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5 days ago

AdamHood finished The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Master Trials
That last trial is sooo hard wooooah, I’m not really playing this for the combat but this was still fun! Imagine they made a roguelite version…

8 days ago

AdamHood finished Humanity

12 days ago

AdamHood published a list 2023 in Review

16 days ago

AdamHood finished Humanity
Genuinely haven't played much this year but this is my GOTY so far. It starts off quite slow but promising and then Chapter 5 onwards the game SINGS. Don't want to spoil the mechanics too much but the last few sections of the game are so satisfying.
So impressed with the balancing and difficulty of the levels. I managed to Platinum the game myself only using a guide for maybe 4 or 5 levels... how did they make a puzzle game like this. I feel like any time I play a puzzle game I enjoy it for an hour or 2 and then just get stuuuuuck and stop playing, somehow I am smart enough for this.
Only cons I would say are:
- there's 2 skill based boss battles that you can straight up lose which seems odd, the whole game is logic based but then you need to actually be good with a controller for these sections, it was fine for me but worth noting if you have dexterity issues etc
- expectations for Tetris Effect style music wasn't met, this is fine ofc but I was slightly let down
- I think the "set up the board and then hit play levels" are just kinda bad, there's some levels which are straight up trial and error, except it takes so long to reset and watch a level play out

17 days ago

AdamHood is now playing Humanity

19 days ago

AdamHood is now playing Hogwarts Legacy

26 days ago

AdamHood finished WWE 2K23
I mean honestly it's just another WWE game... it's good like last year! Really enjoyed the male MyRise and thought the female one was a bit of a miss. WarGames is a nice addition but honestly pretty messy
The trophy list is a lot less grindy than 2k22 and I made a video of me platinuming it!

1 month ago

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