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A short experience, but a pleasant one. A light metroidvania with simple and sweet controls for combat and platforming. I did just finish Metroid: Dread and Hollow Knight, so comparatively much easier in both aspects, but since it's so lightweight there's also nothing getting in the way of letting you enjoy what's there and moving on. The art is rather pretty too.
If you like sidescrolling adventures and looking for a quick hit, this will probably do it. For most, this is probably something to pick up on a sale. At the $10 price, there are likely more compelling games to get unless this really is your kind of thing.

I'm obviously biased because I love Metal but this one is a Headbanger (hehe) It felt like playing rhythm Doom Eternal with a great selection of artists. Obvious flaws are the variety of Enemies and Weapons, which I hope they improve if they get to do the obvious sequel they are teasing. 4/5.

This review was written before the game released

"close to completion" Miyamoto why you gotta cocktease us now my blue balls are so blue they're black

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