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amazing characters, story, everything holy

Not my favorite Persona game but I'd be lying if i said i didn't like it cause it's a really good game with the Investigation Team being such great leads. Also like Royal stick to Golden it's the definitive version of the game.

Metade do jogo pra frente fica bem facil

this game is many things
you will witness the worst dialogue youi've ever read in your entire life and be like why the hell am i playing this game oh my god oH MY GOD SPLEASE MAKE THEM STOP TALKING OH GOOOOODO
but then
you will witness, beautiful. you will witness, goodness. you will witness the seekers of truth, and truth they shall seek. you will somehow maybe love them, somehow (for they have many probelms). yosuke is a veYYG OROD BNOY ANDF IO WILL RDEEFND HIM !!!!! (atlus put him down. give him to me)
truly actualyl frfr, this game is good, and the end climax sections are actually genuinely peak gaming. like not joking. i was crying so hard i thought i was goihng to throw up lol THIS IS A GOOD THING !
adachi. well. where to begin. best character of all time. maybe.
great vegetab;les.

you know what they say nothing like your first and Persona 4 was my first of this series
remember buying it on sale for the Vita thinking it would be a game I would play while I was going to have to be at my dad's for the summer and ended up finishing it the week after I bought it with a 70h save file
since then I have also platinumed it :)

The definitive version of the game. Great characters, great story, great music, addictive battle system, dating sim elements and tons of gameplay.

Every MegaTen game I play I do this exact same thing
- "Shit this dungeon is pretty hard Imma need to grind a bit"
- Drop the game for 3 months
- Come back, grind everything in 2 days
- Drop the game on the next dungeon for 3 months
- Repeat
P5R is the only exception because it's easy
Incredible game tho

I think Persona 4 is the best Persona game to date. I love some of the newer features presented in P5/Royal, but the story of Persona 4 just hits different. JRPG Gold!

I played this exactly like how most of my middle school years played out. Did like 5 social links, and spent all of my time upping stats and eating spicy Chinese food.

The less good of the Persona games in my opinion. Combat is great but by the end I couldn't stand the investigation team, worst group of the Persona games for me.

gameplay is pretty much objectively worse than P5R, but story is better in some parts

the only reason the vita exists as a console (now invalidated by PC). caused me to cry twice, huge amount of relatable emotions and lovable characters with a great overall vibe. the color yellow is cool

Those long days passing by from that door, like late summer they slowly fade away
Finding ways through the favorite tune, played all day with my eyes closed

Great game with beautiful music and a killer story. Not quite on the level of P5 but definitely a solid entry.

bitches be like "i hate persona 4" [5 minutes later] me and my bestie tohru adachi

Banger soundtrack,Really cool story and characters,the ambience is really creepy and adachi exist,what else could you ask for.

The best out of the modern trilogy, this is very close to being Innocent Sin levels for me personally. Everything is great about this game from the characters to the simple but very effective story and set pieces that keep you hooked. Combat that is constantly fun and engaging. Genuinely amazing. The Golden content on the other hand is totally negligible, I don't care about the new character.. at all. The new storyline drags a little too long for how forced in it is and by the end I just wanted to finish the game. But when I did finish it, the ending scene was truly great. It's also genuinely really funny, there are moments where I let out laughs and I didn't expect that at all. So many great qualities about this game with very minor setbacks. I'm gonna replay this one day (not doing the Golden content probably cause I really don't care) Loved this one.

very fun and persona, plot is very mystery and spooky and vibey but there's some very weird and dodgy parts but i choose to ignore them hahaha :)
kanji is my boy and my son he has my heart adha uhfkdfjgbldahi

A beautiful game.
I can't properly translate to text how much of a delight this game is. I loved every aspect, from the setting of the small cozy rural town of Inaba to the lovely cast of characters that make up the residents of the same town, the incredible soundtrack and the theme of facing who you are and overcoming yourself. This is one of the most memorable games I have ever picked up and it will stay with me forever.

Saga re sobrevalorada... Pero qué rico cuando chingamos.
PD: Adachi besto husbando

Another classic from Atlus. Incredibly challenging gameplay, fun, likable characters, great music and a lovely setting. The only negatives I can think of is that the game can be quite grindy and the ending may leave you saying "huh? So what?" . The journey the game takes you on however is one to remember for years to come.

The characters, story, themes, music, everything about this game is amazing. It's easily one of my favorite games of all time. Only complaint was how easy it can be to miss chunks of content, but otherwise it's a work of art that will change your life. It's so so so soooo good.

Sucks how I can’t date yosuke but otherwise great game

Best game ever MADE (imo) nothin matches it plus there's Kanji... i mean what more do ya need?

One moment you are fighting god the next you are cross dressing with friends
Overall its peak