re about to win but suddenly you’ve lost and you couldn’t even see why. I get why the speed is there, but sometimes rounds are suddenly over and you’re like “what? How did I lose?”. I’ve had the same react from winning too. A small nitpick, more of an observation.
Inscryption is a game like Killer7 where there are layers upon layers, not everything makes sense, shit is all fucked up, it’s constantly winking at you and smirking, and it’s just a joy to behold. Love it. I can see this breaking into 5 star territory for me and being an all timer.

Gameplay loop is not for me even though I've like similar games in the genre such as "The Voice of Cards" where I really liked the demo version of that, but I currently shelved the full version. HOWEVER, I can see why people likes this game. I might just watch a full walkthrough on YouTube instead because I'm intrigued by the story, and I feel like I can't afford to invest too much time to do it myself.

Great break from grinding out ascension runs in Slay The Spire. Play it if u like card games and read nothing.

This review contains spoilers

Inscryption started very strong, with a lot of mystery, and an immersive presentation. The wood pieces, sound design, and the simple yet dangerous feeling approach to deckbuilding roguelike gameplay all supported its woodland horror atmosphere. And the concept of having to play a game with a terrifying and enigmatic shadowed figure and slowly outwitting him is a really engaging one, albeit the limited interactivity hampered that a bit.
However, nearly everything about Inscryption after that good impression disappointed me. The gameplay revealed itself to be very questionably balanced, with some lucky early results trivializing the whole game, and most of the rest of it after the initial roguelike part being very easy. But the narrative itself is what leaves such a bad taste in my mouth about the game. After all of the setup of mystery, all it gives you is a few twists for shock value, with not only no satisfying answers, but fatally, no reason for me to care about any of it. Looking back on the story of Inscryption is a bit baffling, I'm not experienced with the developer's previous games, but this feels like a script not even half finished.
Inscryption is a game with definite merits, but the more I think about it, the more I can't get over my disappointment with the whole last 2/3rds, and how the work as a whole lost the cohesion I'd need to be able to really appreciate it.

The drop in quality in the middle of this game might be the biggest one i have ever experienced in any media in my life.

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Compared to Mullens' previous game, Pony Island, this would be a full five stars of improvement in almost every way. Not only is it much longer and more fleshed out, but it handles many mechanics and themes way better as well. One of my biggest gripes with Pony Island was how hard it tried to be cool and meta, and really just ended up ruining the emotional aspect of it.
Inscryption has memorable characters, a gripping visual style, fantastic sound design, and still manages to be meta and thought provoking.
As a standalone game without any comparisons, it's still fantastic but loses a couple of points for a few reasons.
The first act is pretty much rock solid and anything I could complain about would essentially be nitpicks. The introduction to Inscryption and its mechanics is carried out flawlessly in a way that manages to drive curiosity.
It's no secret that act two is not fantastic, it introduces way too many new mechanics in a visual style that ends up feeling cramped and much too overstimulating. I don't mind the departure from the pseudo first person perspective into more of an RPG, but it feels almost too out of place, even if it was for atmosphere.
Act three is also pretty solid, giving a good juxtaposition compared to the first tabletop segment while introducing mechanics that actually are handled well and spaced out.
The ending is also very good and hits in a way that is almost the exact opposite of Pony Island; rather than the characters begging you to delete the game, they're scrambling to play what games they can before everything is deleted.
The ARG parts of the game don't really...take away from the experience, but they don't add much either. If you're interested in it, great, but if not it's fairly easy to ignore and separate from the rest of the game.
And i already said it but; damn Jonah Senzel never misses.

