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This may be the best game from the most iconic rhythm game series of all time. This game is the only socially acceptable form of blasting J-pop in public. While I would rate the platforms the same and have played both, I played this game on the PS2 which has an entire mission mode called Stellar Master Mode. This changes up the game even more to be even more challenging and more than just trying to go for a high score. This goes without saying, but I was using a dance pad and not a controller. Most pads these days are very well worn, but mine worked well enough.
So yeah, it's good music and fun modes. Can't hope for much else for DDR. I shouldn't have to explain what DDR is to people, right?

This game of what I would say is one of my favorite games is something of an anomaly, since the original iteration of this was a free mod called Black Mesa: Source. Then again, a lot of Valve official games started off as mods, so this must have started off on the right foot, right?
Well yes, but also no. Later levels are much more well polished for what Black Mesa intended to do, which was to offer up a fresh way of playing HL1. Xen is evidence of this as Xen was beautiful and fun in this game as opposed to the source material. The earlier levels, which were first thought through before this became a standalone game really don't have that reimagined feel and just feels like to a certain extent that someone ported up Half Life Source with better quality models and textures. That's not a bad thing; I think the first few chapters didn't really need that much revision, but it still feels odd to see that departure about 30% through the game.
Since this game is not on GoldSrc and is a re-imagining I feel it is unfair to grade it solely on that, especially when the gunplay and AI is so different in these games compared to how the AI functioned in Half-Life 1. I don't think they had pieced together voicelines for better or for worse, and I also think that the weapons don't fit the gameplay as well as they did in HL1. There are many more long range angles that the AI can chip you in due to hitscan but you have guns that just seem to not be as accurate, which can cause some unneeded stress. Out of all of the things to be faithful on, I don't think the guns should have been one of them given certain areas of the game. Most areas however play amazingly.
If you have a friend who has never played HL1, recommend this instead of HL1. Having achievements, a physics based engine, those funny carry this item through this entire section of the game areas, and most importantly streamlined less-technically inclined gameplay means that this should appeal to a wide variety of players not interested in bhopping through the game and would instead like to take in the atmosphere of the Black Mesa incident in a way that the original dev company approves of and even gives their graces for.

Staff, CEO, and dated writing aside (there were a lot of people that actually LIKED the writing/jokes when this came out), you will find a very fun co-op game with a lot of customization for your character available for you and a lot of ways to play. I really liked the Berserker class from the first game, and in this game they have two classes that are very similar but utilize the game mechanics in a well thought out way. Looting and doing giant firefights in this game is a very fun thing to do, especially with friends. There were countless times where there would be answers to certain enemies for me but not for someone else and vice versa, so the co-op aspect of this game really shines through. The higher tier items and endgame equips make a lot of the game pretty easy, but overall I would say between the slaughter arenas, all of the missions in the base game and the DLC and the endgame/secret bosses, you may have one of the best co-op games ever created.
The reason this gets a 4.5 from me is because I can't rate 4.6/4.7 and the writing/voice acting does get a bit bothersome. The game is very fun and that is what matters most.