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Two Point Campus isn't doing anything new or revolutionary within its genre. With that said, it is still a lot of fun, and has some interesting mechanics that have kept me coming back to play through multiple levels.
Really though, I want to say that this game has an absolutely bangin' soundtrack, do yourself a favour and listen through it even if you aren't interested in the game. A diversity of genres and feels that somehow all come together in a unified mix of great songs.

A perfect game to play while watching unnecessary long youtube video essays.

The exact same as Two Point Hospital; really fun for the first 7 or so hours, and then the dopamine dries up as your brain realises that you're just doing the same shit over and over again.
Muting the intercom and DJ is also borderline essential to avoid the "hilarious" comedic bits. Should honestly ship with them muted by default and turning them on is locked behind a new 'Survival' mode.

I loved Two Point Hospital so I had to give Campus a go and it was just as good, I've completed every campus and collected all 36 stars and I had a blast, it mixes the fun of the sim with the difficulty of some of the challenge criteria to increase the campus' rank, the later campuses had me racking my brain for the logic to complete the puzzle, for terms of content there is 12 campuses with different themes and a 'sandbox' mode i'm yet to check out, the greedy player in me wanted more 'stuff' to put down on campus though so there's definitely room for DLC in that regard, it's a good little sim game overall and I hope they add more content moving forward

(At time of review, I've one starred all campuses)
Two Point Campus takes every part of Hospital's foundation and ramps it up. It makes you actually look after your students - provide them with dorms to stay in, make sure they have places to eat, entertain them between classes and Two Point Studios have done an incredible job with it.
Is it perfect? absolutely not. It's not the most immersive sim/management game out there, but I don't want it to be. It's got it's own style to the genre.
The usual and genuinely well done comedic announcements return in Campus, but I found them to be a lot less varied than Hospital. (I'm also disappointed that the soundtrack wasn't as mentally invasive as Hospital's was)
Gameplay wise, if you played Hospital, it's pretty much the same - you move between 'levels' each with it's quirk - this time being a campus that focuses on making money from archeology students and what they dig up, or, from students having the best parties possible whilst also not failing their classes.
There's something about the Two Point games that just hook me right in and honestly, I'm ready for the onslaught of DLC.

easy for someone like me to get addicted too. and functionally better than i remeber school tycoon being, albeit not as charming. fun enough to click around in for a few hours.

Running a campus your way.
Two Point Campus is in the Two Point Hospital franchise, though this time you’re running a college campus. The idea is to meet the needs and desires of your students and run a successful school focused on yearly curriculums and bring in that sweet sweet cheddar that lets you grow your schools. Many different campuses make up the level structure here and each campus has three different goals to challenge players.
The downside of this game though is it’s not too challenging early on and I doubt it will ever get that hard. I love Two Point Hospital but I cruised through it quickly, and I already see Two Point Campus will either have to invent artificial challenges or ask for ridiculous goals. The game is a lot of min-maxing at times, but also could easily be beaten by waiting to gain more money, or just building a bigger room to maximize the level. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.
Pick this up if you like management simulators. This is based on Two Point Hospital, but it’s a similar style to Planet Coaster or Planet Zoo, and a distant cousin of Cities Skyline. Plop down some stuff, watch your NPCs use it, and rake in some fat loot. I haven’t found it as funny as Two Point Hospital, but I’ve fully engaged with this game,yet again, and looking to play more.
If you want to see more from me: Check out my video on this month of Game Pass games:

Management sims are one of my favorite genres, but for some reason I didn’t have any fun with this. I read some reviews of two point hospital and I came to the conclusion that there’s not enough depth to it? You also have to wait a bit until you unlock the training rooms and research points but it still wasn’t enough. I wanted to continue playing but it felt like I was just going through the motions. It doesn’t really feel like there’s that much for you to do and it gets repetitive very quick.
The Xbox One version (and the game in general) has a lot of little glitches to it too. Every time I get my paycheck, the game freezes for 5+ seconds, sometimes it just does that when I don’t earn my paycheck. One time when I loaded it up it was pretty much happening constantly for 5 minutes. When I get my end of the year overview awards I can’t move the analog stick over to get the fleshed out review instead of the one page version. It takes almost a minute every time for me to be able to move the analog stick to the ‘next’ button. Every. Single. Time. Items also get invalidated consistently for no reason, so I have to pick them up and drop them for them to reset - this can also happen even after it let me place an item I had a feeling might cause an issue. Also, when you’re building a room for the first time, if you misplace one item that invalidates another one, you basically have to rebuild the room over, since you can’t sell/get rid of anything while in that mode, and if something is invalidated, you cannot get out of that mode without restarting the whole room over. Just a lot of quality of life issues and glitches that really hampered my already un-fun experience.
In summary, Two Point Campus felt very repetitive for me, which didn’t really stimulate my brain as much as a management sim/sim game like Let’s Build a Zoo or The Sims would. You basically learn everything you need in the first college and that’s the majority of the game already. Everything else you learn is just extra fodder and doesn’t drastically change the game. It’s just place the necessary classrooms, a bathroom & shower room, a few dormitories and then start the year and gradually add more of the same stuff & libraries, private tuition rooms and student unions for each college. I was really excited to play this game, but (personally) it doesn’t have enough of an engaging gameplay loop for me to enjoy it.

Este tipo de juegos no son lo mio :P

good but by the half way point you've seen most of what the game has to offer. Getting 3 stars on each campus is mostly just a waiting game for the numbers to tick up to the nessecary goals.
That being said, an incredibly fun game if you're in the mood for its min/max gameplay and also a fantastic second-screen game.

It’s ok.
Same formula as two point hospital, besides the schedule thing this games bring nothing new to the genre.

Fixed what I didn’t like in 2PH and it became more fun because of it.

É um jogo divertido, mas muito casual para quem realmente gosta de jogos de gerenciamento. No terceiro mapa da carreira não tinha mais ânimo para continuar pois faltam mecanias pra deixar o jogo com mais profundidade e as que tem se limitam a esperar um problema aparecer e, em poucos segundos, resolver; não tem como gerenciar preços de comida, bebida, maquinas de jogos. Não tem ciclo noturno... Espero que com futuras atualizações e expansões o jogo fique mais interessante.

Ultimately it's more of the same. If you already liked Two Point Hospital, you're going to like this too. Unfortunately I just don't think it does enough to set it apart, and some of the changes made me enjoy the game just a bit less than I enjoyed Two Point Hospital. Still a good time, very creative and fun. I still recommend it!

Was fun simple sim, liked the style. Not my type of game. Easy and simple to play.

Pra quem gosta de gerenciamento, mas não sabe lidar muito e jogar estrategicamente, esse jogo é perfeito pra você, é muito bom que digamos que vc joga um "modo historia" e vai construindo vários campus com diferentes cursos a sua disposição. Two Point fez um belo outro jogo!