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Acquiescence finished One Night Stand
One Night Stand is a pretty 'whatever' game. Made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Otherwise, eh. It's a pretty mundane story to a fault. Any route that you take doesn't really lead to anything even remotely revelatory.
The best ending is the one where you hightail it at the earliest convenience and run down the street naked.

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Acquiescence commented on Ghost_Of_SAS's review of Golden Idol Mysteries: The Lemurian Vampire
It's definitely more difficult than anything found in the main game. Problem is, it's not always difficult in a fair way.
I think the storytelling in this DLC was stronger than the puzzle solving and deduction.

13 days ago

Acquiescence finished Golden Idol Mysteries: The Lemurian Vampire
Man, that last case is some bullshit. I pieced together the story events and understood what was going on easily enough, but putting the right words in the right spaces proved troublesome. I don't think the game is succeeding in the intended way if the real challenge is found in using trial and error to get the exact wording down when formulating a sentence. There were just too many potential variations with the noun selections. It didn't feel fair to me. And the hint system was useless because it was telling me things I already knew, so in the end I had to resort to an online guide. Yes, my pride took a major beating as a result.
Otherwise, business as usual. A really intriguing story told via only brief cutscene snippets and dialogue exchanges. Golden Idol does so much with so little. Analysing a scene, taking note of character interactions/visual cues and paying attention to all the minute details makes one feel like a true detective. I think the main game comfortably surpasses the DLC though, because it has plenty of those "Eureka!" moments, and when they come, piecing together the sentences in the Thinking screen usually goes smoothly. Also, I prefer the smaller-scale cases of the main campaign compared to the fewer-in-quantity-but-much-broader-in-scope cases of the DLC.

13 days ago

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