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watched (and helped) my fiancee play. i liked watching her go from saying "i like the stoat" to "FUCK the stoat"

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creepypasta whining on this one is way overblown imo but also the story involves a secret code hidden on hitler's corpse by the devil so who's to say. really fun all the way through too

Narrative: 4
Gameplay: 3.5
Graphics: 4.5
X-Factor: 5
Overall: 4.5

I’ll come back to this one day maybe

shelving this for now partly because tears of the kingdom is coming out tomorrow at time of writing and partly because i am just not getting enough out of this to want to continue. i know various little bits about how the game changes later on, but i have not been able to finish even the first section and i'm just sorta over it already. i also just... don't find it at all as unsettling or creepy as it thinks it is? the horror atmosphere kinda feels like it's trying a little too hard. idk, i don't really have many in depth thoughts, other than this didn't really strike any of the correct enjoyment nerves and as a result i come away from each session either annoyed or bored.

Score: 94/100
Some of the most addicting strategy gameplay, an interesting narrative which I really enjoyed and a gorgeous art style all combine to make an excellent game.

I get that "spOooOky meta ARG what if video games were le evil??" is Daniel Mullins' speciality, but maybe it's time to find a new shtick.
It worked in the past, but it's so ham-fisted into this game that I couldn't make myself care about the story after Act 1 (which is the best part of the game and genuinely super fun).
If you do the ARG or whatever (I don't know dude, I just watched a Youtube video after finishing the game), you'll also find out that the overarching plot is incredibly stupid. Adolf Hitler was given a set of playing cards by Satan or some shit? Gimme a break man. I just wanted to hang out in a spooky cabin with a fungus man.

Inscryption é facilmente um dos meus indies favoritos.

If you're looking for a card game with fine balance - skip it, Inscryption is definitely not what you want. But it's a great metagame and wonderful part of Daniel Mullins game metaverse

Card Game + Escape Room? Yes.

This review contains spoilers

Fantastic in almost every way. The structure is great and bears more thought, but really the game is 100% about atmosphere. Trying to figure out what's going on in the first act (and being terrified Leshy's going to, like, catch you messing with his cabin), and being thrown into the second without warning was like Myst level tonal mastery to me. Really my only criticism of the game at the moment is that the final plot point (Luke know...) felt pretty lame and shoehorned in compared to everything else. Partly the woman was just miscast, but also the head just felt kind of stupid compared to how thoughtfully creepy everything else in the game was.

Impossible to put into words without ruining a lot of the fun. Well worth the money if the game's mythical status has intrigued you.

A great time, just a shame it's so short- oh hang on there's another part. TH-THERE'S MORE AFTER THIS!?

very unique card game it had a lot more surprises than i thought it would so i would recommend going into it as blind as possible

played with my fiance watching me. he could not handle my big brain hyper aggressive playstyle but it’s okay i love him. thank you to the 12 damage triple strike wolf card i made for carrying me through act one

Very unique game. It looks pretty straight forward at first, but it just keeps changing and getting weirder. The card game is interesting, it takes some strategy, but it can not be compared to a heavy strategy game like slay the spire. This is more of an interesting mystery game. Once you beat the game and see the whole story, there is not much replay value. There are options to keep playing, but the card play is not good enough to want to keep playing for me. This was an interesting mystery that I enjoyed, but the mystery is what makes the game, because it keeps changing, it is hard to see where it will go and that is fun.

as pessoas acham que eu sou pc master race pra jogar com o gráfico no talo mas na verdade é pra jogar rpg maker e coisas tipo inscryption

Inscryption is a game that captivates you right from the start. From the opening moments, with the title screen that has something off about it; you can tell that this is a game that is going to be something special. It oozes style, it presents mystery and intrigue with some horror undertones and has you pondering the entire time while you're treated to excellent deck building gameplay that never gets stale. Everything is fantastic from the presentation across the whole game, to how the narrative is unveiled slowly as you build your deck up, to the cards themselves and amount of options available.
Would that I could type more without spoiling, though it's definitely a unique experience that I won't forget anytime soon. Also Daniel Mullins is a madman for that post-game ARG, legit blew my mind.

Considering that I think Inscryption is a game best enjoyed if you go into it knowing as little as possible, it's difficult to write a detailed review. Inscrytpion was not only a fun time, but it constantly surprised me along my entire journey with it. A real one-of-a-kind game that I enjoyed while playing, and now that it's over, I can't stop thinking about it.