That last trial is sooo hard wooooah, I’m not really playing this for the combat but this was still fun! Imagine they made a roguelite version…

When this first came out in Early Early Access I liked it but reached the end of the content quickly, and I'm not the kind of person to play this once every 3 months just because they added Woody from Toy Story. Also this seems like something I would really want to Platinum so I would much rather play on PS5. And there's sadly no cross save between Xbox/PS yet (articles actually seem kinda mixed on this fact so I'm unsure if that's still the case)
When this finally fully launches this year I'm excited to play it!

These games are just not for me, played it for 2 hours while watching a film and I had fun with it, but I don't travel often so if I wanna play a quick game I'd just jump on the PS5/if I wanna play something while watching something I'd just grab my Switch.
However in my 2 hours of playing I picked it up instantly and ended up even breaking the game (in a good way) in one of my matches. I feel like if I liked this kinda thing then I would LOVE this (and it even has the Marvel wrapper around it)

Did I complete this?
As someone still waiting to break into the Industry after spending 4 years at University, the story behind this game is incredibly inspiring. I really like it as a podcast game and I think I finished every level but once I did that I felt like I was finished with it. I know there's like secrets in the levels and stuff but I felt quite satisfied with what I played and didn't really feel the urge to continue.
Big fan of the Garlic.

This came out on a day I was travelling so I played it on the plane but it kinda lost steam so fast for me. I remember feeling like I needed a guide for materials almost instantly, and the farming stressed me out. Had a look at some reviews on here and people seem fairly positive so good for them!

(I still need to go back and get the 4 Chinese Pokemon but otherwise I basically have a Living Dex in this and just want it off my "Playing" list haha)
Gonna keep this short since I don't have anything unique to say.
Sad to see how it looks and runs, but it's Pokemon so I will 100% it no matter what. Yeah if this wasn't a Pokemon game I wouldn't like it as much, but it is a Pokemon game. (also genuinely like a lot of the designs in this one)

Genuinely haven't played much this year but this is my GOTY so far. It starts off quite slow but promising and then Chapter 5 onwards the game SINGS. Don't want to spoil the mechanics too much but the last few sections of the game are so satisfying.
So impressed with the balancing and difficulty of the levels. I managed to Platinum the game myself only using a guide for maybe 4 or 5 levels... how did they make a puzzle game like this. I feel like any time I play a puzzle game I enjoy it for an hour or 2 and then just get stuuuuuck and stop playing, somehow I am smart enough for this.
Only cons I would say are:
- there's 2 skill based boss battles that you can straight up lose which seems odd, the whole game is logic based but then you need to actually be good with a controller for these sections, it was fine for me but worth noting if you have dexterity issues etc
- expectations for Tetris Effect style music wasn't met, this is fine ofc but I was slightly let down
- I think the "set up the board and then hit play levels" are just kinda bad, there's some levels which are straight up trial and error, except it takes so long to reset and watch a level play out

Somehow playing BOTW for the first time so I've leave my real thoughts of the whole experience in that review. But after defeating all the Divine Beasts I did this instantly.
Used a guide to find the locations and I honestly don't remember any of the new shrines (I did some Main Game shrines along the way) but this DLC makes Revali's Gale charge faster so it's automatically goated

I think I'll just always come back to this, a lil 1 hour long game where you harvest wheat. Perfect podcast game. The story is a bit much for me when I'm just wanting to click things but I appreciate that it's there.

Still massively prefer this to the original, basically just a cut down streamlined version with improved combat.
There's a pretty similar parallel here between the movies and games. Spider-Man 2018 (MCU) has all the stuff you're expecting. With Doc Ock, Scorpion, Vulture, a Green Goblin/Venom Tease for the future etc. And the game feels larger than life.
Whereas in this game (ITSV) is a smaller more contained story (I know ITSV literally has the multiverse but c'mon, one of them is a Pig) but it's just done so perfectly. Genuinely don't have a bad thing to say about it!
I just started my Youtube channel and wanted to make a video getting the Platinum in this but I already have the Platinum for the PS4 and PS5 versions on my main account. So I [made a new PSN account and speedran the platinum. I ended up doing pretty well!](

I mean honestly it's just another WWE game... it's good like last year! Really enjoyed the male MyRise and thought the female one was a bit of a miss. WarGames is a nice addition but honestly pretty messy
The trophy list is a lot less grindy than 2k22 and I made a video of me platinuming it!

Yeah I dunno, the traversal is alright once you've fully unlocked everything and the combat opens up quite a lot too. Ticking off the magic upgrades is quite satisfying if you have a broken brain like me.
But other than that it's... not great. After having fun with the bad (but also funny) dialogue at the start I just started skipping cutscenes. Don't even know why I got the Platinum in it tbf.
Also as I'm writing this I just saw there's DLC out today... good luck to them I suppose.

I haven't actually rated/review anything in ages so I have a huge backlog of finished games so apologies for spam buuuuut
I finally got the platinum in this! After playing it like 3 or 4 times I finally just committed and the games very good! I've never played the original so can't speak to how they messed up the hitboxes but it's a good length and has a really good trophy list too.
The bosses are a bit naff though.

Only just played this now but this is basically just Resident Evil 2 Remake if the gameplay was actually thoughtful. Other than some specific beats I didn't really care for the story but this looks and feels amazing to play.
Also I dunno if it was like this in the original but the sound design is next level.

This is just a really standard picross game that advertises itself as innovative but it's just fine. Good podcast game but was expecting much more.