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Diehard D&D boomers will tell you to start the series at Final Fantasy 1, 90s kids will tell you to start at 7, and we all know that weird guy addicted to FF14 that shills it 50 times a day.
I'd say 5 is a good starting point if you wanna get into the series, it's retro enough at this point to be considered oldschool and lets you get used to the rudimentary mechanics that will only get better in 6 and 7, while also not being as poorly aged as the first entries to which I can only reccomend to somebody who has a high tolerance for retro games or hate themselves but have rose tinted glasses to the games they grew up with
It's good and simple in the way only early 16 bit era games managed to be, and that's all I could really ask for

a cute little game, full of pop culture references and the ability to make anime real. good for an hour or so if you decide to find all the endings. i do wish there was a bit more variation in the text (i can't remember how many times the trees caught on fire in my game), but what was there was usually choice-reactive and occasionally funny.
oh, and extra points for also being a planet dress-up game on the side. been looking for one of those forever.

This happened to me once.
But in all seriousness, this hurt so good. A visceral experience that reshaped my world view and how I view communication.
Life is truly blessed as it is cursed.

TIL that this is the only Metroidvania-style Castlevania game that Koji Igarashi had no involvement in. Makes sense seeing as it's not great!
There is some charm in the music here but this game essentially feels like they've combined the very intentionally stiff, committal movement of "Classicvania" with the level and enemy design of the more Metroid styled entries and it leads to very cheap, frustrating results. Feels like a slog to play and I can't believe how easy it is to end up underleveled despite defeating every single enemy in your path on your way to every location. The DSS system is also confusing, horribly balanced, and functionally useless as the drop rates are so low you'll likely only see 10% of what it has to offer anyway. Yeeeesh.

i used to want to go to my cousins’ house all the time because they had a wii and this game

The element-mixing mechanic is really fun.

hasn't aged the greatest especially in comparison to the later warcraft RTSes, but this being my first exposure to the franchise in an era where world of warcraft was still newly dominant in pop culture was an interesting experience lemme tell you.

I'm not sure why this game gets blasted so much. Yeah, there's not a whole lot of content here, but if you take the time to learn the game there's a good amount of depth when you get use to the controls. It's the most fun I've had with a video game version of volleyball and my god when you pause they call time out and wait for you to come back, it's heckin' adorable.

This is one of the worst games of all time. What were they thinking??

This really feels like a buried Wii Sports spin-off that Nintendo licensed out and had nothing to do with.

Inmersive, absorbing, and very good looking game with great playable experience in the Conan universe. Very spoiled by the developers that, against all odds, they listen the community and continue releasing quality content for all players for free, apart from the lot of not-so-expensive dlcs.
One of the best survival games I played, both alone and online, with more than one way to enjoy (hardcore, casual, PvE, PvP, roleplay, creative, modding, etc...) with mechanics that go beyond watching hunger and thirst, like creating and equipping an army, soldier by soldier, to defend the city that you have built brick by brick.

digital extremes remains, to this day, the only developer brave enough to ask “what if we made a game about space ninjas as boring and frustrating to play as possible”

I think the easiest way to describe this is as a more hardcore version of the Bethesda Fallout games with fewer RPG elements and an Eastern European setting. Absolutely love it, but the game is also famously buggy.

Wash your hair with sham-sham-poo!
Let us cooperate, yeah-yeah-woo!
Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!

Me and my old elementary school friends used to play this all the time but I returned to it recently and it didn't hold up as well as I remembered it.

Well I ran out of bullets in the demo...

yeah, it's clunky as a game and the educational merits are well outdated by now, but my wolf-loving kid self was so enamored by this. i felt like such a genius being able to set it up in dosbox.
also the music is stellar!

i feel like this is probably why i ended up liking dinosaurs so much
also those hatchlings in the back of the bus spout shittier jokes than carlos

a three-star adventure game with five-star music and atmosphere. between this and the N64 Dinosaur Planet, i'd love for more dinosaur games to have these kinds of ethereal "primal fantasy" kinds of settings, honestly.

Played it when I was 13. I'm afraid if I play this game again now I won't like it.

I was so excited to get this game when I was a kid and when I eventually got it, it was everything I ever wanted.

This game was the ultimate scam for kids. I bought this before getting the DS game because I thought I'd be able to make my own games on this one too. You can't. Waste of wii shop points.