GTA V is a pretty good game I have played through multiple times and in a vacuum it's very good, but there are some decisions with it being a live game that irk me as well as the game sometimes being a parody of itself.
GTA as a series always had some questionable characters who seem to be pretty much invulnerable to repercussions in a very stylized but still realistic world. GTA V takes that to the extreme with the character of Trevor. I am glad that Steven Ogg is as tired of Trevor now as I was after playing this game. This game really should have been just Michael or Franklin as the storyline and the multiple character story mode pretty much does nothing to serve the main story in a meaningful way and only really seems to be in place to make sidemissions make more sense for different characters.
The focus on multiplayer DLC to me is not great. There were many things that a potential actual DLC for GTA V could have done but just didn't in favor of GTA Online microtransaction sales.
But with all of that being said, I had fun with this game regardless and think that to some it is an absolute blast. For me, I don't think I got more value given the budget for this game than say San Andreas or IV, even though I haven't completed either of those games.

Reviewed on May 23, 2023