I played this entire campaign over the course of one afternoon. I can barely remember what happens in it. And maybe 343i would prefer I don't remember.

Played this game almost exclusively in 2017. The game was so good. I’ve gone back a couple times since but it’s just not the same

One of the greatest stealth action games

The kar98k in mp, need I say more?

I got this game and played it all the way through. Honestly the biggest impact this game had on me was when I played the demo for hours one afternoon thinking this was going to be the greatest game ever made

I played this with a walkthrough to get the achievements. There's worse ways to spend an hour and half

It's an ok campaign that gets bogged down in trying to be a live service game. Crystal Dynamics knows how to make a story experience, but the extended multiplayer offerings are unbelievably misguided


Doesn't get much better than this.

The game is much improved since it's 2016 release. No doubt it is much more fully featured and there is plenty to do and work towards. However, the fundamental playing of the game - the survival mechanics and extremely narrow early game story - hasn't moved anywhere closer to an engaging experience.
It's hard to chill out in the vacuum of space when I need to worry about more much carbon and ferrite dust in my inventory and I need to juggle 3 other resources in my limited bag space.
The game feels more polished than ever, so that's what's kept me returning with each new update. My hope is that they create a toned down normal mode for those of us who just want to fly around in space and engage in the fairly robust systems they implemented in the game.

Can't go wrong with a short story expansion to an already great game.

I can not assign a star value to this game. Can you explain to me how many stars a chao garden is worth?

Exploding the same 5 type of buildings over and over is fun for a few hours . . .

Went back to this game recently and was shocked by how awful the controls are. It may have been disheartening, but I must accept how terrible this game is