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Guilty Gear: Strive

Apr 26

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This game is so silly of course it's Swedish

Feels more prideful than celebratory.
I don’t like being rude to fangames, especially for a game like BM in which it’s one of the more polished and scaled ones.
I get that people disliked Xen, here it’s definitely more polished..just in a very traditional sense.
Xen feels now like a cop out for game design bros, as it feels more designed and thought out. What I implied by traditional is how Valve-esque it feels, plug in a cable, move something etc. etc., but now you have to play through a section as long as 60% of pre-Xen, as much as delightful as it looks, it’s still exhausting and tiring and a big pace breaker for the remake.
OST was pretty unremarkable throughout the game except when I’ve reached Xen where I’ve heard a soundtrack that with proper budget could be featured in a big high profile release. Art direction doesn’t look weird since this is still Source and really works for the game’s calmer brooding horror tone, but I still prefer how the original looked in comparison.
Overall its a fine game, but still a demonstration of why going bigger in scale doesn’t match the brilliance of the subtler design decision.

As luscious and confident as video games can get.
Compared to other Ridge Racer games, it feels like Type 4 was the one they knew they had to nail and it shows.
God bless.